Murder Behind The Lines

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The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

The Detective sat in his car, the engine still cooling from the drive. He felt inside his coat pockets out of habitwhen a crumbled piece of paper caught between his fingers. He lifted it out of his pocket and opened it out,

22nd April 1958


The time has come to tell you the truth. When I was young mum used to tell me to love every breath and to never deny who I am, and I have never denied it to myself but it has been clouded from you.


I have strong sexual desires towards men and not for women. This is why I am currently at the home of Robert, and don’t worry he is my lover and I am his. I am sure you have met him at our cheese and wine nights and I don’t wish to introduce him over a letter. I am sorry I have not told you in person but the time has never been right. I hope one day that you will meet him properly as my lover and that you will come to see what an honourable gentleman he his.

As for safety concerns, this letter will arrive safely I guarantee you. I hope to be back with you soon.

Your faithful son,

Edward Jackson.

The Detective put the letter on the Chaika’s dashboardbefore noticing a photograph in the bottom of his pocket. The photograph was the same one he was looking at when he visited Kit. He turned it over and saw a date on the back followed bya short message: 14th June 1958, I never stopped loving him Detective.

He turned the photograph back over and looked more closely at Kit and Edward, Kit had his arm wrapped around Edward, who had tears in his eyes and a smile of relief stretching across his face. Then the Detective noticed something, a figure standing behind Edward. The figure’s face could not be clearly identified but he was standing with a straight and strict posture and his feet were resting firmly on the floor in heavy-duty boots.

The Detective put the photograph and letter back in his pocket before reaching for the phone.

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