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Peter Dooleys’ Lexicon of Lingo

Peter Dooleys’ Lexicon of Lingo

Balk: to be obstinate, disagreeable, or contrary

Blamboozle: to trick, fool, or dupe by particularly shocking means

Blarg: a general expression of frustration regarding one’s circumstances

Breck: short for “big wreck”; generally used regarding overwhelming and unfortunate events

Brear: an expression of surprise or wonderment; a derivative of briar, a thorny bush

Dogalog: dog poop, in log form

Dome: one’s head, specifically the skull

Drip: a sorry, pitiful person

Grip: money

Gurped: overly excited, particularly in a bizarre or frightening way

Haps: short for ‘happening’

Jaw Jack: idle conversation

Jibber Jabber: annoying idle conversation

Nob: an idiot

Nog: one’s head, specifically the whole head or the brain

Pill: a person who is intentionally annoying

Pleeb: an ineffectual or inconsequential person

Snarf: to suck up one’s meal with loud smacking and breathing

Snog: to kiss

Snogglebog: confused loved one

Spazoid: a particularly hyper, freaky person

Squib: a land squid; used in reference to a slimy person with no backbone/courage

Squib Knocker: one who hangs around with squibs

Trog: a cave dweller; a cave creature somewhat resembling a human, but with lizard-like qualities

Wig: a person’s hair

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