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Chapter 6

Nico smiles at me sweetly. “So Nico I was wondering why you’re on the streets.” I ask and I throw my legs over his. “Well when I 13 I got into drugs and such. I was basically a delinquent. By the time I was 16 I was addicted, My mom found out and she said ‘quit or get out’. Long story short i got out.” He looks down solemnly. “That’s shitty” I say. Misfit crawls out of my bag “Hey there little guy” Nico says. “His name is Misfit.” I tell him. “Well he is fucking adorable”

I move and rest my head on his shoulder. “So love birds where in Chicago are you heading?” The cabby asks. “Oh, we aren’t a couple.” We both say at the same time. Nico turns red, which makes me laugh. “Sorry. But I have to say, you guys would be fucking adorable. Excuse my language.” He laughs. “It’s fucking fine and thanks.” Nico jokes. I giggle and punch him in the arm.

“Here is far enough sir.” Nico says, jolting me awake. “That will be 75 dollars kids” he reaches his hand out. “Here you go man.” I toss him the money. “215 Nico” I shout as I run through the crowd as he follows me. We reach the worlds worst motel ever.

I pay for two nights which is $50. Before I can hand the women the money Nico gives her the money. I rush upstairs to our room. “This is fabulous” I shout. Nico crashes down next to me. I dump out our bags on the bed, my razor blade falls on top. I shove it in my pocket as Nico comes in. "What was that” he asks and grabs my wrists, pinning me to the wall. “Nothing” I whisper. “Tell me Adelyn” he shouts. “My razor blade okay!” I shout. A tear falls down his cheek. “I knew I should have hid them." I mumble. "Why do you have it?" He picks me up and sets me on the bed.

"I don't know" I nuzzle into his neck. He runs his fingers through my hair. "It will be okay. I promise." He whispers. "I know I haven't known you for long but I feel like I've known you forever. I'm sorry for fucking up." He makes me look at him. "I have a question." He says. "What?" I sniffle "you trust me right?" He asks. "Yeah." I say.

He kisses me.

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