Deadly Attraction

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The killer, Jack, is in need of a new pet. But not just any pet. This time, he wants to create a masterpiece. This time, he wants an obedient pet that will do as he says, a beautiful one at that. Jack searches for months for the perfect one, but can never find the right match. Until one day, laying in the grass Jack spots a beautiful young woman, Emily, walking home from a late night party. He is infatuated at first glance by her silky, wavy black hair and her ivory skin, that compliments her seductive yet innocent caramel colored eyes. Jack must choose between capturing and chaining his next pet, or to play the waiting game and get to know his beautiful doll before stealing her away. What will Emily do? Will she fall in love with the mysterious, handsome man that she just met, and give in to his sexual, animalistic demeanor? Or will she recognize the trap and get out alive?

Thriller / Erotica
Ema Wi
Age Rating:


The night was cool and crisp, the sun had set only two hours ago, causing the old oak trees to cast shadows over the empty street. The wind stirred the dead leaves among the empty streets, causing them to flutter in the wind. This caused an eerie stirring sound to fill the night, and amongst the shadows a figure shrouded in black lay waiting for his neck victim.

The man was laying on the cool, wet grass as he stared at the stars. Tall oak trees loomed over the man, casting shadows that seemed to swallow him whole. The moonlight pierced through the thick oak leaves and branches, dappling the shadows almost like tiny stars. Devious thoughts danced around in his mind as he waited for the right moment, as he waited for the perfect one.

Tonight was going to be special. He would find his new pet, capture her, and chain her up in his basement, where the man could do whatever he wanted. Tonight would be the night that the man would start his most artistic project yet; for this new pet would be his last, permanent pet.

Almost on cue, the light tapping of heels clacking against the black asphalt of the road stabbed into the man's dark thoughts, and he smiled deviously. Quietly, he stood up and creeped over to the edge of the forest where he was hiding, and spotted a young woman of twenty walking along the road.

From what the man could see, she had black hair and pale, ivory skin that glowed in the moonlight, which illuminated the streets without the cover of the oak trees. She wore a black coat over her shoulders, which appeared to be covering her bare shoulders and upper torso, and underneath was a crimson red dress. She must've been heading home from a party.

The young woman was looking at her phone, oblivious to the deviant watching her from the shadows. The man smiled wickedly and followed her, but not in the open. He lurked just beyond the tree line, each step painfully quiet as he stalked his next victim.

He followed her for a good while, and the further they went, the closer the predator and prey walked to town. The busy bustling noise of traffic laid ahead, and the man watched the girl turn down a deserted street which led to an urban neighborhood, where this young woman probably lived.

Carefully and quietly, the man waited until the woman was about twenty yards ahead of him before he crept out of the forest. Slowly, he followed her. He smiled, the girl was not very bright at all. Any young woman with any common sense should know it wasn't safe around these parts, especially with the frequent cases of young women going missing.

She was too far from his car, so the man would have to play the wait game for the perfect time to strike. That's no problem, the man thought to himself. I want to get to know my next pet like the back of my hand.

So now the girl was almost home, she walked up the driveway of a nice two story house that was painted a mild, neutral blue. Perfect, the man thought to himself.

House 504, Blackwood st. West.

The man stared at her house dreamily from a distance. I'm looking forward to meeting you, my perfect pet.

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