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Chapter 4

I fell asleep soon after, I didn't realize how tired I was. My stomach rumbles loudly. I need real breakfast. I walk until I find a Denny's which at 6am is relatively empty, Denney's is cheap, quick, and quiet. Perfect. I order 2 pancakes, bacon, eggs and hash browns.

I gobble it all down in minutes. It feels nice. I get the bill and its $40. I look it over and see I have $15 in coffee refills. Damn that takes me down to $510. I'm screwed.

I walk into a boutique and look around for a coat to keep me warm in the nights. This is the only shop I could find that had coats. Walmart and those types of things are to far away 5 miles at least. I pick up one that's fleece inside. $97 I'm gonna risk it so I don't freeze to death.
I'm down to 413 dollars. "Shit" I mumble. My stomach grumbles and I grab a granola bar. I go back to my bench and lay down. I'm tired. I make a mental check list:
1. Buy food
2. Buy two cans of Monster
3. Buy food for Misfit.
4. Walk 5 miles towards Chicago.
5. Clean up myself.
I fall asleep and I wake up to Misfit licking my nose. "Good morning baby" I whisper and grin. It seems to be 7 or 8 o'clock judging by the sun and the traffic. The cool morning air feels good against my super warm body. The sun is shining through the leaves and leaving abstract patterns on the ground.
I close my eyes and take a breath real slow. I have a long day today. I get up and make my way across the park and to the nearest store which just my luck is 5 miles away. I hoist Misfit up onto my shoulder. "Let's go buddy" I jog a little then walk a little bit.
I reach Walmart in a couple hours. I figured walk a little more and get a little more.
I walk straight into the bathroom and look in the mirror, "damn" I whisper when I see myself. My hair is a wreck and I'm filthy. I clean myself up in the tiny sink, washing my face with the disgusting hand soap. I exit still looking pretty rough, but better.
6. Buy deodorant
7. Buy hair brush
8. Buy compact mirror
I go and put a brush, deodorant, a mirror, cat food, Pop-Tarts and granola bars, and Monster in my basket. I get lots of apologetic looks as I walk to the register. She rings up my stuff and it's 73 dollars. I'm at 340 dollars.
"Fuuuuuck." I mumble as I leave. I need to start heading to Chicago.

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