Kidnapped by the Mafia

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18 - Andrew Andres - I need to know who he is, like now!

I watched as Amy and her friends walked into school. And he was there with them, he was always with them especially her. How the hell was I going to get her away from him and alone? God this was so aggravating. I knew I should never have let her walk away before the end of summer. I can’t believe the things she said to me. How dare she? Did she know who I was? I am Andrew Anders the next heir of the English mafia and I’d choose my bride, my queen to stand by my side and she was denying me. I can still remember that day clearly it had all gone well to the point when I told her that once we returned back to school she was no longer to entertain her friends’ presence and only spend her time with me.

‘Are you fucking kdiding me Andrew?’

‘Does this face look like it’s fucking to you?’ I asked, angrily, my face stoic. Without any feelings whatsoever.

‘I don’t fucking think so, they are my friends.’

‘Well they are not mine.’

‘So it’s okay for you to hang around with your friends but it’s not okay for me to do the same?’

‘Precisely.’ She had no idea who my friends really were they were Mafia like me and no one and I mean no one separate us willingly or by force or they would end up six feet under

‘Fuck you!’

‘Don’t curse at me Amy or you will be punished.’

‘Like I’m fucking scared of you!’

‘Oh you will be my queen.’

‘I’m not you’re fucking queen. You can’t treat me like this Andrew. I’m my own person, not you’re fucking property.’

‘Oh but you are. So you’ll be a good girl and do as I fucking say.’ I said, angrily she was pushing my limits. I knew her friends hated me and the fact she chose to date me. They never thought I was good enough for her but I was going to prove her wrong. I was going to prove all of them wrong.

‘Fuck you!’

‘You’re testing my patience Amy.’

‘What are you going to do? Tie me up and hide me away from the world?’

Now that wouldn’t be a bad idea. I smirked. ‘Don’t tempt me.’

She looked nervously at me. Just the way I like her.

‘All you have to do is obey me Amy and do as I ask and we’ll be fine.’

‘I don’t fucking think so. I’m not you’re fucking slave and I’m definitely not your fucking property goodbye Andrew.’ She said, before storming away. Why the hell would I let that happen? She was never walking away from me. I ran after her and grabbed her arm. ‘You’re never walking away from me Amy.’

She turned, her eyes cut, shooting daggers at me like that would scare a guy like me. ‘You won’t scare me Amy.’

‘Let go of me Andrew, you’re hurting me.’

‘It’ll hurt more the more you struggle to set yourself free.’ I pulled her close to me smashing my lips on hers kissing her roughly, pushing my tongue into her mouth making sure she responded. When she did, eventually. I kissed her as hard as I could biting her lip making her know I meant business and I wasn’t to be fucked with. She pulled away and her hand cracked me across the face. ‘You don’t own me Andrew so don’t act as if you do.’

‘Oh I do sweetheart.’ I said coldly.

‘Fuck you we’re done.’ She said angrily storming away.

‘We haven’t finished yet Amy. I didn’t say you could go.’

‘Well I am. We’re done Andrew, finished, finito. Go find a dumb blonde that will take your shit cause this red head isn’t.’ She said as I stood shocked my mouth agape. She’d never been like this before I had to get her back and drill it into her that she belonged to me and only me.

Then that prick showed up as I was going to get my queen back. He’s been following her around like a lost puppy, I had no idea where this fucking arrogant exchange student had come from, but I sure as hell was going to find out. I did what I knew best I called an old friend Reinhold. He was German Mafia and it was lucky he’d taught me German or people would understand our conversation and I didn’t want that. ‘Reinhold.’

‘Andrew ist gut, von dir zu hören. Was schulde ich dem Vergnügen?’ (Andrew is good to hear from you. What do I owe the pleasure?)

‘Ich habe ein Problem, Reinhold.’ (I have a problem Reinhold.)

‘Erzählen Sie.’ (Do tell.)

‘Meine Königin hat meine Forderungen nicht gut aufgenommen und mir gesagt, dass sie nicht bereit ist, mir zu gehorchen.’ (My queen has not taken well to my demands and has told me she isn’t willing to obey me.)

‘Das ist nicht gut, Andrew. Wir alle brauchen unsere Königin, um zu gehorchen, oder wir bestrafen sie.’ (That’s not good Andrew. We all need our queen to obey or we punish them.)

‘Genau, aber sie hat deutlich gemacht, dass wir fertig sind.’ (Exactly, but she has made it quite clear that we are done.)

‘Ich verstehe.’ (I see.)

‘Aber sie ist momentan nicht das Problem. Damit habe ich mich befasst.’ (But she is not the problem right now. I have dealt with that.)

‘Also, was ist das Problem, Andrew, wie kann ich helfen?’ (So what is the problem Andrew, how can I help?)

‘Hier in meiner Schule und in meinem Gebiet gibt es einen neuen Austauschschüler. Ich möchte alles über ihn wissen. Er hängt herum wie ein Blutegel. Ich hatte schon ein paar Run-Ins mit, aber er weiß, wie man kämpft.’ (There’s a new exchange student here on my school and my territory. I want to know everything about him. He’s hanging around like a leech. I’ve already had a few run-ins with but and he knows how to fight.)

‘Wie heißt er und ich werde sehen, was ich tun kann.’ (What’s his name and I’ll see what I can do.)

‘Er heißt Beau DeRose. Ich muss wissen, wer er ist, wie jetzt!’ (His name is Beau DeRose. I need to know who he is, like now!) I shouted down the phone.

‘Ja, Mr. Anders, ich werde es richtig machen.’ (Yes Mr. Anders I’ll get right on it.)

‘Guten Tag, Reinhold.’ (Have a good day Reinhold.)

I ended the call and went to my final lesson I’d had to watch them all fucking day chatting, making jokes and laughing it was making me neausous. I was so glad when the final bell went and I could get the hell out of here.

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