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Chapter 3

Before I know it, it’s Wednesday and the mail is already delivered by the time I wake up. I woke up at 11am and the mail comes at 10 am. I run downstairs and skid across my slippery hardwood floor. I open the mailbox and grab the package. I go back inside and I tear it open. I see a note ′I’m sorry for your loss. Here is $100 dollars for a taxi and dinner.′

I grab the money and go upstairs, I put the money in the envelopes that hold my money. I stuff them in the bag.

I put the leash on Misfit and the bag on my back. I walk into my parents room. I look around and see all their belongings. I walk to the mirror on the dresser and look at the note on it left in lipstick that my father left 16 years ago. ‘I love you babe. Let’s get married.’ He was a really cheesy man.

I turn to see a note on a night stand. I slowly creep toward it. I grab it ’We love you Adelyn we just can't do it anymore. When you are reading this we are most likely dead. A 'car accident' but we overdosed on heroin, ran the car into a pole and your father lit it on fire. I'm sorry baby'

Rage floods my every cell, I hate them. I fucking despise them. I stuff the note into my pocket. "Come on Misfit we need to go."

I walk down the streets of Cleveland. Misfit is asleep on my shoulder. I'm getting tired so I walk down an alleyway and I grab some cardboard and sit on it and wrap my blanket around me. Misfit meows at me. "Aww your probably hungry." I dig around in my bag and find some food for he and I. I eat a granola bar and he eats some cat food that I set on the cardboard.

It's getting dark I should probably find a place that's not here. I dodge and weave through the crowds of people I'm almost near the park.
I reach the park in record time. I curl up on a bench under a street light a wrap the blanket around Misfit and I. I tie Misfits leash to the bench so he doesn't run away. He probably won't but better safe than sorry.

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