Wasted Years: A True Horror Story

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My memoir about my relationship with Brianna Kuecker, my verbally and emotionally abusive girlfriend and her family and how it effected my relationship with my own family.

Thriller / Romance
Dyl Ulin
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Prologue: Letting go out of the past....

"Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That's the only way to become what you meant be.."- Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

February 16, 2021

Brooklyn, Iowa

4:35 PM

The apartment was silent execpt for my TV playing the evening news on Channel 13 in my Bedroom. I was taking a break from doing chores at home because my scl worker, Mrs. Jansen was checking my apartment part of my goal for cleaning for capstone because i was autistic and mentally ill. Outta the blue, My phone started ringing and to my dismay, it was my dumbass ex girlfriend, Brianna Kuecker. I was tempted not to pick up the phone but i did because I knew she would stalker call me. I said, "Yello, Brianna, what do you want??" She said, "Who won Daytona? I wanna because i had to work." The Daytona 500 was the NASCAR season opener and this year it went to prime time almost to midnight. I said, "Michael McDowell from the Valley of The Sun." and She asked, "Is your mother around you? I want to you guys know I dropped the restraining order on Anne-Marie." I said, "I have heard enough, goodbye." I hung up and sighed.

I wondered that Bitch wanted to talked to me and her cousin Anne-Marie Richards was a big slut and whore. Anne-Marie had a bad reputation of being a whore and I was best friends with her ex husband Jerry Otto and his ex-girlfriend Kayla Olsen. I knew it was big trouble with Anne-Marie and Brianna together. I would call her and Anna- Marie "Beavis and Butthead" because of their troublemaking antics and they were more dimwitted than Homer Simpson. I walked over to Kayla's apartment which was across the lawn from me and I rang the doorbell. She asked, "Yes, Dylan?" I said, "Kayla, we have a problem." She asked, "What now?" I replied, "Brianna got a hold of me and she used the secretary card and she dropped that restraining order on Anne-Marie." Kayla annoyedly replied, "Block her number and the problem will be over." Kayla had bad blood with the two because the way they treated me and Jerry which was awful, neglectful, and abusive, plus they were gold diggers. Anne Marie would cheat on Jerry every day and plus she was a registered sex offender because a sex crime she commited in Governor Reynolds's Old stomping grounds because she cheated on Jerry with a guy there in Osceola. I blocked Brianna's Number and sighed and said, "It's over and gone."
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