Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 8: You Can't Leave Me◆

At Knight’s palace


Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I was sitting on the bed staring at the window aimlessly when the door creaked open revealing the MONSTER. He was dressed well in black suit. His hair perfectly coiffed, his jaw shining with a little dark stubble on it and his three piece suit perfectly hugging his body accentuating his prominent muscles. Overall he was looking too handsome and hot. But what’s the use of this outer beauty when you got a black heart and a selfish, egostic soul.

Xavier walked towards the bed and then sat beside me. He raised his hands to touch my cheeks but I immediately turned my face to the side. He then exhaled sharply before speaking in his deep voice, “I came here to take you for breakfast. Let’s go Rosebud”. He tried to grab my hands but I immediately moved back.

Xavier again moved forward and tried to touch me but I immediately got up from the bed and started walking towards the door. He followed me back quietly as we both headed downstairs.

Xavier was about to go towards the dining room but immediately halted in his steps as he saw me moving towards the exit.

“Rose, where are you going?“, he asked but I neglected his words and kept walking.


He growled behind me making me startled. I hastened my pace and ran towards the main door.

“Open it”, I said to the guards but they didn’t even budged.

“COME BACK HERE ROSE!!“, Xavier yelled furiously.

“I SAID OPEN IT!“, I screamed my lungs out but they kept looking down ignoring my words. I started pulling the door open when all of a sudden Xavier turned me around and pulled me towards his chest. He looked mad.



I didn’t let him finish and yelled at his face. Instantly he grabbed my hair pulling me closer to his face our noses were touching.

“You can’t leave me”, he spoke in a raging tone with clenched jaw while glaring me with his blood-red eyes.

“I hate you...I won’t live with you... I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU!!!I WILL LEAVE YOU”, I shrieked as I glared him with loathe and disgust. Xavier growled as he saw me staring him with rage and resentment. He couldn’t bear it anymore as suddenly he jerked my body towards him and crashed his lips on mine. He started kissing me wildly. Tears started escaping my eyes as he started feeding on my lips like a ferocious lion. I sobbed in the kiss.

Xavier then pulled off and looked at me with his blazing orbs.

“You love me and you’ll love only me”, he spoke with gritted teeth.

I shooked my head in denial with tears streaming down my face. He tightened his grip on hair making me yelp in pain. I winced in pain but he only tightened his grip.

“This is what you call love?“, I spoke in a broken voice while staring him sadly. His gaze immediately turned soft. He slowly loosened his grip on my hair.

But I quickly pushed him back making him stumble backwards. I wiped off my tears and quickly pulled of my wedding ring and threw it on the ground.

“It’s over. I want a divorce from you now. I won’t live with a guy who physically abuses me and harasses me. Moreover I can’t spend my life with a criminal”, I spoke in a firm voice while looking at him in his eyes. But...

Suddenly Xavier started chuckling. I looked at him completely dumbfounded.

He kept laughing like a maniac. My blood boiled in anger. I quickly turned around and walked towards the door.

“Open it”, I shouted at the guard but still he ignored my words. I turned back and glared Xavier while screaming furiously, “XAVIER KNIGHTS, TELL HIM TO-”

I stopped in midway as I saw Xavier smirking at me.

“Do you think I’ll let you leave so easily?“, he spoke in an eerie tone. I became horror-struck with his reply.

Xavier started approaching me with predatory steps. All the blood got drained off my face as I saw him smirking at me menacingly.

“How could you even think about it love?“, he spoke in a hoarse voice as he kept walking towards me. I slowly started retreating my steps back.

“Xav-Xavier, le-", I couldn’t speak as I was too terrified with his intense states. Xavier then bent down and picked up my ring. He took it in his hands and started staring at it like an insane making my heart stop.

“You know how much I love to see this ring on your pretty little fingers?“, he rasped. He started twirling the ring in between his fingers while staring at me with his psychotic gaze as he started coming closer to me.

Suddenly my back hit the door. I panicked and quickly tried to run away but Xavier immediately placed his hands on both sides of my head caging me between his muscular arms. I looked at him fearfully. He then snapped his fingers in air and soon all the guards and maids left the hall.

Now I was trapped with this insane beast all alone.

“How can such a pathetic idea cross your cute little brain?“, he whispered near my lips and started caressing my cheeks with his index finger gently.

