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Olivia moved with her family to start fresh in a new country. when she starts school a week later she starts receiving notes. Love and threat notes can she find out who is sending them before is too late?

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New Beginning

Flashback to a week ago...

“Where is he? Where is my father!?” I screamed as I frantically looked around the hospital searching for him. I got a phone call telling me that he was admitted to St Mary’s hospital.

“Please Ms. Davis, you have got to calm down you are in a hospital, not your house.” The doctor tried to calm me down, key word tried, but he failed miserably.

“Just please... tell me I need to know.” deep down I already knew that the news wasn’t going to be good.

“I am so sorry Ms. Davis, but your father passed away a few hours ago.” at this point I was already full-on sobbing. I had Ollie on my hip as I held Betty’s hand. They were too young to understand. Ollie was already half asleep and Betty seems that she may pass out of exhaustion any time soon.

“We already called your mother she is on her way to the hospital, but she said she may take some time as there is quite a lot of traffic.” by then I wasn’t really listening. I was numb, I was exhausted and at the same time I was hurting. My dad, my best friend is dead!

“What happened? How did my dad die? Who killed him?” I so brokenly asked. I needed to know what happened.

“He was hit by a drunk driver, and again we are so sorry for your loss Ms. Davis. We will now leave you to it. Your mum is already on her way.”

The car stopping abruptly, pulls me out of my daydream. At this point I haven’t realized I had tears running down my face.

“We are here honey. Wake up the kids or we will miss the flight.” my mum brokenly spoke, she has lost her spark, she barely laughs and jokes. I know how hard she took daddy’s death; they have been married for 20 years.

I hate myself; I know my paternal grandparents hate me too and my mum even though she hasn’t said it, but I can see it in her eyes. I’m a spitting image of my father too my wavy blonde hair and blue hazel eyes. I even have the same birthmark he had on my collarbone, the same one that made me unique like he would say, I would flaunt it with pride, now I can’t even look at it.

I’m on the shorter side at 5’5, with wavy back length hair, blue hazel eyes that captures people’s attention everywhere I go, which I inherited from my deceased father. I have full luscious lips, with a beautiful button nose and high cheeks bones. Everyone I ever meet says that I have the body of a goddess, I guess I have my mother to thank for, I got curves in all the right places, with a natural tan and full round c cup breasts and a nice round plump ass with a nice, toned stomach.

11 hours later...

I didn’t even realize, when we arrived, I’m still stuck in the past wondering what if daddy never died, what if he never got into that car in the first place. I used to love to perform dancing and singing away, then after I would go to the kitchen and bake different sugary treats. But I don’t feel like doing much dancing, singing and baking anymore.

Mother doesn’t want me to quit, she thinks daddy won’t be happy if I did.

“Liv?” my little sister Betty’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

“We are here.” my sister whispered. Yes, sweetie I know that I just wish we were here during better circumstances.

We pulled up in front of a gorgeous house. The stone pathway leading to a traditional white and grey two-story house. On the porch there is an outside two-seater swing brown garden chair, where I’ll be seating when the weather is good reading my books or watching YouTube videos so that I can get ideas to choreograph new dances. In the garden there are row of bushes and there is also a brown fence.

The inside is even better. As soon as you walk in, there is a long hallway. As you turn right there is the living room/dining room, with grey and white walls with picture hung on them when me and my family went on holidays last year. On the white and polka dots carpet there is a black living Bromley glass dining table with six black chairs.

On the corner near the door there is a white dishware cabinet with draws where my mother puts the plates, cups and cutlery. On top of it there are two flower vases with daffodils. When you go deeper in there is a grey fabric corner 6-seater sofa and in the middle is a swirl round coffee table. There is also a fireplace and hung on a shelf is a black 50” Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV.

When you leave the living room/dining room. If you keep walking straight it will lead you to a grey aluminum French door, where the kitchen will be located. When you get in, you will see that in the corner there is a homescapes green mini palm tree artificial plant with a pot.

Next to it is a manor house grey farrow & ball bespoke painted larder cupboard. There is a counter, where the microwave is located. There is also the oven and cooker. Near the sink is a coffee, sugar and tea crushed diamond canisters jars, and on the left side is the washing up liquid.

For the windows there is a grey blind. On top of the windowsill there is a flower vase. Inside on of the cabinets there is a white washing machine. There is also a bin next to the door that leads to the back garden. Inside the other cabinets are the bread and all the other kitchen essentials. There is also a grey fridge near the French doors.

There is a grey aluminum French door that leads to the back garden. In our back garden there is a giant apple tree facing my bedroom window. On the corner is a garden shed, next to it on the left is a swing set and slide for my younger siblings to play with. Near the French doors is a table for 6, where we can eat outdoors when the weather is good. There is also a barbeque set and our bikes.

When you go back into the house you keep going straight then you turn right and there are a set of stairs that will lead you to our bedrooms and bathroom. The second door to the right is my bedroom. When you open the door the first thing you see is my queen-sized bed. On the right and left side of my bed are one single rose gold desk with a lamp and a small rose pot. Hanging on my wall above my bed is a rose gold skeleton clock.

On both my windows hangs a Montana blush lined eyelet curtain. Under my bed is a faux fur sheep skin in pink carpet. On my bed there is a dusk Paris white duvet cover. On top of my bed there are seven Dunelm floral cotton blush pink lace edge pillows. On the left side of the door is my diamond two door two drawer wardrobe in rose gold.

My walls are white with Ariana Grande posters, a book shelve and LED lights. On the left side of my bedroom is my 7-year-old sister’s bedroom. Her walls are pink and white with Barbie dolls posters. In the middle of the room is her single bed with white Barbie duvet covers and black and white pillows.

On the left side of her bed there is a single white desk with a lamp on it. There is also a pink and black stars carpet underneath her bed. In front of her bed in the far corner is her wardrobe and toy basket. In front of my sister’s bedroom is our younger brother’s Ollie bedroom. When you open the door to his room it is like stepping into space.

On the corner in the wall is a spaceship rocket bookshelf. There is also a rocket launch height chart near the bed. His curtains are blue with space rocket ships and on the windowsill is a little white telescope. His bed is a single with blue cover duvet and pillows. In the middle of his bed is a space rocket blue and red plush cushion.

Next to his bed is a single desk with a teddy bear and books. Next to the door is his blue and white wardrobe, his walls are white. On the right side of Ollie’s bedroom is our mother’s room. Her bedroom is simpler, there is a queen size bed with grey and white duvet covers and pillows in the middle of the room. A bookshelf on the left side of her bed and on the right is her white mirrored wardrobe. Her curtains are grey with black spots, there is also a small tv stand in front of her bed.

Our bathroom is facing toward the stairs. As soon as you open the doors you come face to face with the white sink and a small mirror glued to the wall. On the right side of the sink is our small white toilet. On the left side of the sink is our white bathtub. On the feet of our bathtub are our shampoo, conditioners and body wash. On the windowsill are our toothbrush and toothpaste holder. Our bathroom walls are white and grey.

I loved our house is so homey the only thing missing is our father. We had our dinner and went to bed tomorrow is a long day for all of us.

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