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Familia Set In Blood: Book 4 Of Mafia Raised

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Things has been going well for the crimson queen Scarlett Sergiaino and her family as she had delt with a miscarriage but she was able to have triplets and twins. But could it prepare her for what has happened to her friend while she is away with her family of 3 men, triplets that are 9 and twins that are 7 months old?

Thriller / Action
Holly V.
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Chapter 1: London Detective

Five Years Later...

Scarlett and her family of triplets, and twins seven-month-olds that was a surprise for Hon and Scarlett they have just forgotten a condom. Soon after the announcement of her being pregnant, they thought it was Gernhard’s but turns out he was infertile due to the experiments his father had done on him all those years ago. Hon and Gernhard had a small surprise for Jasper as the two men had decided to go to London where Jasper could visit his mother and his partner from the force Christopher Marigold’s graves. Jasper never thought that he would ever come back since he left the country upon his firing. She was in the hotel room by the window drinking ginger ale as Gernhard and Hon took A.A., Able, and Red to see the eye of London.

She was alone with the twins’ Mason and Rosemary who were sleeping peacefully after the flight, having some nausea and a little lightheaded while they were on the plane, Gernhard had her stay in case something would happen Hon even told her that he would prefer her to stay as well. Sighing as she looked on watching the people of London walk on the busy sidewalks. With a small smile, it was calming until a be-shelved Jasper ran into the room panting almost as if something bad had happened.

“Jaspy what’s wrong?” Scarlett asked as she stood up from her seat. Mason and Rosemary whine before a full-on screaming and crying fit. She ran over to them and picked the twins up shushing and bouncing a little, “Shhh mommy’s here my sweethearts.”

“I...I have to go back home, love,” Jasper told her as rubbed the back of his neck looking away, almost as if he was hiding something from her.

He knows if he looked into her honey-brown eyes that she could see the truth. Her powers as a witch grew a lot stronger and she was able to see some visions along as being Alpha Leon Willaims pack healer.

“What do you mean?” Scarlett asked sternly as she has finally gotten the twins to calm down as she laid them back in their bed and put pacifiers in their mouths.

“I’d rather not say until I’m able to love,” Jasper told Scarlett as he started packing his bags in a hurry before speed walking out the door. She was concerned as she bit her lip she walked to her bags and brought out a crystal ball.

Yes, it seems funny as it was a stereotype but it helped, and often she would put some people on her nerves as she would suddenly be by their side. She set the ball on its stand and a stick of incense cleansing it before she uses the crystal.

“Show me why Jasper is leaving?” Scarlett asked the ball as she looked hoping to have some answers. Before she has gotten an answer Gernhard, Hon, and the kids walked in smiling and laughing before they saw the stern look on her face.

“Hey why don’t you kids play in the other room, you can even jump on the beds,” Gernhard said with a smile hiding his concern.

The triplet’s eyes shined in excitement as they ran to the bedroom joined to the suit of the hotel they were staying at.

“Kitsune is something wrong?” Hon was the first to ask as he made his way over to the redhead. Scarlett let out a nervous sigh as she folded her hands and rested her elbows not the table in front of her.

“I feel that there is, Jasy just left and wouldn’t tell me a damn thing,” Scarlett told Hon, since she became a mother she had cut back on using foul langue around the kids. During a meeting with the Russians, she said ginger snaps instead of a cuss word.

They chuckled when they heard the terrifying Crimson Queen say it was an instant death wish. Their boss called her later and asked if his men had seen her yet. She didn’t, and knowing damn well no one ever will.

“That is not good at all,” Gernhard remarked as his brow furrowed, Scarlett nodded and started biting her thumbnail. It was concerning for Hon and Gernhard both as they looked at each other. Hon was the first one as he took the hand Scarlett was chewing and kneeled in from of her kissing her hand.

Gernhard went to the kitchenette area that only made her six-foot and seven-inch tall husband look bigger than he already is. He looked for a tea kettle and found it before he would get started on making tea he washed it. As he has gotten the tea kettle ready he set it on the stove, turning on the burner.

“Bunny could you please go to a drugstore and get something for me?” Scarlett asked as she laid a hand on his cheek.

“Of course my beautiful Kitsune anything including the head of your enemy,” Hon told her as he was her loyal knight, he would join her at some of the meeting she had. She would allow him to drain a few of the victims that played right into her trap.

“Can you get me a pregnancy test?” Scarlett asked with an embarrassed little smile as she scratched her cheek with her index finger.

They heard the sound of glass breaking in the kitchen followed by the faint sound of German being muttered under one’s breath.

“Yes, I’ll be back. Gernhard do you need any help before I leave?” Hon asked the German giant as he walked out of sight into the kitchenette. Scarlett looked back at her crystal ball and saw something as she was on the edge of her seat. A little Ashely-Amelia popped her head up from the other side of the table startling Scarlett. She gasped as she held her chest and sighed seeing that it was her daughter. Before the image from the crystal ball could leave Scarlett caught sight of a crying hysterical Ashley Williams.

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