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Crimson Obsidian

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Following the Shocking Cliffhanger of The Emerald Tides Book, Elijah Miller, Grandson of Jonas, and his sister Ruth must find a way to stop Mad King Forbath from Conquering the World of Erdos and claiming himself a God. Rated 18+ for Epic War Violence, scenes of Peril, Strong Language, Adult themes and Sexual Situations.

Thriller / Scifi
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In Memory of....

Michael Dumnich 5/23/41 to 7/28/21

Legal Statement

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental


It has been 109 years since a dead star was discovered on Earth forcing humanity to evacuate it nearly 60 years after. The leaders of the ARK were led by Jonas Miller and his wife Linnea. During their time on the ARK. Disagreements over the chosen place for humanity to restart grew. As plans were made to sabotage the ARK were thwarted, the people responsible were held into account, the father of one of the saboteurs never forgave the Miller family, and when they made it to their home, this Father named John Mathis lead a rebellion and began his reign of extermination of those who supported the old order. His 2nd in command, Pascal Spencer killed Jonas and Linnea on the ARK and was planning to kill Ruth as well. His other Lieutenant, John Forbath was instrumental in destroying the last piece of Earth.. The ARK itself.

Those who survived the purge hid in a settlement called Epsilon. They changed the name to Pitt Novus in honor of Jonas Miller. His granddaughter Ruth was the de facto Leader of this settlement. Her efforts and stubborn will to end the tyranny that befell the survivors lead to the Mathis War. This war costed the lives of some of her friends. But she still never gave up fighting for their freedom. In the end a major clash of settlements in the battle of the Nations. The battle forced Mathis, Pascal and Forbath to flee. When Mathis and Pascal were separated from Forbath as to not make a single target from Ruth and her allies. Mathis however was killed by Gareth and Pascal was killed by Ruth. Forbath however remained at large. As time passed, Technology from Earth began to fail. Replacing parts for ATV’s became nearly impossible. There was no dedicated infrastructure to continue the maintenance required for these cybertruck looking vehicles to keep going. Shuttles ran out of fuel not long after the Mathis War. There was active work being done to make pressurized Rubidium in a gas form to use as fuel but the scientist specialized to make this was killed on the ARK. There were still a number of people on the ARK when it exploded. Not every human was on the planet just yet. It was estimated that nearly 12 thousand people died in the sabotage. Including Gareth’s parents and grandparents.

Then 10 years pass and during that time, a treaty was signed. A constitution was drawn up and a arbiter was appointed to handle disputes between all the settlements on the continent. However Forbath was slowly building his power base under the noses of Ruth and her allies. However during the 10th year, people started to go missing. It was assumed that the people missing were ferried to the Julian isles. This was not the case. But an old ex of Anna Miller’s, plotted to make his return. The discovery of a lost colony on the Islands was a shock to many. It was later found that the people on the island were from the lost settlement of Pe. 10 years after the Mathis War, and it was assumed that all the shuttles were disassembled and salvaged. One remained on the islands and it still had fuel. No one knew this until Heath discovered it. But he ran into Anna's Ex.. His return lead to The death of Ruth’s father Heath. However it determined that his son whom he fathered through Megan Spencer was still alive. And it was his hope to have Ruth teach him to grow up to be a greater man than he ever was, and perhaps, better than Jonas himself. Richard Hendrick broke up the little family reunion after Heath’s death and decided to follow John Forbath. To make matters worse Anna at age 29, who was Ruth’s Cousin fell in love with Doctor Lucas, who was a good friend of Ruth and her father Heath. This Love between them shook the core of the entire continent. When they were on a mission to study trading practices and ways to improve them. They were captured by Forbaths forces.

Their capture set in motion a chain of events that began the Forbath war. Forbath managed to recruit a sizable army. His army cut a swath of destruction starting with the colony of sigma, one of the largest settlements of continent. Despite costing the lives of a third of his forces, Forbath continued his reign of terror to the settlement of Tau. There he brought low the entire settlement. As he turned his attention north, he made his way to Iota, he was contemplating a massive siege but as he was preparing for a siege he was greeted with open arms. The Iotans had join him in his empire. He seemed invincible and even convinced himself he was a god. Some of his followers followed him the whole journey.

As he made his way to Pitt Novus. He found himself surprised at Pitt Novus’s ingenuity. However he tried to send nearly all of his forces to bear on Pitt Novus. Pitt Novus was stubborn and would not surrender. In holding firm they broke the army with the help from the Xanadu forces. An unexpected but welcome surprise. Forbath had no choice but to retreat this his base of operations on the crimson plain. Ruth Promoted Jackson Busch to Captain of The Guard in Pitt Novus. She needed someone with combat experience to protect the town from attack or natural disaster. Since he was a veteran of the Mathis war, and helped train a number of soldiers in the defense of Pitt Novus during the 2nd Battle of Pitt, to her he was the logical choice. After appointing Jackson, Ruth prepared to lead a force of 20 guards to find Forbath. But it was a trap and they were captured. Forbath had special plans for the Miller Clan. His goal was to make that line go extinct. But he had to get rid of a spy first. His subordinate killed Ruth’s friend Crosby, the. His other tried to do the same to Anna, but her lover Doctor Lucas interfered, killing her old ex Richard Hendrick. However it came at a price when General Adam Cross shot a crossbow bolt into Lucas chest causing him to fall into the lava lake to his death.

If it wasn’t for Mother Nature and the remorseful actions of Travis Krug, Forbath would have succeeded in killing Ruth Gareth and Anna. When the memorial was made in the honor of those who had fallen. Anna placed a bioluminescent flower on Doctor Lucas’s tombstone as her love for him did not end. When she named her child, she wanted to honor him and named her child Sashya Rae Lucas, after Doctor Lucas’s grandmother. But the birth of her child caused her despair and the despair for Ruth and her people to be quite evident. The only people that were immune to the sorrowful atmosphere was Elijah Miller who celebrated his 19th birthday and Astrid Bush who at 20 is now old enough to be elected to the Pitt Novan Council. Both of them are caught between the hammer and the Anvil as the Mad Tyrant Forbath seeks to conquer the world and burn the resistance to ashes. These two hopefuls face a mad man who claims to be a god, that leads an army of thousands.

It is said... That there are two terrible truths about war. One, it never matters who is right, only who is left, and two, The evolution of man and technology has always been fed by the drums of war. The whole world holds its breath as the war for the control of Erdos, now lay on the hands of those who stand in the way of the dark. Those who refuse to bow down to a mad tyrant. Those who resist the will of The Crimson Empire led by John Forbath and His right hand Enforcer, Adam Cross. Though the war ignited 3 years ago. It has only.... Just Begun...

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