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Chapter 5

Two miles down. I’m tired as shit and hungry. Misfit is in my bag. He meow signaling he is hungry “We’ll stop soon buddy.”

I search through my bag and grab a Pop-Tart and a granola bar. “crème de la crème” I laugh at my crappy sarcastic remark.

Three miles down. I see a man on a piece of cardboard with a sign that says ‘Homeless, hungry, thirsty and lonely’. He has a cup for money. I put a $50 in and give him 5 Pop-Tarts and granola bars. He smiles widely at me. “Thank you so much ma’am. You seem very young to be on the streets already. So why are you here?” He asks motioning for me to sit. I sit down next to him. “Well my parents died recently and I just need to get away. I’m heading to Chicago to start 100 percent fresh. Granted I’ll still be on the streets just not here.”

He doesn’t talk for a few moments. “Well little lady I happen to be heading that direction myself. I’m Nico by the way. I’m 17.” He puts out his hand. I grab and shake his hand. “And I’m young for the streets?!” I laugh. “How old are you?” He asks. “I’m 15 going on sixteen in a week or so. Also my name is Adelyn.” I smile at him. “Well Adelyn, I suppose that we be traveling companions, and I suggest a Taxi.”

He walks the curb and hails a taxi. “Your chariot awaits milady." He bows and kisses my hand. I blushes violently and grin. I walk to the taxi and move over so Nico can sit. Maybe this won't be so bad.

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