Kidnapped by the Mafia

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17 - Sorry flower

‘Whowh calm down angel it will burn next!’ They joked yet she didn’t find it funny. She looked at Ramstead, a German fighter who she’d got to know well these past three years. He looked at her, her tears staining her face. He wiped them away and took her into a bone crunching hug. ‘Its okay ice we all have our bad days just let it out.’

She cried into his chest she’d never felt so lonely until now. She always thought the two people that cared about her most would always be there. But today she had seen a different side to them. Dan had never snapped at her until now. And in that instant it felt like a low blow her father had given her. The disgusted words still rang in her head and she was getting a migraine from all of the stress from her home life. Only

Dan and Dion knew her background and how badly she’d been treated by her own father, he won flesh and blood. Today just proved that he was no different than her asshole of a father. This was her safe haven now though ti didn’t seem so safe anymore. She’d grown up here since she was thirteen and looked up to Dan as her father and Dion as her brother. She’d never seen the anger that he held in his eyes until today and it scared her, his eyes were dark, darker than usual the anger radiating through his whole body. She didn’t wish to ever witness this side of him again and the roar of his angered voice was still running through her entire body.

‘What’s wrong, ice? I’ve never seen you like this. Not even in the ring you’re trembling.’

‘I have to get out of here.’

‘Hey it’s okay, breathe.’

‘I can’t.’

‘Yes you can ice slowly breathe in and out.’

She did as he said her heart beat slowing down her body started to relax. ‘Now would you like to tell me why you are so upset?’

She shook her head.

‘Maybe after the fight the adrenaline will help you come back down off your high and help you vent your anger.’

‘Okay thanks Ramstead.’

He smiled. ‘Well you’ve got to be in the right mood to fight me ice.’ He grinned, taking his arms from around her.

‘You know what you’re right. Thanks for making me see the fight id more important than the asshole behind my unhappiness .’

He grinned. ‘Glad to be of service. I’ll see you in the ring.’

‘You will.’ She smiled walking away.

‘Was that ice?’

He looked over at Dan. ‘It was.’

‘Is she okay.’

‘She is now some jerk upset her, but I managed to get her to herself and she’s psyched for the fight.’


He nodded and walked away.

Dan met bow with Dion. ‘So did you talk to her?’

‘No but Ramstead did, he managed to get her into her fighting psych.’

‘Good, you should never have snapped at her like that.’

‘I know. I’ll apologise to her later after the fight. It must’ve been important for her to come to the office before the fight.’

‘Do you think her father started in her again?’

‘I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.’

He nodded as they got a drink and watched the countless fights watching ice and Ramstead’s fight. He was glad that she had Ramstead to reassure her or she’d have lost this fight for sure.

They fisted each other. ‘Glad we had that pep talk ice.’

‘Me to.’

‘If we hadn’t I would’ve bet you’re ass.’

‘In your dreams.’

They both laughed. Her and Ramstead had built up a rapport over the years though they’d met back when she had begun fighting and she never let her guard down with him. He was a competitor just like her though they were friends she only shared parts of her life with him and everything with Dan and Deon cause they felt like family though she wasn’t too sure now.

‘Flower can we talk.’

She looked at Dan. ‘I don’t think so l you made it quite clear you’re not interested in anything I have to say.’

‘Please flower.’

‘I need to shower and change.’

‘I’ll wait.’

‘Don’t you ever give up?’


‘Fine I’ll be twenty tops.’

He nodded and she walked into the changing rooms to shower and change. She walked out in her comfy wear.

‘Twenty tops hugh?!’ He grinned.

She cut her eyes at him. ’Let’s get this over and done with. I have a home to go to. She said, cringing. She didn’t really want to go back but she knew she didn’t have a choice.

‘Come to the office.’

She nodded following him.

He closed the door behind them. ‘Please sit down Amy.’

She nodded, walking over and taking a seat.

He slid into his chair behind his desk.’

‘This isn’t going to take long is it?’ She asked, coldly and irritated.

‘No.’ He paused. ‘Look flower I’m really sorry about earlier. I never meant to snap at you.’

‘So why did. You?’ She questioned.

‘Me and Deon were dealing with some business and we weren’t seeing eye to eye.’

‘You shouldn’t have taken it out on me Dan. It felt like I was back at home again. You reminded me of my father and..’ she stopped

‘What happened Amy?’

She shook her head. ‘I can’t. He said some really hurtful and disgusting things to me.’

