Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 7: The Devil in Disguise ◆

At Knight’s Palace

8:00 a.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

The sparkling rays of sun burned my skin waking me up from my deep slumber. I squinted my eyes and slowly got up. I looked down and checked myself. I was wearing a plain turquoise shirt. It was covering me up to mid thighs. I looked around and didn’t found Xavier. I slowly got up and went inside the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were puffy and swollen, my cheeks had big red fingerprint marks. I slowly unbuttoned the shirt revealing my neck and collarbone which were covered up with dark purple bruises. My lips were swollen and had bite marks.

Tears started escaping my eyes as I kept staring at my reflection. My knees became jolly and I crashed down on the floor.

“I h-hate y-you Xavier”, I started crying my heart out. I clutched my chest tightly resting my head on the wall.

“Someone please save me....”

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.



At CIA Headquarters


Mr. Andrew, the senior officer banged his fists on the table angrily. A man with a deep husky voice tried to calm him down.

“Sir you need to calm down”


Leon Smith

-Also known as the ‘Laudable Leo’

-26 years old

-Main Hacker of CIA

“How can I calm the fuck down Leo? Since two years we are after that Mafia but got nothing. We are just sitting here watching the show while that bastard is busy shooting down our best agents?, he growled. Suddenly a girl with canary hair entered the room with a disappointed face.

“Did you got something, Rebecca?“, Leon asked her. She shooked her head while looking down in shame.

“We still haven’t found any evidences against that Mafia. But we need to save Rosaline from that inhumane freak as soon as possible. I am really scared for her”


Rebecca Wills

-Better known as the ’Relentless Rebecca”

-23 years old

-Agent 005

-Childhood friend of Rosaline

Leon tried to alleviate the pain of his disheartened colleague. He knows how much she is worried about her friend.

“He won’t hurt Rosaline, Rebecca. We all know how much Xavier loves her and how much-”

“He is crazy for her”

The trio quickly turned their heads towards the owner of that deep husky voice. Rebecca looked at the person who was staring at his bandaged hand impassively. When he noticed their silence he slowly lifted up his eyes and looked at them.

“Boss, why did you went alone to save her? You should had called for backup”, Leon said. Rebecca supported him.

“Yes Boss and why did you lied to Rosaline that you’re just a simple agent send by the officials?“, she spoke with a frown.

Real Identity:

Vincent Valentino

-Better known as the ‘Vehement V’

-25 years old

-The ‘Mastermind’ or in other words,


Vincent heaved a deep sigh and got up from the chair,” It doesn’t matter anymore. I haven’t even gone there to save her”

“WHAT?“, Rebecca and Leon both shouted in unison. Vincent nodded.

“Then why did you-“, Leon was cut off in between as Vincent raised his index finger in air while glaring at him with his black orbs. He quickly sealed his mouth and looked down.

“I just wanted to see what that idiot can do for her sweetheart”, Vincent scoffed.

“What do you mean?“, Mr.Andrew asked completely baffled by his words.

“I just wanted to know how much possessive Xavier is for Rosaline. In the past when we had blasted his bases, confiscated his weapons and even caught his minions red-handed, he never showed up. He didn’t even care about his men who are still rotting in the bars of CIA. But today he himself fought with me and even revealed his real identity in front of everyone just for her beloved. Don’t you think that would be beneficial for us?” Vincent spoke in a serious tone. They all became shocked by his words.

“So it was all a plan”, Rebecca said, confusion and shock was written all over her face. Vincent nodded while smirking at her. But Andrew looked at him restlessly making him frown.

“But how come Xavier even came to know about that you were there?“, he spoke while narrowing his eyes at him. Vincent looked at him. His gaze immediately darkened as soon he heard his name.

“He had his eyes set on me from the very start”,he said while balling his fists tightly.


3 days ago

At Central City Mall

Vincent’s P.O.V.

After leaving Rosaline, I quickly went to the first floor. I got inside the restroom and turned around.

There stood the Mafia king glaring me furiously. He had blood-red eyes, jaw clenched and fists curled up in a ball as if he was controlling himself for attacking me.

““, he snarled with gritted teeth. I smirked at him.

“So you knew about my arrival?”

Xavier scoffed at my reply and walked towards me with heavy steps.

“Don’t you know Agent that this is my mall which means you invaded my territory”, he chuckled darkly. “And let me guess you’re here to steal my Rose. Am I right, Agent 001?“, he gritted. But I grinned and shooked my head.

“We both know that we are not here for Rose but for you”, I said. He glared me. I glared back.

