Kidnapped by the Mafia

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12 - Where there is always truth there is always lies

Dan pulled up in front of my parents house. ‘Are you sure about this angel?’

‘Yeah I best get this over with.’

‘You could’ve stayed longer you know angel.’

‘’I know.’ I sighed. ‘But, mom will have a heart attack if I don’t show my face I’ve been away for a week she’s probably freaking out.’

‘And your father?’

I looked at him disapprovingly. ‘He’s probably fed mom some shit that I’m having a teenage moment and I’ll come home when I’m over it. That’s the usual shit he uses.’

‘Okay, but you know where I am if you need me.’

‘I know thanks.’ I said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. ‘Thanks for the last week Dan I appreciate it.’

‘No problem angel. Anytime you want to get away just come to the club, or the house you’re always welcome.’

‘I will be thanks.’ I said getting out of the car ‘Later Dan.’

‘Yeah later angel.’

I closed the car door we waved as he pulled away. I breathed heavily. I guess this is it time for a bollocking.

I walked into the house after being away for two days and I must say those two days felt so good, pity all good things had to come to an end. Now I’ve closed the door with my mother throwing daggers at me.

‘Where the hell have you been, young lady?’

‘Nice to see you to mother.’


‘At a friends’.’

‘Which friends?’

Shall I tell the truth or lie?


‘Oh that’s right the guy that works in that run down fight club you go to.’

‘Yes Mom that one.’

‘Lucky it’s me you’re speaking to and not your father, he’d have a heart attack.’

‘Like he cares where I am.’

‘He does care for you. No matter what you think of him, he still cares.’

‘Yeah right. He didn’t think or care about me we he was trying to get rid of me and send me with that pervert. Neither did you come to think of it.’

‘I don’t know what bullshit your father had told you, but I’ll tell you one thing now young lady I would never in this world agree for you to go with that sick deprived prick and your father knew that, so he went behind my back and did it anyway.’

The bullshitting bastard.

‘Look honey I know you don’t know what’s going on.’

‘And I’m guessing you’re not going to tell me either.’

‘Please come and sit down. This talk is long overdue.’

‘Sure whatever.’ I shrugged walking over to the sofa, dropping down next to my mother, looking at her suspiciously. ‘Well I’m here what’s going on with daddy dearest? Or are you going to lie through your teeth again?’

‘Look Amy there’s no easy way to say this, but your father has a gambling problem.’

‘No shit Sherlock.’

‘Amy.’ She said angrily, whoops I swore again.

‘Sorry.’ I mumbled. I really must remember that I need to keep my swearing to a minimum around my parents. I wasn’t at school nor was I at the club.

‘That’s fine sweetie.’ She sighed letting out an exasperated sigh. ‘Anyway. Like I said, your father has a gambling problem and he’s got a lot of debt and I mean a lot.’

‘How much?’

‘Too be honest Amy I’m not even sure, but it’s in its thousands maybe more.’

‘So who are these people he owes money too?’

‘Bad people.’

‘I sort of worked that out all on my own last time you and dad argued. So who are these bad people?’ I asked, curiously.

‘All you need to know that they are really bad people, and they’ll stop at nothing to get what is owed to them.’

‘What has all this to do with me? Why would they want a school girl?’

‘When I said they’d stop at nothing to get it, I meant any ways or means. That includes taking you as leverage.’

‘You mean kidnap or some sh..., Crap like that?’

‘I guess. I’m not sure, but I know I am not about to lose my only child for it.’

‘Is that why he involved that creep?’

‘He thought it was for the best.’

‘Why don’t you just leave him mom? We can go somewhere and start again.’

‘I would Bu..’

‘But what mom? You’ll be leaving him to deal with his debt all by himself. It’s his problem not ours.’

‘I know honey, but like they say the past always finds a way of catching up to you.’

‘Please mom just think about it.’

‘You need to do your last year at school Amy.’

‘I can do it at another school, we can’t live like this mom he doesn’t respect or care about either of us. He’d rather gamble our money away and see us starve than be a real father. Mom, he hasn’t been a real father for as long as I can remember.’

It was true that he hasn’t acted like a real father since I was five. He used to play with me and took me to the park, pushed me on the swings on the roundabout and down the slide he was an awesome dad until he landed his new job as a barrister he’s always coming home around seven or eight in the evening he never hardly speaks to either of us anymore. It hurts. I’ve seen it in my mother’s eyes, the hurt and pain that he ignores her on a daily basis. He hardly kisses her anymore like the love has finally gone out of the window and will never be coming back ever. She was divested him when she found out he had an affair with his secretary,

She should’ve filed for divorce but instead she listened to his lies and bullshit promises to be a better husband and father. He’s neither and I hate him for those two reasons alone.

She needed to think of herself for once, she could transfer to another hospital. She was a top doctor in her fiend everyone wanted her to work for them but she’d refused so many jobs at other hospitals. I’d be surprised if anyone else would ever want to hire her ever again.

I looked at her. ‘Please mom just think about it for me, for both of us. We need a new beginning. A fresh start.’

‘I know we do sweetheart. If I agree to this you must complete your school year at your highschool then once it’s done we leave no traces of where we’re going. I’ll divorce your father.’

‘I’ll stay where I am if, we move out of here this weekend. I won’t tell anyone where we are going then you file for divorce, agreed?’


I smiled. I still wasn’t completely sure if mom knew more than she was letting on, but that wasn’t going to phase me.

We hugged briefly. I’d finally made my mom realise she could finally have a life without that douche around she deserved better.

The door closed and my father looked at us, his hair tasseled over his cold eyes. He set his jacket down. ‘So you finally came home.’

‘Like you care.’

‘I do.’

‘Like shit you do. You were trying to get rid of me and push me into the arms of that pervert.’

Mom gasped ‘Amy!’ She said, shocked.

‘It true mom, he’s a pervert he’s been trying it on with me since puberty now I’m finally sixteen he thinks he can get his perverted hands on me and his cock in me.’ I snapped. Looking directly at my father. ‘Well let me tell you something now father. That man’s cock is going nowhere near me. If it does I’ll chop it fucking off.’

‘Language Amile!’ He said angrily.

‘No. I shall not watch my language. You know exactly what that guy is like and you want him to take care of me!’

‘He would’ve kept you safe out of harm’s way.’

‘Safe? I’d never be safe with that pervert drooling over me trying to get inside me.’ I growled. ‘I don’t understand why you allowed him into our house. He betrayed you remember, he betrayed all of us.’

‘He apologised Amile.’

‘Like shit, he wouldn’t know an apology if it hit him in the face. He’s two faced and a bold faced liar, but so are you so I guess you fit together well.’

‘Amile!’ He said sternly.

‘I’m going to my room.’

‘Okay sweetie.’

I walked away heading up stairs.

’Where were you?

‘None of your goddamn business.’ I answered, storming away slamming my bedroom door shut I jumped in my bed. Maybe I should’ve stopped at Dan’s an extra week. Anywhere was better than here right now. But I had school tomorrow Dan had called in a sickie for me last week he couldn’t keep doing it. God I hate my life. The only thing good in it was my mom Dan, Dion and the club. I hadn’t seen or spoken to my friends or Beau. I’d been too worked up and had been training and fighting all week to let my frustrations out but it was back to school Monday morning.

I sighed, closing my eyes. At least me and mom would be out of here soon.

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