Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 6: MONSTER◆

(Caution: Triggering scenes and mature content 18+)

“Who’s V, Rose?“, Xavier rasped, his voice was deadly calm. Rosaline was tongue-tied. She didn’t had the courage to look in his eyes anymore. She dropped her gaze down and stared at the floor. Suddenly she heard a throaty chuckle.

“Another hide and seek? Hmm?” Xavier spoke calmly but he kept tightening his grip on her wrists with his every word. Rosaline looked up at him while hissing in pain.

“Bad student...Didn’t you learnt from your previous mistake?“, he spoke in a mocking tone.

Now she lost it.

Rosaline pushed Xavier away with all force. He stumbled back and glared her fiercely.

“SHUT UP YOU CRIMINAL!! YOU BLOODY LIAR!!“, she screamed while glaring him in disgust.

Xavier’s gaze darkened as soon as he heard her venomous words. He then marched towards her and grabbed her hair making her wince in pain.

“Mind your tongue ROSE!!“, he growled ferociously.

Rosaline spit on his face and poked his eyes. He groaned in pain. She immediately kicked him in his balls and ran away.

“V, HELP!!!”

Rosaline screamed on top of her lungs as she rushed towards the exit. Xavier’s guards tried to catch her but suddenly someone shot all of them. She shrieked in horror.


Rosaline looked at the entrance and saw Vincent who was killing all the guards out there. She ran to him. He grabbed her hand and then they both started heading outside the building.

But suddenly a bullet was shot right in Vincent's stomach from behind. He groaned in pain and fell on the ground. Rosaline screamed in fear.


She held him and covered his wound with her palm to stop the blood.

“Run Rosa!“, he murmured while panting heavily. He stared her with half opened eyelids. She shooked her head in negative,“No, I won’t leave you he-”

All of a sudden someone grabbed her left forearm from behind harshly tearing her away from him.

“NO!! V!!“, Rosaline yelled loudly while clutching his hand tightly not letting it go.


A deep thunderous growl echoed from behind. Rosaline looked back only to see a raging Xavier glaring her with burning eyes.

Vincent grabbed her hand tightly and started pulling her towards himself. Xavier blazed in anger watching this. He immediately shot a bullet on Vincent’s hand which was holding her making him groan in pain.

“NO! V!! LEAVE ME YOU MONSTER!!!“, Rosaline screamed while punching Xavier hardly on his chest. But he didn’t budged. He dragged her away from him towards his car.

Xavier then shoved Rosaline in the car and immediately locked the door. She tried to escape from the driver seat but he quickly sat inside the car and shut the door. He buckled both of them then started the car and drove off speedily.

Xavier was driving at an insane speed. Rosaline screamed in terror as he kept dodging all the cars and buses away hastily. She feared that the car might crash.

“XAVIER, DRIVE SLOW... I’ll DIE!!!“, she yelled but he kept increasing the speed more driving like a maniac.


Rosaline’s P.O.V

The car stopped with a screeching sound. My head was about to hit the dashboard but Xavier quickly placed his hand on my head to protect me. I was still shaking in fear.

Xavier then opened the door and grabbed my hand roughly dragging me inside the mansion. Soon I came back in my senses. As soon as we entered the hall I jerked away his hand off me.

“LEAVE ME, YOU SICK PSYCHOPATH!!“, I screamed furiously.

Xavier then turned back and gave a tight slap on my face. My whole body flung to the floor. He then bent down and grabbed my hair in a tight grip. I looked at him in fear.

His eyes were blood-red, jaw clenched, face darkened.

He was literally looking like a monster.

“HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ANOTHER MAN EXCEPT ME?“, he snarled while glaring me with his piercing orbs. I didn’t replied back.

“ANSWER ME!!” he yelled at my face making me jolt in fear.

“I HATE YOU...YOU LIED TO ME!!“, I shouted back as it was too much now. He tightened his grip on my hair making my scalp burn in pain. I yelped.

“You Love Me...SAY IT!!“, he roared while staring me like a deranged person. I spit on his face in disgust. He closed his eyes in frustration.


Suddenly Xavier opened his eyes making me shocked.

His eyes had turned pitch black and his face was glowing with dark red color. His veins were popping out from his neck and forehead. His nose flared in anger as he took deep breaths.