“Xavier, we can stop this game of tom and jerry here only if you surrender yourself to the police right now. That innocent girl can’t see your games but I do. You can keep her in a lie but not us. We have all the information about your illicit activities. So it will better if you hand yourself over voluntarily without involving any bloodshed”, I said. Xavier smirked evilly at my reply.

“What are you saying Agent? I am a renowned business tycoon of America. Who said that I am a gangster?“, he chuckled. My jaw clenched. “I can prove it”, Xavier chuckled huskily at my reply.

“Oh wow!! Then do it. I’ll pray for your success.“, he sneered.

My blood boiled in anger at his sarcastic comments. I grabbed his collar,“Who do you think you are, Xavier Knights?”

He glared in my red eyes and spoke in a mocking tone,


My grip tightened on his collar hearing his disgusting words. But suddenly someone hit me hard on the head. I clutched my skull and fell on the floor while groaning in pain.

Xavier scoffed while looking at me. He crouched down infront of my face and tilted his head.

“You filthy bugs, why do you keep pestering me huh? Why can’t you all understand that you won’t be able to win against me? Tsk tsk... look at your pathetic self Bloody Agent”, he spoke in a menacing tone.

Suddenly his gaze turned dark. He grabbed my hair harshly making me hiss and snarled on my face.

“I am warning you for the last time. Stay away from my Rose. She is mine and ONLY MINE. If I see a single one of you wandering around my baby, I won’t hesitate to break every​ single bone of your body. Get that?” He then gave a hard punch on my face. I coughed blood. He then jerked my face and stood up.

“Throw him away”

All his guards immediately dragged me and threw me out of his damn mall.

End of Vincent’s P.O.V.

End of flashback~

“And when Xavier shot me, my men instantly took his snaps in a furtive manner so that he won’t have any suspicion”, Vincent spoke in a deep voice and threw the photos on the table.

“Sir that idiot thinks that you’re Agent 001?“, Leon snickered. I smirked and nodded my head.

“So Sir what are we waiting for? Let’s catch the Devil”, Leon said, Vincent immediately shooked his head.

“No, not now”, Leon’s face dropped after hearing his reply, “But why?” Vincent sighed.

“We can’t risk Rosaline’s life. Xavier will definitely try to hurt her in order to protect himself as now he knows that we are trying to save her”

“But Xavier loves her, doesn’t he?“, Andrew spoke in a playful tone. Vincent shot him a glare.

“Yeah he do but he is too canny. Also we shouldn’t take him easy as he is none other than the Boss of the most dangerous gang of the underworld not a random thug”, he said while staring Andrew with a sharp gaze making him instantly zip his mouth. Leon huffed in frustration, “Why can’t she just run away?”

“Xavier is a Mafia King, Leo. He has a special security force around his mansion. Rosaline won’t be able to escape from there”, Rebecca spat. Vincent nodded.

“Also he always keeps an eye on Rosaline. He can sense her next move even with his closed eyes. He can easily detect if she is up to something. She won’t be able to escape from him so easily”

“But she can fool him”, Leon quickly spoke. Rebecca balled her fists in anger.

“He is a gangster, she isn’t. She is just a simple innocent girl”, she growled and looked at Vincent. “So what are we gonna do now? Just let her die with that loon”, she spoke angrily while glaring at the guy who was just staring her with a blank expression.

“For now. But don’t worry, Xavier will never kill her”, he said, his tone was dead serious.

“B-But Sir what about Rosaline?“, Leon said as he looked at him anxiously. Rebecca kept fidgeting in her seat restlessly as she was too jittery about her friend. Vincent took a deep breath.

“See, Xavier has already killed our two men who were not only CIA’s top agents but happened to be Rosaline’s best friends. After our clash, he will definitely become more vigilant. If we again try to pull up a stunt, we would definitely risk her life” Rebecca gasped in shock. Vincent nodded.

“I think Boss is right. Besides we need more evidences against him. These photos won’t just work. So for now you both should engrossed yourselves in gathering more proofs against that gangster”, Mr. Andrew finally spoke. Leon and Rebecca nodded.

“But what if Rosaline again falls for that psycho?“, Rebecca murmured as she looked at Leon who became tensed by her words. But Vincent smirked instead leaving both of them confounded.

“That’s not gonna happen.”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, “But why?”

“Curiosity killed the kitten Agent 005. Wanna try?", Vincent glared her. She immediately looked down. He then smirked at her and left the room closing the door shut.

But as soon as he turned around, his eyes turned dark as he smiled wickedly,

“Let the game begin Xavier Knights”


End of seventh chapter.

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