Kidnapped by the Mafia

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14 - Bienvenue à votre mort Antonio Bianchi.


I got into the car after saying goodbye to Amy. Lucien looked at me. ‘Good day?’

I grunted as the car pulled away.

‘So, did she return to school?’

‘Yeah she did.’

‘Good.’ He looked at me. ‘So what’s the problem?’

I looked at Lucien. ‘I think we have a problem Lucien.’

‘What kind of problem?’

‘Andrew Andres.’

‘I told you already Beau we can’t risk being found out we can’t get our cover blown.’

‘We won’t I promise.’

‘So what seems to be the problem?’

‘He said something to Amile.’

‘What did he say?’

‘That she was his and all she had to do was ask her father?’

‘So the shit is going through with it?’

‘Going through with what?’

‘He plans on marrying her once school is over.’

‘Are you shitting me right now? He can’t do that, can he?’

‘He’s Mafia. He can do anything.’

‘Shit. Does Dom know?’

‘No. I’ll have to ring him and inform him of what’s happening. We may have to cut this short.’

‘She hasn’t got long left at school, can we at least wait til the exams are over and she can go to her prom?’

‘I’ll see what Dom has to say but if he says no we move in soon a month tops.’

‘Okay.’ I sighed. I couldn’t believe she was going to miss her prom if she was anything like any other teenage girls she’d want to be there, spending her last memories with her friends before they all headed off to college, or work.’

‘We’ve got a special guest in the basement to see once we get back.’ Lucien said and I smirked. This is going to be fun.

The car pulled up outside the mansion and we got out of the car entering the mansion going straight to the basement where a male in his late thirties early forties was of Italian orientation. His black short cropped hair hung over his tanned unshaven face.

Antonio Bianchi

I don’t know where the hell I am or why the hell I’m here, some dudes ran me off the road and I got out of my car ready to curse them for being stupid assholes and I got shot in my arm before I blacked out. I woke up in this dark and rotten smelling room. I swear I haven’t done anything bad in years, I haven’t even crossed anyone since I made the mistake of crossing Harry Cromwell my copodres, my partner in crime I made a mistake that day and I paid dearly for it. I’m surprised he even trusted me again, especially with his daughter. She never trusted me nor her mother cause she knew exactly what I wanted from her when she turned sixteen and I would’ve got it too if she hadn’t stormed out that night to god knows where. The locks clanked opening I guess I’m going to find out why in really here.

The steps grew louder as they came towards me, the door now closed. A male’s voice finally spoke. ‘bienvenue à votre mort Antonio Bianchi.’

‘I can’t understand you idiota I’m Italian not French.’

‘I said “welcome to your death Antonio Bianchi.’

‘Why what the hell have I done?’

‘We’ve been after you for some time Bianchi.’

I looked up at the dark haired tanned male with a younger male by his side. Shit why now? I haven’t set foot in France for over twenty years. I know who this guy is and I know who he works alongside. How the hell did he find me and what the hell was he doing here in the U.K.?

‘You owe us Bianchi just like Cromwell, but we’ll deal with you first because you’re a fucking traitor and all traitors must die.’

‘I’ll give you back what I owe you. I swear just let me go.’

He shook his head. ‘I don’t think so , you are already on the way for what we have planned with Cromwell.’

‘What are you going to do with him?’

‘That’s none of your concern. What I want to know is why he can trust someone who stabbed in his back with his own daughter, his own flesh and blood.’

‘He was trying to keep her safe.’

‘But she wouldn’t be safe would she?’

‘She’d be more safe with me than the assholes that he assumed would take her from him.’

He stepped closer. ‘Well guess what she’s not safe.’

My eyes widened. ‘You mother …’


‘Pourrir en enfer Antonio Bianchi.’ (Rot in hell Antonio Bianchi)

The pain, the pain

His eyes slowly closed and his body went limp. Lucien looked at Beau. ‘Let’s go.’

They both turned and walked out of the basement. ‘Clean it up will you.’

‘Yes boss.’

They walked away as the two guards went into the basement to get rid of the body.

‘I need to phone Dom and tell him what you told me.’

Beau nodded and left Lucien to go to his room. Lucien entered his room, closing the door and video calling Dominique. ‘Frère.’ (Brother)

‘Dom nous devons parler.’ (Dom we need to talk.)

‘Qu’en est-il de?.’ (What about?)

‘Nous avons un problème.’ (We have a problem.)

‘Avez-vous réglé l’autre problème?’ (Did you sort the other problem out?)

‘Nous l’avons fait, il est mort.’ (We did, he’s dead.)

‘Bien. (Good).’ He paused. ‘Donc quel est le problème?.’ (So what’s the problem?)

‘C’est ce gars de l’école d’Amile qui s’appelle Andrew Anders et il a jalonné sa revendication sur elle.’ (It’s this guy from Amile’s school his name is Andrew Anders and he has staked his claim on her.)

‘Que voulez-vous dire par sa revendication?’ (What do you mean stake his claim?)

‘Beau a mentionné qu’il avait dit à Amile qu’elle était à lui et qu’il avait demandé à son père à ce sujet..’ (Beau mentioned that he told Amile she was his and to ask her father about it.)

‘Pensez-vous qu’il la veut parce qu’il lui doit de l’argent?.’ (Do you think he wants her because he owes him money?)

‘Il a une chance Dom. J’ai obtenu des informations de Christophe et il estime qu’Andrew Anders envisage d’épouser Amile une fois l’école terminée’ (It stands a chance Dom. I got information off Christophe and he reckons that Andrew Anders is planning to marry amile once school is done.)

‘Êtes-vous sûr?.’ (Are you sure?)

‘Oui Dom.’ (Yes Dom.)

‘Merde.’ (Shit.)

‘Je sais, ce qu’on va faire Dom?.’(I know, what are we going to do Dom?)

‘J’y serai dans un mois.’ (I’ll be there in a month.)

‘Beau a demandé si nous pouvions remettre ça à son bal de promo. C’est un truc de fille apparemment.’ (Beau asked if we could put it off till her prom. It’s a girl thing apparently.)

‘On peut mais je serai plus dans un mois pour garder un œil sur ce connard.’ (We can but I’ll be over in a month to keep an eye on this asshole.)

‘Dom, il y a autre chose que vous devez savoir sur lui.’ (Dom there’s something else you should know about him.)

‘Et maintenant?’ (What now?)

‘Il est la mafia anglaise.’ (He’s english Mafia.)

‘Merde.’ (Fuck.)

‘Je ne pense pas qu’Amile le sache.’ (I don’t think Amile knows he is though.)

‘Bien, elle n’a pas besoin de le faire. Nous allons formuler un plan d’action et regarder ce connard comme un faucon..’

(Good she doesn’t need to. We’ll formulate a plan of action and watch this asshole like a hawk.)

‘Bien sûr Dom.’ (Sure Dom.)

‘Je te verrai dans un mois, mon frère restera en contact.’ (I’ll see you in a month brother keep in contact.)

‘je vais.’ (I will.’ He said disconnecting)

Now to have a little chat with Dan and Dion I think that they’re bidding something Bert important about,their fighter ice.

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