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Amidst boarding school is a supernatural school for all types of supernatural beings. Vampires, werewolves, witches and everything in between. Everyone's life turns upside down when they meet that special someone, that exact thing happens to Zelda when a new giryl arrives on school grounds. Could a witch ever fall for a angel vampire hybrid?

Thriller / Romance
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The day

Morning of the big day finally came Payton was excited but terrified at the same time. She would finally go to Amidst after dreaming about it for a year.

Payton got out of bed with a hopeful smile on her face, she thought of how it would be great going to a school full of the world’s wonders and how it would feel being among hybrids like her for the first time.

Being different was nice but it got a bit lonely no one could ever relate to any of it, not her mother nor her father. Like on her urges to drink blood, it wasn’t at all hard to control them what she couldn’t handle was the guilt from drinking a living being human or animal.

Payton Kent was an only child born into a family of a vampire as a dad and an angel as a mum, she liked being both but sometimes she had to pick a side on her parents arguments or game night. It was always who was the strongest fastest and most controlling, she would always laugh at both their ridiculousness most days they made her days.

She adored her parents, their love for each other. On cheesy days her dad would always say, “Like a demon and an angel, your mother was mine and she saved my life.” Payton always wanted that for herself maybe one day she would.

Payton had her mother’s fair dark skin the brown curly hair, from her father she got his light blue ocean eyes his tall slender frame. Her parents really did a number on her, she had the looks of a angel and the piecing blue eyes to seduce anyone, Payton Kent was a true combination of an angel and demon.

Once Payton got all dressed up she went down stairs for breakfast. The sight she was welcomed with beyond inappropriate, the two were by the kitchen stove as where she could see her mother was preparing breakfast. Her dad had his arms around her mum’s waist as his head rested on her left shoulder and he was doing much more then just leaning on it.

Her dad planed another kiss on her neck which caused a giggle to escape her mouth, Mrs. Kent looked over her shoulder to her husband then stole a quick kiss.

“Said it once and I’ll say it again, get a room.” their daughter mumbled from where she stood both her parents turned to her never leaving eachother’s arms. They gave her wide grins and she knew they would not let go of each other at all despite her protest. “Wait you do have a room, go to your room.” she gave both of the a fake smile with an eye roll.

Mr. Kent smirk at his daughter then buried his face back into his wife’s neck placing a series of kisses, “She’s. just. jealous.” he said between kisses from time to time her mother would giggle.


“Fine we’ll stop for now.” he moved away from his wife with his arms us as though he would get shot, he stole one last kiss from her lips then when to sit leaving his wife to finish breakfast.

Payton took her seat as well her father giving her mischievous smile she glared at her father from where she sat, it was always how their mornings went by.

With one last flip her mother was done with their omelette, she served her husband first then her daughter. “Ready for your first day away from us?” she asked Payton while she sat close to her husband.

Payton first stuffed her mouth with her mother’s heavenly omelette, she looked up from her plate into both her parents eyes, “I’m rejoicing.” she said with a light giggle.

“Payton manners.” her mother scolded, like all other days she didn’t listen.

Her father leaned closer to the table his arms rested on top, he looked at his daughter in disbelief. “You got to be kidding me, you won’t miss any of us.” a hint of pain shot through his voice, he held up his index finger pointing at his chest. “Mostly me right.”

As soon as the words left his mouth his wife elbowed straight in the gut. “And your mother too.” he added with looking at his wife from the corner of his eyes, Mrs. Kent gave them both her lovely innocent smile.

She mumbled with a stuffed mouth not bothering to look them in the eyes, “Maybe I’ll miss stuff like these killer omelettes.” she kept eating them.

A pinch of guilt creeped into her heart as her parents remained quiet, she looked up to them again and they had long faces. Swallowing the chuck of eggs in her mouth Payton spoke, “And you two guys, mostly all of you.” bright smiles replaced her parents long faces, she felt content.

Her dad squealed in excitement, then his bubble bursted when she said all of them. “But you meant me right?” he asked completely curious.

“She doesn’t pick sides remember.” her mother spoke with a bit annoyance without looking up from her plate she gave her mum a thumbs up. Payton knew clearly the results that would unfold if she ever picked a side.

They had their breakfast in partial peace with a few words exchange. Right after that Payton went to leave her belongings in the car.

When she went back into house her parents where seated on the couch, they seemed as though they were having a serious conversation as they saw her signaled to the other couch for her to have a seat, Payton did exactly that.

“As you’re going away to a boarding school, we want you to know you can date.” it was her father that began talking.

She looked at him with a playful smirk, “Who said I wasn’t dating before? I’m eighteen.” she questioned both of them, they actually thought their daughter was a saint.

Her father shook his head, “We mean you should have responsible sex.”

“Been doing that.” the words left her mouth without realising it she brought her hand over her mouth, it had said too much.

“What!” her mother asked shocked, Payton just shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

Her father brought his arm over his wife squeezing her light, he looked at his daughter with a congratulating look which Payton immediately noticed then smiled. Her mother glared at her then her husband, they both stopped.

His wife gave him the signal to continue with the talk and he did, “We don’t want you to get pregnant, you know guys are very demanding you’ll meet sex demons and—”

“I’m a lesbian mum and dad!” she blurted out, they had to know they was no way in hell she would date a guy and get pregnant.

“Thank goodness.” her dad sighed in relief, he looked like he hadn’t exhaled in a while.

“Wait..” her mother sat up thinking of all the girls she brought over most especially one. She looked at Payton with a questioning look, “Was Avery.. did you do it here.”

She ran her fingers through her hair nervously, “We should get going.” she said as she got off the couch, she looked at her mother one more time then rushed towards the door.

That was enough of an answer for her mother, she got up as well. “Young lady!” she scream as she chased Payton.

Mr. Kent just sat there laughing at their actions they acted like sisters more than a daughter and a mother. “Don’t kill her dear!” he shouted as he witnessed his wife finally caught his daughter. He followed them afterwards he had to stop a ass whooping.

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