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The revenge of HER.

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In a world where she's created in her own head, crumbles at her feet. Mandisa Mthwa will go through murky hell waters before she let's go of her lover. She will do anything in her power to get him back and revive their love story. But in this case Brandon can't seem to escape her, she lurks everywhere intending on giving him hell for leaving her. Can Brandon escape a woman scorned or will he pay for leaving her? +++++++++++++ Ke.mopedi 💕👉🏾👈🏾

Thriller / Action
Mokgadi Ramalepe
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Happiness is a nine lettered word...


The revenge of HER...

The moral right of the author has been asserted. All rights reserved. The story is published subject to the conditions that it shall not be reproduced, or retransmitted in whole or in part, in any manner, without written consent of the copyright holder and any infringement of this is a violation of copyright law.

All the incidents, plots of this story is solely mine. The characters are fictional. Any resembles with any story is just coincidence.

The translations I use I get from Google or Wikipedia articles if i am wrong with any of these please do not hesitate to correct me .


Mandisa's POV

"Baby aren't you hungry ,we've been at it for like an hour or so ....and I'm very tired." My impression of a puppy dog has to work,now to whimper.

"Okay Mandi whatever you say, I also am feeling quite famished."
I wrap a towel around my body preparing myself for a shower ,a nice hot one cause Hai I'm tired.

"Uhm, Brando please order chicken licken this time around."

"Okay baby waka." Lately Brandon has been acting wierd manje it leaves me torn between approaching him if there's anything his hiding because the usual cliche scene that I suspect my boyfriend is cheating. Which is true a hundred and one percent.

Only girl in the world ringtone.

"Molo mama." (Hello mom)

"Molo,sana,how have you been? "(hello my child.)

"Mama I'm fine,just ....not feeling well"

"What's the problem love?"

"I don't know mama ,I've been feeling sick,like I think it's a stomach bug"

"Or you are pregnant with Brandon's baby .....Sana don't forget that your father does not approve of this relationship so now imagine you bring a baby belonging to this fool ,your father will never accept him and that bastard child."

"MAMA!!!! Utsho injani??"(what do you mean.)

"You know exactly what i mean .....your dad has never liked him."

"Why , because i fell in love with him when I was in Grade 10,mama ndiyamthanda, I really do"

"Mandisa this guy is six years older than you ....you are telling me he really loves someone younger than himself ....he gives me a bad vibe love, I don't like the fact that you are with him even until now."

"Love doesn't come with a age limit,you of all people should know that." Shit .......

"mama I'm -"

"I'm only trying to protect you and you throw in the fact of my past.....Mandi if this is the person you want to ruin your life it's fine by me ....but don't be surprised when Tata disowns you.

"Mama.....that's irrational!!??"

Ugh,flip flip flip!!!!!!!

My life has consisted of impressing my parents,you'd swear I was born of royalty ...psh all they do is fight with Me to control my life.....if I'd ever gotten depressed I'll tell you it's because of my parents and the pressure that I'm the only child leaves them to only focus on me.

After my shower I stood by the doorway and I listened to Brandon talking on the phone.

"Listen..... she's,she's okay ....why you worried? I've been telling you that she is not a problem.....you are a big girl.....you will survive it....you've been waiting for the past four years cant you wait even more......I've been telling you .....no listen ,you not my popeye...,uh listen"

The same damn call each and every day.......he tells me it's his cousin so I don't know who's really the fool here .....maybe it's still me who knows ,day by day I get sick hearing the same conversation and I don't know to feel.

I met Brandon when I was in grade ten ,and he was In university ,I was at the library when I bumped into him,handsome little fella, you should've seen the look on my face when I realised I was 16 and he was 22 the age gap between us didn't really suprise me ,because I didn't care.

When I went to my matric dance he was my date and obvious all the girls were swooning over my man......my mom and dad didn't obviously approve of him,saying that he was only there for one thing.....the cookie jar. I would've freaked out the first time we met but ....I mean we've been dating since. I can't imagine if I didn't meet Brandon where would I be....he helped me with all my subjects I passed my matric with a master's degree and bachelor's degree I went to a beauty school and I've been flourishing.

Not to brag and all but success has since followed me .....okay I'm bragging sorry.....but I thought he would propose by now it's been officially six years since we've been together.

If I carried his baby that side chick of his would be obsolete...after all she's just a quickie and his got me for life....I won't approach him,not know atleast...let me be pregnant first.

"Baby was that your cousin?"

"Uhm,eya baby" (yes baby)

"Why didn't you give me the phone to greet her you never do."

"She's my cousin not ours." Stop acting like a big baby I obviously know it's your two minute quickie.

"Why are you fighting then baby ,don't fight I'm just asking."

I'm gonna enjoy fighting some heifer.

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