Dear Cameron,

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Cameron got himself in a situation for the millionth time. Unlike the other 999,999 time, this one isn’t tiny and a waste of time. This time he’s stuck, clueless, and on the brink of being killed off for good. Luckily Cameron is smart enough to realize he needs major help, minus all the life ruining drugs in his system and a brain that wants him dead, he finds out a plan. Shi is a sadist killing cold blooded monster, Hannah is a sane insane somebody, Audrey is a drop dead gorgeous seducer, and Kyle the cokehead that has to be smarter than Albert Einstein. Let’s hope this time the villains actually win.

Thriller / Action
Age Rating:

“Dear Cameron, He’s dead.”

You always figure out the bad news at one point, maybe when your parents sit you down to announce your old wrinkly grandmothers death, or maybe it’s a family pet your dad actually cut up in the family owned lawn mower.

Well for Cameron it felt worse, after now waking up in the Mental Hospital for the twenty fifth time everything seems to be following the oh so familiar path, fun.

Cameron’s head always comes crashing down every time he wakes up in the hospital, his body so used to being on some form of drug, hard or not, that when it’s completely clean he feels so sick.

Or maybe it’s the constant beeping making his ear ring, maybe it’s the beat up A/C system’s buzz making his head pound, maybe it’s just life. Life deciding for the twenty fifth time to give him the chance he doesn’t want. It’s a game now, or at least it feels like one, and game that loves fucking Cameron over.

A game so terrorizing that the only way out is death, drugs, well yeah just death and drugs. Nothing compares to drugs like Cameron, nothing can top it, and he’s tried. The handful of therapists he has seen, the amount of times he’s been thrown into correction centers of rehabs, he always goes back to his trust worthy drugs.

“Fuck” , Cameron’s brain rung out as he held onto his head feeling the pound so clearly as even his eyes hurt.

The door creaked open , not so quietly as a well dressed nurse walked in holding the aggravating brown colored clip board.

“Cameron I see you’re back, well new high-score for you it seems it has taken you now three whole months to come back, compared to the two months”, The old hag looking women said knowing she aggravate hun beyond belief.

“Yeah yeah Ms. Angie”, he said her name like venom, wanting to spit on her face so badly and to tell her to fuck off.

“Can i leave now I have rehab in less than three hours”, Lies, everyone should now that was clearly a fib but Ms. Angie believe it every. single. time.

“Yeah yeah Cameron just fill out this form please”, she said with a sigh handing him the scraped up clip board, the bullshit form he has done more than enough times.

“MS. ANGIE THE FUCKER RIPPED SOMEONES EYE OUT AGAIN”, the blood curling scream rang out in the hallway

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