Suddenly he grabbed my nape and crashed his lips on mine kissing me wildly. I screamed in the kiss as he bit my lower lip harshly. He then picked me up from the ground and carried me in bridal style in my room without breaking the kiss.

As soon as we arrived there Xavier threw me on the bed. He quickly removed his coat and loosened his tie. I looked at him in horror. I started crawling backwards but he grabbed my ankle and pulled me to himself making me scream in fear. He then hovered over me pinning me on the bed. He clasped both of my hands with his one hand tightly and with his another hand he grabbed my neck. Tears kept streaming down my face. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

“You’re mine...Only mine...It will be good for you if you keep this small damn thing in your pretty little skull or I’LL FORCEFULLY MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND WHOM YOU BELONG TO!!!“, Xavier yelled on my face fiercely making me flinched.

Then in a blink of an eye he tore my dress. I shrieked in horror.

He quickly removed his tie and tied my hands with it tightly to the headboard. My wails seemed deaf to him today. Xavier then ripped his shirt inhumanely. I tried to kick him but he tore the rest of my clothes wildly leaving me naked under him.

“NO!!!“, I screamed but he shut me off by slamming his lips on mine. He started kissing me hungrily. I was crying hysterically. He started touching me inappropriately making me jolt in fear and shock. He started groping and squeezing my body leaving his marks. I sobbed in the kiss.

Suddenly he pulled off and glared me ferociously.

He was looking like a ravenous beast, a ruthless demon, a sick psycho...

He had completely turned into a hideous monster who was literally about to devour me sooner...

My throat had become parched. My face was soaked with tears by now but still I gathered some courage and spoke in a crying voice, “Don’t Xavier...D-don’t do this to your own wife...Please I b-beg you d-don’t r-ruin m- Ahh!!!“, I couldn’t complete my sentence as he bit my neck harshly. An agonizing scream left my throat when he started biting and sucking my neck, collarbone ruthlessly.

“NO!!! PLEASE STO-” he bit my lips and started sucking and kissing me brutally. I whimpered in pain.

About 10 minutes of a wild, lustful kiss he pulled off and spoke in a dark sinister tone while glaring in my teary-eyes​,“I won’t ruin you Rose. I know if I do that you’ll die. And I am in no mood of killing you. Not now not ever. But I need to make you understand well whom you belong to. And I have to make sure of that you will never look at another man apart from me”

I looked at him with my half-opened eyes painfully. Xavier then caressed my cheeks with the back of his hand and continued.

“Now say that you love me.”

I looked at him in fear and shooked my head. He glared me and bit my neck harshly.

“AHH!!“, I yelped in pain.

“SAY IT!“, he snarled.

“I-I L-Love Y-You”, I spoke while sobbing hard. He smiled contented with my answer.

God! Please help me.

“Whom you belong to?”, he spoke while caressing my cheeks with his thumb.

What the hell!!!

I shooked my head in denial as I glared him angrily.

His face turned dark as he let out an animalistic growl. Xavier then crashed his lips on mine.. He started chewing my lips in anger. I screamed in-between the kiss as he drew blood from them. Xavier then pulled off and yelled on my face, “WHOM DO YOU BELONG TO?”

“Y-y-you”, I cried harder as he he grabbed my bosoms and squeezed them while kissing me roughly after hearing it. Xavier continued assaulting my body brutally while I kept crying uncontrollably.

Soon I started feeling dizzy. The pain was too excruciating. I felt like I will die any second. I closed my eyes as my head was spinning painfully. But all of a sudden Xavier got up from me and laid beside. He untied my hands. He covered both of us with the duvet. He then wrapped me in his arms tightly.

“I end your punishment here. Now go to sleep but remember it that this time I am leaving you but next time I won’t spare you”, he spoke while breathing heavily.

I was hiccuping hard while tears kept streaming down. My head was aching like hell and I felt as if it would explode. My whole body was burning from the severe pain. Xavier then tightened his grip and started patting my head gently.

“Sshh now sleep Angel. It’s okay, I am here. Go to sleep..Sshh..“, he kept patting my head softly while caressing my hair. I continued sobbing as I was too scared but eventually drifted into darkness.


End of sixth chapter.

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