The screaming soul sucker.

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A scary horror story about a girl and a soul sucker...

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

As I curled up into my covers I heard a sound...
A big sound a paralysing sound
It was in the walls.
I slowly got out of my bed...
It was a screaming sound it sounded like a siren.
I sprinted into bed . The windows were being tapped in by the hard rain.
As the moon was being covered my room darkened the shadows were being tossed around The room .And engulfed me in the darkness.Soon I saw a bony figure it looked dead.The lights flickered.was that what it was?
It screamed an ear splitting reached out its small withery arm and placed it on my hand
It felt so cold so hard so skinny.
The thing screamed again.The windows smashed into pieces I tried to run away but something was holding me back.
I was curious?
What was it? How did it get here ? Why is it after me.I could feel my soul being sucked away by the creature .
I heard a booming voice right next to me.

The voice echoed
The sun started to rise but the shadows weren’t going away.
I tried to breathe but the air was thin to e room was going in circles.The rain poured through my roof and...
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