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Chapter 7

My eyes widen from shock. I kiss back, it's my first kiss, I of course can't tell him this he will I'm a loser.
He pulls away and I grin. "You're beautiful." He whispers. "No I'm an ogre." I giggle. "A gorgeous ogre maybe." He laughs loudly. He leans back and within minutes he's asleep.
I turn on the shower and let the steam fill the bathroom. It feels so wonderful. It's only been a couple days but I missed this so much. I climb in and sit under the water, I just let it pour over me and enjoy every second of it. I lean on the opposite end of the tub and nod off.
I awake to a thumping on the bathroom door "Open up I gotta shower too" comes from the other side of the door. I get up and turn the water off, wrap a towel around myself and open the door.
As soon as I open the door Nico whistles at me "oh shut up!" I laugh. "Fine fine sorry didn't know you were overly sensitive about me complimenting somebody i adore very much so." I blush at his sweet words. He kisses my forehead and I turn an ever brighter shade of red, if that was ever possible.
I walk into the main part and close the blinds so i dont have any peeking Toms. I lay on the bed for a few minutes and I try to find the motivation to get dressed. I zone out for what I'm assuming is maybe 10 minutes.
I am taken out of dreamland by Nico clearing his throat. "Oh. Uh sorry" I quickly wrap myself in my towel again. He seems to grab his one change of clothes in a hurry and disappears behind the bathroom door again. Maybe he is embarrassed for a few reasons i could name.
I get dressed at the speed of light just in case he comes back in the room. I search for the TV remote, its been awhile since i have watch Saturday Night Live, if it is even Saturday.
Nico comes back out as I am flipping through channels. "Sure took you a while." I tease. "I had some business to attend to." He turns red as he says that. "Oh. Ohh. I know what you mean now and I am sorry"
He awkwardly sits by me and stares off into space. I dismiss this because even though I have known him for a few days I already know that this is just Nico and nothing to worry about.
I jump at the knock on the door. "Who's that?" I whisper to Nico. "I ordered pizza i hope that's okay." I nod. He pays the delivery man and sets the pizza down on the small dresser. "Pizza and Cuddles?" He suggests. "It would be my honor."
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