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Forest Lake

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Chapter 1

“Where are you going? I thought we were going out.” Alison said, with her arms folded over her small pink bra with a glare in her icy blue eyes. “Yeah, well I have something else to do right now and then when I get back we can go to the fair like we planned.” Tommie said, after tying his shoes and pulling on his shirt with his back turned to her. Rolling her eyes she dropped her arms crawling to the bottom of her bed and leaning up on her knees. She wrapped her slender arms around his broad shoulders kissing the back of his ear.

“Sounds great but honestly where do you have to rush off too?” Alison asked, with an undertone of a smile on her thin lips. Standing up he grabbed his jacket slipping it on he said, “You know that I always pick up my dad’s medicine so why even ask where I’m rushing off too?” Leaning back on her heels she stared up at him with a raised brow saying, “Right I know but I also know that you still stringing along Deja so is that who you’re really rushing off to see?”

Shaking his head while opening the front door he said over his shoulder, “I’ll pick you up after I’m done.” “Fuck that! No, don’t pick me up why don’t you just stay with her.” Alison said, throwing her pillow at the closed door. Flopping back down on her bed she rolled over with her face in the silk pillow case. When her phone buzzed next to her sending little vibrations on her mattress.

“So if you’re done throwing a tantrum I’ll still see you when I get back.”- Tommie

“Just tell me that you're not choosing her over me Tommie. Cause I’m tired of sneaking around with you.”- Alison

“Ally I’ve never chose her over you, if that was the case I would have been with her instead of driving you home and staying how long as I did.”-Tommie

“Awww baby I know I’m sorry.”-Alison

Sitting her phone down on her night stand she opted off the bed and walked over to her wide closet grabbing some ripped skinny jeans and a white/lavender sweater that’s off the shoulder. Laying that out on her bed she grabbed her towel and walked three steps down the hall into the bathroom hopping into shower with the cold water spraying down her body till it warmed up...

Rounding the corner of Forest Lake Park, Tommie pulled to a stop parking his car next to Deja’s blue Kia Soul. Picking up his cell from the cup holder, he dialed her number. Listening to the other line ring continuously it went to voice mail each time. Shaking his head he tried again till she finally picked up. “Where are you? I thought your practice ended at 4:00pm.” Deja’s sweet voice sounded across the line. He still didn’t understand how she would be so mad at him but still have no trace of the emotion in her tone, that was sweet as honey.

“Yeah, it did and my dad needed me to help him with something at home before I left. I lost track of time babe, but I’m here now so if you still want to be at our spot I can walk over.” He said, hoping she would say yes and not be already walking back to lot. “Yeah of course I still do. It’s our anniversary after all and I spent the day getting everything ready.” She said, with a smile as her heart beat picked up. “Great I’m walking to you now.” He said, hopping out of her car clicking the lock on his keypad. As he made it through the tree line seeing the scented vanilla candles lit near the edges of the blanket.

Spotting the food spread out with her laying on her side with a white flower pattern see-through dress that hung off her small shoulder. Stepping closer he knelt down on one knee with his ember eyes locked on her hazel ones as he crawled over to her hovering over top of her curvy brown body. “So you decide to wear this here?” He asked, his voice becoming husky as he took her in his arms kissing from the end of her jaw up her cheek to the corner of her full lips.

Pulling her body closer to his feeling all of her curves as he ran his rough hands along her slender body. Moans streamed past her full lips with his lips searing the exposed brown skin while his fingers explored her enticing heat that beckoned to him. “Are you sure you’re ready for this? We can still wait.” He asked, gazing down taking in how she looked at him with love shining through those eyes of hers. “Yes, I’m ready Tommie; I love you.” She said, leaning up kissing him with all the need and desire...

The sun light peaked through the leaves as a cool breeze swept over the grove that Tommie laid in asleep. With birds chirping as the sun rays shined on him. Groaning he turned over placing his arm over the spot Deja once laid, that still felt slightly warm. Opening his eyes he looked around not seeing her till his gaze landed on her wet form climbing up the short latter with water running down her body as she stood in the middle of the dock. He watched her wrap a towel around herself as she walked back over to the blanket.

“I could have went swimming with you.” He said, sitting up and placing her on his lap with his hands touching and slowly rubbing up her thighs. “You could have but I know you enjoyed the view more.” She said, leaning in kissing him as the towel came undone revealing her nude body to his hungry hands an lips...
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