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The Chronicle’s of The Legion Age: Novel One Dawn Luna Dusk Luna Willow Strange Niko Di Angelo Merida Swan Leonardo Swan Luke Wyatt Hero Alpha Mutants made by the strongest entity in existence. Time traveling, mind boggling, tongue twisting times are ahead. What will happen to a universe corrupted beyond human nature with something more...sinister?

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“We have reporting news of a renegade of mutants invading Riker’s prison earlier this morning, unfortunately taking the lives of several individuals including an innocent child and two beloved mothers.”

Dawn quietly sipped on her red wine swirling around in its glass as her eyes trained on the screen where the blonde, pale-skinned lady look absolutely terrified to be delivering the news. It wasn’t uncommon for mutants to go rouge or for them to start a riot, but this...this was something else that chilled Dawn to the bare bone.

“We don’t how long it will be till the mutants are found and brought to justice, but I can tell you is that law enforcers are working very hard to locate these hostile individuals before they cause more unfortunate damage-“

Dawn flipped the power-off button on her remote as her husband, Hero came trotting in through the front door with their fifteen year old daughter. Her husband was quick to greet her at the door by giving her a passionate kiss to his wife’s lips and cupping her face tenderly. He hadn’t seen her nearly the entire day and he was desperate for her undying attention, yet Dawn’s mind seemed distant to his eye. “Honey are you alright?” He asked. Dawn nibbled on her bottom lip.

“Baby girl can you excuse your father and I for a quick moment or two. Get some of your homework done before dinner. Your cousins will be coming over soon.” Dawn requested of her daughter. Their child wasted no time nodding and heading up the stairs to her room, before shutting the door behind her. “Dawn what’s going on?” Her husband urged. “Have you seen Luke?” Dawn took a solemnly deep breath to control her emotions boiling inside her.

“Not since...not since Meia passed away.” Hero, spoke through broken words. The weight of his sentences weighing down on his chest. “I have a bad feeling about all of this.” Hero tugged Dawn to him by her waist and snuggled his arms around her comfortably. “He’s being hard on himself. The twins are already almost fifteen now.” He sighed. “Yes, I understand that, but he hasn’t moved on. He hasn’t tried to pick up those pieces, and you and I both know Meia wouldn’t have wanted that for him. She loved; loves him too much.”

Suddenly a knock m the front door reverberated through the house. “I’ll get it.” Dawn smiled as she opened the front door. “Ah Max. V is in her room if you want to see her.” Max gave Venus’ mother a warming smile, then proceeded up the steps to the second floor. “Do I need to call Leonardo?” Hero asked. Even though his brother and him had a tough relationship over the past few years, he still cared for him deeply. He made a promise to his sister to take care of both Luke and Leonardo despite suffering from his own grief.

“I just wonder if this is becoming too much. The revolution. He’s starting to become volatile. He can barely keep up with Kathryn and Kevin.” Dawn rubs her palms over her raging temples. Then again, there’s another knock on the door. “Jesus V.” Hero huffs out as he opens the door. What he thought would be another one of his daughters friends, was actually the one person that’s been plastered all over the news.

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