Kidnapped by the Mafia

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10 - Andrew Andres - she’s mine!

Amile walked into the office after training she’d never been this pumped up in her life. Dan and Dion looked at her smiling. ‘Did you enjoy your work out fleur?’

‘It was perfect Dan. Thanks for bringing me here tonight.’

‘My pleasure angel.’

Oh he Dion. I didn’t expect to see you here tonight.’

‘I didn’t expect to see you so soon either hun.’

‘It wasn’t planned babe, just my dad you know being an asshole again.’

‘When isn’t he?’

‘True, I hate the prick he thinks he can just take over my life and ruin it. I wish someone would ruin him.’

‘Be Careful what you wish for, angel.’

‘I know I know he’s my father, don’t make nothing better though does it?’

‘I guess not, so are we ready to go?’

‘We are.’

‘Are you sure about this Dan. I mean I don’t want to be a burden in either of you.’

‘Your not a burden fleur.’ He looked at Dion. ‘She’s not a burden is she Dion?’

‘No she’s not.’ He looked at Amile. ‘You’ll never be a burden, you are our family Amy and you always will be.’

She found her arms around then hugging them, they returned the hug. ‘I’ll always love you guys. You know that right?’

They booth locked to one another. ‘Of course we do fleur. We love you too.’

She smiled, breaking the hug.’ Let’s go then.’ She said, happily.

‘You can hop in the car with me Dion won’t be far behind on his bike.’

‘How long will I be staying?’

‘As long as you like angel.’

They all walked out of the club locking up getting into the car and onto the bike driving away.

The motorcycle pulled up outside of the school amile swung herself off. Handing him the helmet. ‘I’ll pick you up after school.’

‘Okay, thanks Dion.’

‘Any time gorgeous.’ He said, winking before pulling away.

Mouths almost hit the floor as she walked over to her friends. ‘Who was that Amy?’

‘Is he your new boyfriend?’

She laughed. ‘No a friend.’

‘You’ll have to introduce us?’

‘Hey girls.’

They all turned and smiled. ‘Beau.’

‘So who dropped you off?’

‘A friend.’

‘Someone’s jealous.’


‘Take a look over my shoulder.’

Smiled peeked over Beau’s shoulder and grinned. ‘You know what? Fuck him!’

‘Come on let’s get going.’

They all walked away heading into school for lessons.

The day was slow they all had lessons together and ate lunch together with evil galres directed at them from Andrew anders.

‘Hey what’s up man?’

‘I can’t believe she’s all pally, pally with the new guy.’

‘I can. He’s not alone that bad Andy if you just give him a chance.’

‘That’s never going to happen Ry. And to top it off this morning she got off another guys bike.’

‘How could you sure it’s as a guy it could’ve been a girl.’

‘Call it intuition.’

’Came on we’ll be late for class.

I strode angrily out of school. I can’t believe she’s still snubbing me after everything we went through together last year. It doesn’t even seem that far away. I can’t believe she called it a day, I mean what did I ever do to her to deserve it? All I ever did was love her.

There it was agoan the bike my blood was boiling. I strode angrily over to it. I was going to have it out with this prick and tell him to stay the hell away from my girl. They pulled their helmet off looking directly at me with a smirk plastered upon their face. And I was right it was a guy he had to be in his late twenties, what the hell did he want with my girl?! ’Problem? He asked, smirking god I wanted to punch him so fucking hard right now.

‘I want you to stay the hell away from Amile Cromell.’

‘And who the hell are you to tell me what to do?’

‘I’m Andrew Andres so stay away from my girl.’

He laughed. What the fuck was so funny?

‘I think it’s up to her if she wants to stay away from me or not, don’t you?’

‘Do you know who I am?’

‘The question is do you know who I am?’

‘Just stay the hell away from her, she’s mine!’ I said, storming off angrily hearing him say.

‘We shall see.’

Bring it on bitch cause,you’ll never win against me. Ever! Now to go and see her parents we have some unfinished business. And if her father knows what’s good for him he’l large,to my demands.

Once I get to Amy’s house I knock on the door I can hear raised voices which sound to be in a heated argument but I can’t work out for the life of me what they are saying. So I knocked again, but this time a little louder, and waited. The door slowly opened. Ehr mother looked at me with utter disgust. I knew she hated me from the day we first met. ’Andrew what a pleasant surprise she said with a fake smile .’do come in.’

‘Thanks Mrs. Cromwell.’ I smiled as fake as she did. I stepped into the house and she closed the door. ‘Amy isn’t here right now Andrew. She’s at a friend’s house.’

‘Oh that’s a shame, but I came to talk to you and mar. Cromwell.’

‘Sure.’ She paused and shouted. ‘Honey we have a guest.’

He grumbled, stumbling in was he drunk at this hour? No wonder they were fighting. He took one look at me and his face paled. That’s right old man your not getting away from me that easily. ‘Andrew it’s nice to see you signs, but Amy isn’t here.’

‘I know. I came to speak with the both of you.’

‘Sure what about.’

‘You both know how I feel about your daughter.’

‘We do.’

‘Well I’d like to ask for her hand in marriage.’

‘You what?’

‘Not right now but when school finishes.’

‘Is this some kind of sick joke, first you try and palm our daughter off on that pervert, now this what next Harry, she’s your only daughter for fuck sake not a fuckign comkon whore.’

‘Whowh. I don’t know what you’re talking about but I can assure you that I never have and never will see your daughter as a common who’re. I love her and want to make her happy.’

‘You’re too young for marriage.’

’I really don’t care. I love Amy and I always will.; I then looked at Mr. Cromwell who is about to shit his duds. ‘You owe me old man and I can’t see a better way of paying your debt but to give your daughter to me. You’ll know I’ll take care of her. I’ll love her and cherish her. I know you’ll never be able to give me back what I owe you so I’d lie,your daughter’s hand in marriage.’

‘I can’t believe this Harry.chow many more people do you owe money too?’

‘I.. I..’

‘I’ll leave you to think about it. You have till prom then I’ll make my move with or without your permission I’ll bid you both a good day.’ I said leaving the house giving it time to settle in whilst I find out who he was going to give his daughter too and who these other two guys are that just show up out of nowhere.’

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