Kidnapped by the Mafia

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19 - Leaving our home - saying goodbye to the past and beginning a new future.


Today was finally here today me and mom were finally getting away from him, away from all of our fears and apprehensions. Today we were moving into a rented apartment. I had told mom about the day that my beloved father drunk whilst she was working and what he had said to me and she was furious. She couldn’t believe he’d stoop that low to accuse me of such things. I knew they were all shit I’d only had one boyfriend; Andrew Anders and we’d split up before the end of the holidays and I was still a virgin so suck on that bitch.

Mom had packed the car with everything we needed, as we were starting a fresh no one had any idea that we were leaving today as it was an inset day at school and mom had taken it as her best opportunity to get the hell out of here been as it was her day off everything had been planned down to a T and it was going really well, the car was packed up and we were ready to start a fresh away from all of my fathers bullshit and debt.

‘So are you ready for this honey?’

’I’ve been waiting for this for a month, mom. I looked at her. ‘But are you ready for this? Are you ready to start a fresh after twenty years of marriage?’

‘I’m more than ready honey. I should’ve done this years ago when he started gambling our money away instead of turning a blind eye to it all.’ She looked at me and smiled. ‘This is our new beginning Amy your father can rot in hell for all I care. You are the most important person in my life and you always have been despite of it not looking that way and I promise you I’ll keep you away from guys like Antonio Bianchi and Andrew Anders till I take my last breath.’

I smiled and she turned to continue driving to our new home which was a hour away, I’d be staying at my highschool till the year was over that was something that we both agreed on it was stupid to change schools thsi late in to the last year our exams were coming up and I didn’t want to risk learning something totally differnet for them. Mom agreed and had gotten me a driver to take me to and from school.


We sat outside the Cromwell’s house for the past month. Something felt off, something didn’t feel right, something in my gut told me that they were planning to leave and I was right. Me watching the house had paid off. Beau was in the car behind me and I was in the one in front, our windows tinted we both watched as Amile and her mother packed their belongings in the car closing the boot they were deviantly leaving but to where she was usually working. I had checked her work schedule for the last four months were they that stupid to leave so close to the end of Amile’s school days?

I kept in contact with Beau through Bluetooth. ‘I’m going to follow them, stay here and watch out for Harry Cromell’s return see if he picks up any of his belongings and rap into his phone to catch any conversations relating to where and when he’s meeting them.’

‘Sure boss.’

I watched as they pulled away and pulled away, keeping a fair distance between us so they didn’t notice that they were being followed. I connected my Bluetooth to Dominique’s mobile. ‘Frère.’ (Brother.)

‘Nous avons un code rouge Dom.’ (We have a code red Dom.)

‘Merde, qu’est-ce qui se passe Lucien, notre plan se déroulait parfaitement.’ (Shit what the hell is going on Lucien our plan was going perfectly.)

‘Je connais mon frère, mais il semble qu’ils partent. Moi et Beau étions assis devant leur maison. Je les regarde depuis un mois. Quelque chose sentit Dom. Cela ne se sentait pas bien. Je l’ai senti dans mes tripes alors j’ai regardé la maison et aujourd’hui, mes tripes ne m’ont pas fait défaut aujourd’hui, ils se sont levés et sont partis. Moi et Beau étions à l’extérieur de leur maison en train de regarder et d’attendre qu’ils bougent et ils l’ont fait, c’était juste Amile et sa mère, ils ont emballé la voiture et sont partis.’ (I know brother, but it seems that they are leaving. Me and Beau were sitting outside their home. I’ve been watching them for the last month. Something felt off Dom. It didn’t feel right. I felt it in my gut so I watched the house and today my gut didn’t fail me today they up and left. Me and Beau were outside their house watching and waiting for them to make a move and they did, it was just Amile and her mother, they packed up the car and left.)

‘Suis les.’ (Follow them.)

‘Je suis frère. Je garde une distance de sécurité ils ne sont pas trop loin devant mais ils se dirigent hors de la ville,’ (I am brother. I’m keeping a safe distance they’re not too far in front but they’re heading out of the city,)

‘Pourquoi Harry Cromwell?’ (Why about Harry Cromwell?)

‘Il travaille. J’ai dit à Beau de rester en poste à la maison au cas où il reviendrait et les contacte pour leur dire où et quand le rencontrer. C’est louche Dom, alors j’ai demandé à Beau de puiser dans son téléphone pour qu’il puisse enregistrer les conversations entre tous.’ (He‘a working. I’ve told Beau to stay stationed at the house just in case he returns and contacts them to tell them where and when to meet him. This is fishy Dom, so I requested Beau to tap into his phone so he can record the conversations between all of them.)

‘Bon travail Lucien, tenez-moi au courant.’ (Good work Lucien, keep me updated.)

‘Je vais frère.’ (I will brother.) I said before disconnecting the call now all I had to do was keep a safe distance between me and them so I could tell Dom exactly where they were.

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