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A Girl's Disillusion

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Ever since he transferred to the infamous boarding school, Starlight Academy, 17-year-old T J Young has been seen as the black sheep following the disappearances of several female students, including Daisy Hills. Seeing how the school abandoned him to suffer. Not a soul believes him until a mysterious girl comes to assist him but she wants something in exchange for helping him. What does she want from T.J? Will he finally be able to clear his name?

Thriller / Horror
D.W Brown
Age Rating:

Prologue: The Black Sheep's Soliloquy

I mindlessly stare out the fogged-up classroom window, pondering what this summer break will be in store for me. It will likely be the same as last year. I wake up every morning at 9:00am to work at the on-campus cafe until 6:00pm, thanks to my caring mom’s many relationships inside of this cavalier boarding school. In the end, both are glorified prisons, just give or take a few things. But I can not entirely blame her for sending me to this uptight school aside from my mysterious scholarship. She believes this would help with an issue I had at middle school. The simple idea of having friends is important in her delusional daydream, or their words, social standing.

Even though I have zero social skills and the “Friends” I had were just as shallow as their money-hungry parents. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m still a minor, I would have moved away. To those rotten to the core, I’m an outside parasite, thriving off their resources.

That's a fact way before I was accused of playing a part in the recent kidnappings including the most popular girl and the most basic, Daisy Hills.

These almost regularly timed accusations come as a result of me having any bit of contact with them, even having a throw-away conversation involving school assignments. Everyone at this school believes I was involved in all of the disappearances because I have the most reason to believe I had an alibi for all of them, especially Daisy’s .....I was in my low-quality dorm room, studying for class. But there was a party just a few days before the finals.

Obviously, I wasn’t kicked out by the school board, which is a surprise to me. I guess they believe me unlike half the phone brainwashed masses here in this school. Even so, that brings me to today after a long hellish year.

Class, I would like to remind you all who are still on campus to be careful as there has been an addition to the recent ring of kidnappings. Sadly, one of our own has been affected by this. In an effort to combat this, those who live off-campus will immediately be moved to a vacant dorm room or share a room with a fellow student. I’m certain that your parents have been informed of this. Also, this will also mean an early curfew. Of course, this simply means you’ll have to be in the school’s gate beforehand as the penalty is a week’s worth of summer classes regardless of the final posted grades,” the teacher says, looking at his notes.

While everyone clamored on, I rolled my eyes and stared out the window as this will mean a quiet summer compared to the years prior. They soon begin to point their fingers visually as they didn’t want to share air with a kidnapper. The sad thing is…..skeletons are in their high-quality closets as well as mine. Especially when they are a social butterfly or everyone’s I-candy but they blame the only one who sees what Daisy hides under that friendly facade.

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