He got up and walked around the desk and knelt in front of her, lifting her chin up. She was crying again. He wiped her tears away. ‘You’re family Amy you can talk to me anytime you know that right?’

‘I thought I did until tonight then you reminded me of my father.’

‘I’m sorry for that flower I never meant to upset you. I’ll never be like your father flower and I’m sorry if it made you feel that way. Please talk to me. I promise I will never raise my voice to you again.’

She nodded and told him what had happened the moment she’d got back from school and her dad had started in her calling her a whore. And he should send her to that asshole to fuck her.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw. How could a father even say such disgusting things to their own daughter?

He wrapped his arms around her hugging her as she cried onto his shoulder. ‘It’s okay flower, everything’s okay now.’

‘I’m going to fucking kill that bastard!’ Deon growled angrily after Amy had fallen asleep and he’d stepped into the office asking how she was. Dan had filled him in on everything and he was humming.

‘Don’t do anything drastic Deon he’ll have what’s coming to him.’


I was dreading talking to Dom about Dan he and Deon worked for us no one knew this of course but us. I can’t believe he took it upon himself to help her. Dan wasn’t they type just to help anyone so what had this girl got apart from reminding him of himself.

I needed to warn Dom. I wasn’t even sure if I could trust either brother from stopping us from taking her. They’d always been loyal to us but this was different, she was like family to them and like a daughter he never had. I was dreading this conversation cause knowing Dom he’d be here on the next flight just to integrate the both of them which would either go good or bad the good being they would get shot the bad is they would be shot and dead.

I had to make the call or it would go against our bro code. We trusted each other more than we trusted those that worked for us though they had both been loyal to us this time I wasn’t too sure.

The call connected. ‘Frère.’ (Brother.)


‘Est-ce que tout va bien Lucien?’ (Is everything ok Lucien?)

‘Ça ne pourrait pas être mieux.’ (Couldn’t be better.)

‘Alors pourquoi appelez-vous?’ (So why are you calling?)

‘J’ai des informations importantes dont je dois vous parler.’ (I have important information I need to tell you.)


I gulped loudly. ‘Tu vois Dom, putain, ce n’est pas facile’ (You see Dom, fuck this isn’t easy.)

‘Foutez le camp Lucien, j’ai rendez-vous dans une heure..’ (Get the fuck on with it Lucien, I have a meeting in an hour.)

‘C’est tard?’ (This late ?)

‘Oui, putain d’Allemands.’ (Yes fucking Germans.)

‘D’accord, vous n’aimerez peut-être pas ce que j’ai à vous dire.’ (Okay you might not like what I have to tell you.)

‘Crache-le Lucien!.’ (Just spit it Lucien!’ He snapped.

‘Il s’agit d’Amile Dom.’ (It’s about Amile Dom.)

‘À propos d’elle?’(What about her?)

‘Elle connaît Dan et Deon.’ (She knows Dan and Deon.)

‘Etes-vous putain sûr?’ (Are you fucking sure?)

‘Je suis je l’ai fait examiner. Elle est combattante au club. Elle porte le nom de glace et elle est bonne.’ (I am I had it looked into. She is a fighter at the club. She goes by the name ice and she’s good.)

‘Merde.’ (Fuck.)

‘Que dois-je faire Dom? Cela pourrait tout gâcher.’ (What shall I do Dom? This could ruin everything.)

‘Sait-elle qui ils sont?’ (Does she know who they are?’)

‘Si elle le fait, je ne pense pas qu’elle dira à qui que ce soit qu’elle est comme une famille, Dom. Elle les a rencontrés quand elle avait treize ans et il l’entraîne depuis.’(If she does I don’t think she will tell anyone she’s like family to them Dom. She met them when she was thirteen and he’s been training her ever since.)

‘Putain de merde.’ (Fuck shit.) He paused. ‘Pensez-vous que nous aurons des problèmes de leur part?’ (Do you think we’ll have any problems from them?)

‘Je ne connais pas Dom. Ils sont assez serrés, je ne sais pas s’ils iront contre nous ou elle.’

(I don’t know Dom. They are pretty tight, I don’t know if they will go against us or her.)

‘Parlez à Dan, nous avons besoin de ce tri avant que je survole et assurez-vous qu’ils connaissent les conséquences s’ils décident de s’opposer à nous.’ (Talk to Dan we need this sorted before I fly over and make sure they know the consequences if they decide to go against us.)

‘Bien sûr Dom.’ (Sure Dom.) I said disconnecting the call.

Fuck now all I had to do is arrange a meeting with the both of them to make sure they knew where they stood.

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