Murder Behind The Lines

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Aidan Jefferson

The Detective thrust open the door to his small flat, watching as a pile of paper fell from the table beside him onto the exposed wooden floor. He forced down a swig of whiskey before striding to the table by the window and taking a seat on his bare wooden chair.He stared blankly at the folder lain upon his desk with Aidan Jefferson written in big letters across the front. He opened the cover to find a letter that lay inside it. The letter simply read:

Detective Hunt, I enclose within the details covering Colonel Jefferson’s stay in Singapore, his personal information, along with that of his family, his medical notes and some of his personal possessions.

The Detective almost immediately discarded the letter and started reading the green medical notes on the next page. He scanned most of the notes before he came across the Colonel’s ’bad sleeping disorder after being lost at sea for 8 months.′ It stated that on the return of his voyage he ’came home with terrible nightmares that would leaving him screaming every night.′ Noted down was also the fact that ′each night he would shut all the doors that were in close proximity to him.′ He had been on prescribed sleeping pills 5 years ago and had on him 2 packets at all times. The Detective took out a notepad and scribbled down some notes before carrying on. On Colonel Jefferson’s own and family’s notes there was nothing that stood out apart from the fact he had been married for 10 years and had 7 children.

“Well...” The Detective muttered quietly to himself. He flicked through Jefferson’s personal possessions stopping only to look at his sleeping pills. Small capsules in a packet of 18 that were meant to be drunk with water daily, quickly the Detective noted something on his paper before putting them into his pocket. Finally the Detective came to the Colonel’s stay in Singapore, he picked up the typed notes:

5th May 1968 the Colonel and his family arrived at the house,which had plenty of rooms for him and his family.

9th May at 8am Colonel Jefferson arrived in my office and complained of something being wrong with the house but would not say what was wrong with it.

18Th May, every day the Colonel has been coming to my office at 8am and complaining about the house.

19Th May I am informed that only the Colonel remains in the residence, his wife and children are now staying in a hotel and refuse to move back into the house. I am now also informed of the Colonel’s bad sleeping disorder by his wife.

22Nd May, still the Colonel has been coming at 8am every morning to complain so I have called in Major Robert Jones and Father Christopher Miles to go to the house with him tonight and find out once and for all what is going on. I told them what his wife had told me of his sleeping disorder.

23Rd May at 8am they returned again with the normal Colonel’s complaint but according to Major Jones and Father Miles nothing is wrong with the house. They did say that the Colonel had locked all the doors in the house when they went to sleep and he took his sleeping pills on time that day.

24Th May, 8am and no sign of the Colonel. I have called Father Miles to come to the house with me to see him.

Signed: John Howie

The Detective finished reading and lay back in his chair taking a slow drink of his whiskey, churning over every new piece of information in his mind. As late evening rolled in gentle tears started to fall down his face and he fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

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