Famous At Last

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Molly Brown loves to surf! Especially when shes with her best friend, Jenna Watson. One day Molly went surfing and little did she know. That’s the day her whole life turns upside down!

Thriller / Drama
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Just The Beginning

Hi. My name is Molly Brown. I love to surf! And this is my story.

Back in 1st grade, there was a new student, and I saw her sitting alone at lunch. So I decided to talk to her; her name was Jenna. Anyway, long story short we became best friends! We were always together. We did everything with each other, we were inseparable!
Skip ahead a long while later. I’m in high school now, and in 12th grade. Me and Jenna are still best friends!
And I guess you could say, this is were it all started.
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