Kidnapped by the Mafia

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11 - Lucian Spiritol - you’re not going to like this

‘I sent you the information you needed over to you. It’s very interesting Lucian. I think we may have a problem.’

‘Thanks Christophe I’ll take a look now. Is there anything on the fighter from tee I;s den.’

‘Not as yet sir we’re still looking into it.’

‘Good keep on it, talk to you soon Christophe.’

‘You to boss.’

I needed the call and opened the file,Christophe sent to me. If anyone could find anything, it was this guy we’d hired him ten years ago and he never fails to impress me. I before to read the information I asked him to get for me all we needed now was the info on that fighter;

“Name : Andrew Anders


Occupation: Attends All Saints High: Year 11

Family Background: Mother, Father, four siblings

Mothers name: Courtney Anders

Occupation: gynecologist

Father’s name : Seff Anders

Occupation: Lawyer

Siblings: John aged 23, faith aged 20 , harmony aged 20 and fisher aged 19

Other information: heir to Anders corp and the largest English mob, planning to take over Crowell’s mob with his daughter Amile Cromwell by his side.

Harry Cromell has made a deal with Andrew Anders that once they both leave School as they are to be wed to clear all foreseen debt.”

Shit I have to call Dom this isn’t good not good at all. I dialled his number.

‘Lucian quoi. Une surprise, comment vont les choses au Royaume-Uni?’

(Lucian what. A surprise, how are things in the U.K.?)

‘Bien bien.’ (Good, good.)

‘Vous n’avez pas l’air trop convaincant frère, dites-moi ce qui vous a tous mangés?’

(You don’t sound too convincing brother tell me what’s got you all eaten up?)

‘Nous avons un gros problème Dom un très gros problème.’ (We’ve got a big problem Dom a real big problem.)

‘Qu’est-ce que c’est Lucian s’il te plaît ne me dis pas que tu as déjà un problème avec la fille?’ (What is it Lucian please don’t tell me that you have a problem with the girl already?’)

‘Non, c’est son ex.’ (No it’s her ex.)

‘Qu’est-ce qu’il a à voir avec la dette que mon père me doit?’ (What has he got to do with the debt her father owes me?)

‘C’est juste le problème, il lui est aussi redevable.’ (That’s just the problem, he’s in debt to him too.)

‘Quoi?! Comment est-ce possible? Nous avons vérifié tout cela avant de monter dans le jet.’ (What?! How’s this even possible? We checked all of this before you got on the jet.)

‘Eh bien, quelqu’un n’a manifestement pas regardé assez attentivement ou ils auraient su pour ce type.’ (Well someone obviously didn’t look hard enough or they would’ve known about this guy.)

‘Qui est-il Lucian?’ (Who is he Lucian?)

‘Un gars nommé Andrew Anders.’ (A guy named Andrew Anders.)

‘Anders, Andres. Pourquoi ce nom vous dit-il quelque chose?’ (Anders, Andres. Why does that name ring a bell?)

‘Son père est le plus grand chef de la mafia ici, Dom plus grand que Cromwell. Ils ont repris la majorité du Royaume-Uni mais le patch de Cromwell. Nous ne sommes pas les seuls après sa mafia Dom.’ (His father is the biggest mob boss over here Dom bigger than Cromwell. They have taken over the majority of the U.K. but Cromwell’s patch. We’re not the only one after his mob Dom.)

‘Merde. Je n’ai pas besoin d’entendre ça..’ (Fuck. I don’t need to hear this.)

Il y a autre chose Dom, quelque chose qui pourrait ruiner nos plans. (There’s something else Dom, something that could ruin our plans.)

‘Qu’est-ce qui pourrait être pire que ça?’ (What could be possibly worse than that?)

‘Il envisage de l’épouser une fois l’école terminée. Il a un accord avec son père qui lui permet de le faire.’ (He’s planning on marrying her once school is over. He has a deal with her father that allows him to do so.)

‘Sûrement pas. Il ne fout pas ça. Nous devrons simplement aller plus vite. Les garçons et moi serons plus avant le bal. Il ne la verra pas venir tant que Beau continuera à faire ce qu’il fait et lui fera gagner sa confiance afin qu’il puisse l’emmener au bal et nous ferons notre apparition. Il n’aura pas le temps de mettre son plan en action.’ (Hell no. He’s not fucking this up. We’ll just have to move quicker. Me and the boys will be over before prom. He won’t see it coming as long as Beau keeps doing what he’s doing and gets her to gain his trust so he can take her to the prom and we’ll make our appearance. He’ll have no time to take his plan into action.)

‘Entendu.’ (Understood.)

‘Je te parlerai bientôt mon frère..’ (I’ll talk to you soon brother.)

‘Vous serez.’ (You will.)

I ended the call what the hell is ,this boy playing at? Beau mentioned that they had a fist fight but he didn’t eat why ‘Beau’


‘Come here for a moment.’


He walked into the office.

‘Sit down son.’

He sat opposite me. ‘I need to know why you and this Andrew Anders ended up in a fight.’

‘I told you he didn’t like my face or the fact I was talking to Amile.’

‘Do you know that he was her boyfriend?’

‘He’s her ex and yeah she told me.’

‘Do you know anything about their relationship?’

‘Not much, just what she told me.’

‘What exactly did she tell you?’

‘That they were an item before the summer, he was possessive and didn’t like her spending time with her friends so she called it a day. The look on his face looks like he wasn’t too happy about it and isn’t about to give up on getting her back. He’s warned me a few times to stay away. Just today I saw him go up to that Dion guy and told him to stay away from her.’

‘Where did you see Dan’s brother?’

‘He was outside the highschool waiting for Amile to come out.’


‘I don’t know, maybe they know each other. He dropped her off too.’

‘Okay thanks for letting me know. It’s getting late and you have school tomorrow.’


‘I know Beau. I know you’ve done all of this before, but you are the youngest in the team and the least scary, you’re more believable as a teenager and more approachable than any of us so please just try and stick to it til the end of school okay.’

‘Okay.’ He said, pulling himself up. ‘I’ll see you in the morning.’

‘You will.’

He walked out, closing the door behind him. I poured a glass of whisky and couldn’t help but wonder how a daughter of a mob boss knew French mafia. I needed to find out everything about Amile Cromwell and how she had gotten to know the most feared Mafia brothers out here. I drank my whisky putting the empty glass down heading for bed.

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