Kidnapped by the Mafia

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16 - I hate my life

Dion D’Aboville

God she’s as hot as ever she never fails to amuse .me I can’t believe that she’s the daughter of that asshole prick Cromwell, she’s fuck all like him. If only Dom could see her the way we saw her he would’ve been content on doing what he is planning. I was going to ask her hand in marriage when she finished school. I’ve been in love with her since the day she came into our lives. She’s turned us around once upon a time my brother wouldn’t’ve even considered letting a cocky kid into the club, but he saw something in her that day he had found her outside the club. He took her under his wing and trained her. We were both impressed that she’d actually listened to his every word and stick to it. She was the best fighter we had and she was cocky and sexy to go with it.

Dan had no idea of my feelings towards her, they had grown with each year we spent together we were all really close. I was going to tell him exactly how I felt about her tonight. Crossed fingers it went well.

I walked into the office and Dan sat there not noticing that I came in. He looked in deep thought. What was wrong with him? I hadn’t seen him like this since our mother had died. That was back when we were stressing out here at the devil’s den just before we met Amile. ‘What’s wrong bro? You look on deep thought.’

He looked at me. ‘Sorry bro. I didn’t know you were here.’

‘Obviously. What’s wrong you haven’t looked like this since, well since you know, mom.’ I didn’t like bringing her up because there were too many bad memories.’

‘We need to talk Deon.’

‘Sure what about.’


‘Good I needed to talk to you about her too.’

‘It’s nothing good Deon.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Lucien isn’t just here on business with us he’s here to collect.’

‘Collect what?’ I asked, confused.

‘Someone owes Dom money a lot of it; he’s here to collect the payment.’

‘Who is here to collect off?’

‘You’re not going to like it.’

‘Dis-moi juste putain de merde!.’ (Just tell me goddammit!)

‘Le père d’Amile.’ (Amile’s father.)

My mouth dropped.‘Qu’est-ce que tout ça a à voir avec Amile?’ (What the hell had all this got to do with Amile?)

‘Vous connaissez Dom aussi bien que moi. Si quelqu’un échoue, pour le rembourser, il prend autre chose comme paiement. Et Amile sera son paiement.’ (You know Dom as well as I do. If anyone fails to pay him back he takes something else as payment. And Amile will be his payment.)

‘Tu ne peux pas être sérieux Dan.’ (You can’t be serious Dan.)

‘Je suis désolé, je le suis.’ (I’m sorry, I am.)

‘Nous devons faire quelque chose.’ (We have to do something.)

‘Je suis désolé que ce ne soit plus entre mes mains.’ (I’m sorry it’s out of my hands.)

‘Non, je ne laisserai pas cela arriver.’ (No I won’t let this happen.)

‘Nous avons pas le choix.’ (We have no choice.)

‘Oui. Je vais l’épouser et pas toi ou quelqu’un d’autre, va m’arrêter’ (Yes we do. I’m going to marry her and not you or anyone else,is going to stop me.)

His face dropped. ‘Que dis-tu Deon?’ (What are you saying Deon?)

‘Je l AIME. J’ai toujours voulu vous parler ce soir de la possibilité de me permettre de lui demander la main en mariage.’ (I love her. I always have I was going to talk to you tonight about allowing me to ask for her hand in marriage.)

‘C’est ta sœur Deon.’ (She’s your sister Deon.)

‘Pourtant, vous êtes prêt à la leur vendre, laissez-les nous la prendre. Je vais lui proposer et elle sera ma femme de merde si vous n’êtes pas d’accord que je fais ça Dan je l’aime et pas seulement comme une petite sœur que je n’ai jamais eue mais plus.’ (Yet you’re willing to sell her to them let them take her away from us. I will propose to her and she will be my wife, tough shit if you don’t agree I’m doing this Dan I love her and not just as a little sister that I never had but more.)

‘Je ne le permettrai pas, Deon. Nous devons laisser cela suivre son cours.’ (I won’t allow it, Deon. We have to let this run its course.)

‘Non, je ne vous laisserai pas lui faire ça si vous étiez un type de père pour lequel vous vous battriez.’ (No I won’t let you do this to her, if you were any type of father you’d fight for her.)

Tu sais aussi bien que moi on ne peut pas lutter contre Dominique Carbone, il t’aurait abattu.’ (You know as well as I do we can’t fight against Dominique Carbone he’d shoot you dead.)

‘Je suis prêt à saisir cette chance. C’est son père qui leur doit, pas elle.’ (I’m willing to take that chance. It’s her father that owes them, not her.)

‘Et vous connaissez la mafia aussi bien que moi Deon, ils emmènent des êtres chers pour faire passer leur message, sinon ils leur tirent dessus.’ (And you know the Mafia as well as me Deon they take loved ones away to get their point across if not they shoot them.)

‘Et s’il la tue, Dan pour l’idiocèse de son père?’ (And what if he kills her Dan, for her father’s idiocety?)

‘Il ne le fera pas.’ (He won’t.)

‘Mais que se passe-t-il s’il fait?’ (But what If he does?)

‘Il ne le fera pas.’ (He won’t.)

‘Non, il ne le fera pas, car il n’aura aucune chance de le faire.’ (No he won’t cause he won’t get a chance to.)

‘Ne fais pas que personne ne soit stupide Deon.’ (Don’t do anyone dumb Deon.)

‘Je ne peux pas la laisser la prendre.’ (I can’t let her take her.)

‘Son père a le temps de payer.’ (Her father has time to pay up.)

‘Je doute que cela se produise un jour. Elle est mon frère et je ne laisserai pas Dom l’emmener loin de moi.’ (I doubt that will ever happen. She’s mine brother and I won’t let Dom take her away from me.)

Amile looked at the brothers and there was anger in their eyes. She’d knocked on the door and hadn’t realised that they were arguing they were glaring at each other. She’d walked into world war three.she swallowed,hard thinking of her next move. ‘Hey what’s wrong guys?’ She asked

They snapped,their heads around snapping at her.

‘Rien!’ (Nothing!)

‘Don’t talk your French shit around me. I know most of it but still English people.’

‘Sorry flower now isn’t a good time.’

‘Sure, I’ll just go and warm up ready for the fight.’

They nodded.

She turned away, walking away muttering to herself. ‘God I hate my fucking life.’

She’d had a run in with her father when she’d arrived home from school. He was drunk Yippee. He was usually at work until six ,pm so why was he at home had work really gone that bad? Her mother wasn’t home yet so she had to put up with his pathetic ass blaming her for everything; telling her how worthless she was and she should’ve gone with Antonio so she could whore her body out to him just like she was doing with Andrew and any other guy that would have it. Tears brimmed her eyes. She knew her father hated her but this was below the belt even for him. She was no who’re, she was still a virgin for crying out loud. Her and Andrew had spoken about it but he had become way over possessive over her and tried telling her how to live her life and who with some she’d ended it before they’d gotten to that stage in their relationship. Now the only two guys she could truly call her family were at each other’s throats and screaming. And shouting at her to get out when she wanted to cry and tell them what was going on.

She punched the bag hard as the tears came flooding out how could she have been so stupid to think that anyone actually cared about her.

“I hate my life.” She kept repeating as she kept punching the bag till it finally burst.

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