Tears started falling down from my eyes. He wiped off my tears with his thumb.

“Xavier, please let me g-

“Don’“, he cut me off and spoke with gritted teeth. I lost my temper and screamed on his face.


All of a sudden Xavier punched the door beside my head. I shrieked in fear.

“GO THEN AND SEE WHAT I’LL DO TO YOU. I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING, ROSE. I WILL KILL EVERYONE...I WON’T EVEN HESITATE TO BURN THEM ALIVE!!“, he yelled in a thunderous growl running chills down my spine. His eyes turned blood-red and he was fuming with anger. His veins were popping out from his neck.

I found myself too weak and vulnerable in front of him. I started crying loudly. Xavier then carried me in bridal style to the bedroom. I kept crying in his arms.

He then placed me on the bed gently and hovered above me. I covered my face with my trembling hands. He slowly removed my hands. My eyes were closed as I kept sobbing at my helpless self.

“Don’t cry”, Xavier spoke softly which made me cry more.

“Didn’t​ you heard Rose?“, he growled in a deadly tone. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at his raging eyes.

“Don’t make it complicated. Keep this in your head that you can’t leave me and I WOULD NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE WILL ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT”, I started quavering in fear as he blared. I quickly covered my eyes. My hiccups became louder and louder.

Xavier jerked my hands away. I became frightened but he kissed me softly on my lips. He growled when I didn’t responded back. He pulled off and looked at my face which was soaked with tears.

“Listen well Rosebud. I love you more than​ anyone in this world. So...“, he then cupped my face and looked in my teary-eyes.

“I don’t want you to ever talk about whatever happened today. This was your first and last mistake that I am forgiving but next time if you ever misbehaved I won’t hesitate to kill your loved ones.” I gasped at his words. Xavier then wiped off my tears and pecked my cheeks.

“So from now onward be a good girl and always obey me. I don’t want to hurt you. I hate doing that but you kept pressing my buttons. But as I said this is gonna be your last mistake. Hmm? Now get up and let’s eat our breakfast”, he smiled and looked at me lovingly. I kept staring at him in fear.

Xavier then made me sat up. He took my left hand and placed the ring on my finger. He then kissed it gently. He pulled me towards himself and spoke in a soft tone, “Now say those words which I always love to hear from your pretty mouth”

I didn’t uttered a single word. Xavier then cupped my face and squeezed my cheeks making me flinch.

“SAY.IT.“, he snarled angrily with red eyes. I looked at him in shock.

“I-I...I-I....” Words didn’t left my mouth as I was petrified with fear.

“SPEAK UP!! Xavier yelled ferociously while squeezing my cheeks painfully. I squealed.

“I-I l-love y-you”, I stuttered with tears streaming down my face. He wiped off my tears and started kissing me passionately. I sobbed in between the kiss.

Xavier then entangled his fingers in my hair and started squeezing my waist. I gasped. He took the opportunity and slided his tongue in my mouth. I whimpered as he started devouring my mouth hungrily. I was feeling disgusted by him but he was too busy in pleasuring himself.

After few minutes he pulled off we both panting heavily. He chuckled while looking at my flustered face. I was totally heart-broken with his today’s act. I didn’t thought he would stoop too low to fulfill his desires and madness.

“You’re so bea-”

“By using force and power you’ll be able to have my body but you will never be able to have my heart, Xavier”, I didn’t let him finish.

His gaze immediately darkened as soon as he heard my reply. Xavier growled and pinned me down on the bed and hovered above me.

“I don’t give a damn about your feelings now as I am tired of making you realise my love for you. But just remember one thing you are only MINE...And I WILL NEVER LET YOU LEAVE ME”, he roared as he glared in my teary eyes.

“I’ll definitely leave you one day”, I deadpanned.

Xavier then grabbed my face with his right hand and clasped my both hands with his other. He kissed me madly pouring all his anger,frustration,lust and craziness in the kiss. He then broke the kiss and rested his forehead on mine while glaring at me with his pitch-black orbs, “Do it and that day....

I’ll kill you with my own hands.”

He spoke while grabbing my throat and squeezing it a little. I looked in his menacing eyes.

“You’re really mad aren’t you?“, I gritted with clenched jaw.

Xavier chuckled and spoke in a deep voice after pulling my lower lip with his teeth.

“Only for you my Rose...”


End of eighth chapter.

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