The Butterfly Effect

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'Shoulders back.' 'Rest your hands on your lap.' 'Smile, but not too much. People will know it's fake.' 'Talk when you're supposed to.' 'Show affection towards him in front of others.' "So, Mrs. Valentin I have a question for you?" He gripped my thigh underneath the dinner table as I looked at our neighbor. She gave me a mischievious smile as she glanced at him before looking at me. "How's marriage life working out for you?" My hands started to tremble making him grip them tightly. It was a silent warning. I inhaled quietly and smiled. "It's phenomenal, making me fall in love with him all over again." Who knew the love he has for me would cause a typhoon inside me. ¥ 22 year old lonely, innocent, Jane Fitzgerald was known as, 'Plain Jane.' Nobody seemed to care about her existence and that's why she became isolated from everyone. And she's okay with that. But yet she urged the feeling of being wanted and loved by someone who truly cares for her. Her wish came true when she met Luca Valentin. Everything was perfect in the beginning until the man of her dreams became her worst nightmare. ¥ "Remember the butterflies that colored the air, each time we met? They bounced, like children inside my stomach. And play, a song with the cords of my veins. You clipped, their wings with the knife of your lies. And I, no longer can sense their effect."

Thriller / Other
J.G. Gomez
Age Rating:


My breathing is steady, my hands resting on my lap as I sit on the bed. Engrossed with the lock on the window that is keeping me trapped here. I was confined within the walls of this room.

A shudder ran through me when I heard a loud clicking noise. Cold air invaded the room as the door opened making me wrap my arms around myself.

My breathing was no longer steady and felt an invisible noose around my bruised neck grow tighter each time his footsteps came closer.

I did not look away from the lock as it strangely gave me comfort. He stood on my right side and laid his large calloused hand on my shoulder. Unintentionally, I flinched and gripped my arms even harder.

"Amour, what did I say about staying away from the front door?" His deep voice reverberating with power and command. Fear ran through my veins as he began to tighten his grip.

I mentally scold myself for being ignorant by forgetting about the installed cameras he put.

"You t-told me to stay 6 feet away." I cautiously whispered.

I felt like my heart was going to explode and my adrenaline surges intensely making me want to vomit. He sighed loudly and let go of my shoulder much to my relief.

"Stand up." His cold response caused my body to listen to him and immediately did what he said.

He stood in front of me and had to look down due to our height difference. He towered over me and grabbed my chin with his hand to look at him.

His blue eyes that I once have dreamed of has become my nightmare.

"Papillon, you're in a lot of trouble."
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