Kidnapped by the Mafia

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13 - We missed you


I walked into school on Monday not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t seen my friends since last week and had been at Dan’s for a while and had had no choice in returning home to the argument and raised voices. I knew my mom hated what my father was doing. He’d got us in so much debt she was thinking that he never really loved us in the first place and now she had finally decided to leave my father. We’d both made the decision to up and leave next week as he was in court for the whole month and he wouldn’t be back till late so it was then or never.

I walked into school where my friends all lunged at me , hugging me. ‘Oh my god Amy where the hell have you been?’

‘We missed you.’

‘That asshole was asking for you.’


They all backed away. ‘So where we’re you Ayms?’

‘I was staying at a friends. I needed to sort my head out.’

‘That asshole was asking where you were. Like we would tell him if we knew.’

I looked t Beau he had new bruises and flashes to his face. ‘I’m sorry.’

He smiled hugging me. ‘It’s okay Amy. I gave as good as I got.’

I returned his hug. ‘Well you shouldn’t have, he has no right Beau. You’re my friend and he’s just a jealous asshole.’

He smiled as we broke our hug. ‘Well he shouldn’t have. He has no right I don’t belong to him , I don’t belong to anyone. I’m my own person, the sooner he relalies that the better.’

He smiled as the bell rang. ‘Come on let’s get going you’ve got a lot a]of classes to catch up on.’

I groaned and they all laughed as we all walked inside.

The day was going relatively well until someone pushed me against the wall, their eyes dark and full of anger which could only mean one person; Andrew Anders. Why me?

‘What the hell do you want Andrew?’

‘Where the hell have you been Amy?’

‘None of your fucking buisness and its AMILE!’

He pushed me further into the wall. ‘Dont fuck with me Amy, where the hell have you been?’

‘Again it’s none of your fucking buisness.’

‘Where were you!’ He asked again, raising his angered voice.

I might as well tell him I don’t give a fuck wheather he believed me or not. ‘I was staying with a friend.’

‘Were you with Beau?’

‘Do you think I wouldn’t be here if I was with him?’

He looked at me for a moment contemplating. ‘If it wasn’t him who was it?’

‘None of your fucking buisness.’ I shouted angrily I have no time for this shit right now. I have already missed three days of lessons I can’t miss anymore.

‘You were with him weren’t you that guy that dropped you off last week.’

‘Again none of your business.’

He squeezed tighter into my arms this is getting fucking rediculus to the point if he doesn’t back off I’m either going to castrate him or head but him.

‘You’re mine Amy, MINE! Get that into that thick skull of yours.’ He said pressing his lips roughly on mine kissing me I pushed him away. ‘I’m not yours Andrew, I never was, never will be, I’m no one’s, understand!’

He got in my face.‘YOU’RE MINE AMY MINE UNDERSTAND!’ He growled coming forward ready to kiss me again until he got pulled away from me and ended up on the floor with a bloody nose, Beau looking over him with clenched fists, one bloody. ‘Leave her alone Anders. She’s no one’s property.’

‘Yes she is, ask her father.’

I stood shaking. What the hell was he talking about? My father would never give me to this psychotic asshole, or would he? He wanted to palm me off on that perverted prick so a psychotic one was no different.

‘Come on Amy we’re going to be late for class.’

I just nodded. I couldn’t even find my voice.

He dropped his arm over my shoulders and I flinched. Everything’s going to be okay Amy.’ He said, guiding me away. ‘I’ll find out what the hell he’s talking about.’


He nodded and smiled.

‘Thanks Beau.’

‘Hey we’re friends. I’ll always be in your corner.’

‘That means a lot, you just don’t know how much.’

He smiled kissing my forehead as we made our way to class. We met the others at lunch who were shocked and disgusted with the way Andrew had approached me and what he had said to me. I still don’t believe my father would do such a thing as sell me to that asshole. I was br so glad when me and mom would be far away from him and all the shit he had put in us. I’d be glad to be away from Andrew as well he’s truly lost it on the fucking head. I couldn’t wait to get out of here though I’d miss my friends tremendously.

The rest of the day went well. I hadn’t seen or heard anything to do with Andrew which was a good sign. We all walked out of school together and Beau got into the same car that picked him up every day.

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