Ace of Spades (#2 Queen of Hearts Duology)

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After being stabbed within an inch of his life by the woman he loves, Clayton Thompson dons a disguise and sets out on a mission to find out why she did it.

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Prologue: Fuzzy

Everything is fuzzy.

I remember everything that happened to me, although, it doesn’t feel like it really happened to me at all. There’s a sort of haze over everything that I can’t understand. My memories feel incomplete and a little bit wrong.

I told Isla I loved her then she started stabbing me. I know she was speaking to me while she did it, vivid moments where the tears streamed down her face as she tried to end my life make their appearance.

Darkness clouds my vision at first. Then suddenly, through the shadows, comes Isla, the girl I was in love with. The girl who tried to kill me but failed. She smiles at me warmly, lulling me into a false sense of security and holds out her hand for me to come closer to her.

Isla opens her arms to me happily. My first instinct is to embrace her, my present knowledge of her seems to ebb away as she plants a soft kiss on my cheek before stabbing a knife into my back while she whispers she loves me in my ear soothingly like a mother to her babe.

I want to scream and shove her away but I am unable to fight her. She can hurt me all she wants. I still love her. I still want what’s best for her

I wake up drenched in sweat, the heart monitor beside me going off like crazy as nurses run around the room like ants bringing crumbs to their beautiful queen back at their nest. I try to follow them with my eyes, but my sight is still somewhat clouded by my heavy lids.

As my vision clears I see the nurse grab my shoulders, smiling at me and flashing a light by my eyes. “What’s your name sweetheart? We want to call your family to let them know you’re okay.” She tells me, a smile still plastered on her face.

Why did Isla stop? Why didn’t she kill me?

Did someone see her and scare her off or could she just not go through with it? Was her plan to kill me all along?

“Your name, hun?” She asks again, frowning in pity as she watches me look around, confused. I’m checking for Isla. If her plan was to kill me all along and she was interrupted then she must be looking for me now and she cannot find me.

“Do you know your name?” She asks me, feeling my forehead and waving another nurse over to help her check on me.

“Ace.” I say suddenly. “My name is Ace. I don’t have a family to call.” I say quickly. If my family found out what happened to me Isla would certainly find out and come back to finish what she started.

“Okay, honey. You just lie back and let us finish your check up.” The nurse tells me, pressing a button on the side of my bed to bring me into more of a lying down position.

I don’t sleep.

I stay still as they examine me but I don’t sleep. I twiddle my thumbs and wait for Isla to come for me, and finish what she started.

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