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Chapter 8

I grin widely when I see Nico is asleep, he is such a good soul, and not to mention his dashing good looks. He has the sloppy, tired grin all the time, leghty hair, and piercing blue eyes. It's like looking into pools of lapis lazuli.

I have no words for how much I adore the boy I have just met. Though we have been together such a short time i feel as though I have know him my whole life. As though we were childhood friends. He is my rock right now. It is strange how I have once again just met him but somehow I trust him so much. Enough in fact to sleep in the same bed.

I kiss his cheek, and turn off the light and drift off into dream land.

I wake up at 12:54 pm and am greeted with Nico's brilliant face. I love every centimeter of it. Every single piece of it. Never have I fallen so hard so fast for some random stranger. "Morning sleepyhead" He says, disrupting my train of thought. He greets me with a passionate kiss. I grin like a fucking idiot when he pulls away.

He picks me up and carries me to the bathroom where I find he has placed candles and drew a bubble bath for me. "What's this for?" I ask surprised at amazing gesture. Never in a million years would I have thought someone would do something as sweet and innocent as Nico did. "I don't really know honesty, I just wanted to do something nice for you. You seem sad, so I figured why not do something really nice" He blushes and puts his sweatshirt covered hand over his mouth from embarrassment. "Thank you so much Nico!" I wrap my arms around him tightly, he makes an over exaggerated "oof" sound.

I sink into the tub of bubbles and let out a sigh of relief. For a moment there I almost forgot I wasn't homeless and in a run down motel. I giggle and make a bubble beard because why not have a little fun while you're young. There are somethings you are never to young for and one of them is bubble beards. Something I haven't done in years brought me back to a good place, a place where I used to think the world was all sunshine and rainbows. I place where I was oblivious to my parents fighting.

"Well I think that is enough of a trip down memory lane." I step out of the tub and get dressed. As soon as I am outside of my bathroom door Misfit scratches my foot, "Fuck I'm sorry I forgot about you baby. Let's get you some food." I put Misit on the floor next to his cat food I put down for him.

"Hey, how about dinner tonight?" Nico says from an unknown location. "Sure if you come out!" I yell. He steps out of the bathroom, "How do I look?" he says. I gasp at him "H-how did you?" I gape at him. "Well I stole the suit from the funeral home a block away and I have always had the lip piercings. Oh yeah and doesn't this suit fit amazing" He winks at me. "Now get ready!" He tosses me a bag of make up and a dress. "Oh yeah the hair straightener is still plugged in. And yes this is all from the funeral home."

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