Kidnapped by the Mafia

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21 - Devil’s Den

Lucien Spiritol

Me and Beau headed down to devil’s den. We had a feeling in our gut that told us Amile would be there tonight after we had caught hers and her dad’s phone conversation. I was quiet surprised to hear how ice talked to her father, for fuck sake she was sixteen if she was my child no way in hell would I have talked to her like that or called her such indescrete names. Though she hadn’t confided everything in Beau we could tell she wasn’t tainted and all other information we had in her told us her only boyfriend was Andrew Anders and that they had been together round six months and he had got pretty demanding with her over the summer so much so he was trying to take her away from her friends so he could have her all to himself, he was a controlling asshole and she’d seen straight through his facade. She was a most impressive girl for her age she took no shit Dom was going to have some fun with this one they were like two peas in a pod chalk and chalk there would be no cheese in this relationship. I had no idea what the future held for Amile right now, but I knew one thing they were not polar opposites they were both strong willed and fought for what they believed in, it was just a pity they weren’t going to meet in better circumstances someone like her would fit in well in our life style. She has a mob boss for a father and a doctor for a mother. If she learned to combine the two she’d be a great asset to us. Let’s just hope Dom sees her like I did. I know Beau likes her company. They’re like brother and sister. They lean on each other. I’ve seen a change in him which worries me if Dom decides to end her life he won’t hesitate in standing in his way and taking the bullet for her. I’m not sure how Dan and Deon will react to any decisions that Dom makes. I know she’s like a daughter to them and I’m not sure they’ll be ready to give that all up and not get shot dead for it. So that brings me back to the now and why we are heading to devil’s den. I have already called Dan and the meeting is set for an hour, then we’ll be watching the main fight between ice and some Icelandic dude named predictor. I can’t wait to see her moves. They impressed me the first time but this time I’m going to video the fight and send it to Dom.

I pulled up outside devils den, me and Beau got out of the car closing the doors.

«Laissez-moi parler. Je veux voir comment ils réagissent à ce qui va se passer dans quelques mois. » (Let me do all the talking. I want to see how they react to what will go down in a few months’ time.)

«Bien sûr patron.» (Sure boss.)

We headed inside and went straight to the office knocking on the door.

‘C’est ouvert.’ (It’s open.)

I nodded at Beau, our guns in their holders just in case it all goes to shits.

I opened the door heading in Beau behind me.

«Fermez la porte et asseyez-vous.». (Close the door and take a seat.)

I looked back at Beau and nodded. He closed the door and we made our way across the office and sat down on the chairs in front of Dan’s desk.

«Alors pourquoi avez-vous convoqué cette réunion Lucien?» (So why did you call this meeting Lucien?’)

«Je veux juste vous informer de tout ce qui se passera dans les prochains mois.»

(I just want to make you aware of everything that will be happening in the next few months.)

«Il n’ya pas besoin de Lucien. Nous travaillons tous sous Dominique. Nous savons tous que nous travaillons selon son code et que nous n’allons pas à l’encontre de celui-ci, sinon nous aurions une balle dans la tête. ». (There’s no need for Lucien. We all work under Dominique. We all know we work by his code and don’t go against it or we’d get a bullet to the head.)

Good he still knew the protocol if anyone dared to go against us.

«Cela m’amène à la prochaine chose à l’ordre du jour. Dom arrivera ici le mois prochain et il veut que tout soit en forme de navire. ». (That brings me to the next thing on the agenda. Dom will be arriving here in the next month and he wants everything to be in ship shape.)

«Ce sera Lucien, je vous le garantis.» (It will be Lucien I guarantee you that.)

‘Bien.’ (Good.)

«Alors, quel est le plan Lucien? Est-ce que Dom va juste venir ici et emmener Amy?

(So what’s the plan Lucien? Is Dom just going to come over here and take Amy?)

’Non. Il me rejoindra à ma résidence avec Beau. Nous surveillerons toujours la maison Cromwell pour toute activité inhabituelle et la maison où Amile et sa mère se retirent.“. (No. He’ll be joining me at my residence with Beau. We’ll still be watching the Cromwell house for any unusual activities and the home where Amile and her mother are receding.)

«Faites attention Lucien si Harry a l’impression que l’un de vous est ici, il courra et trouvera sa femme et sa fille et les emmènera dans la clandestinité afin que vous ne puissiez jamais les trouver..» (Be careful Lucien if Harry gets any inclination that any of you are here he will run and find his wife and daughter and take them into hiding so you’ll never be able to find them.)

“Nous le ferons Dan, mais pour être clair, nous atteignons toujours notre objectif, quel que soit le temps que cela prendra.” (We will Dan, but to make it clear we always get our target no matter how long it takes.)

«Est-ce qu’elle va bien, Amy va-t-elle bien?» (Will she be okay, will Amy be okay?)

«Honnêtement, je ne sais pas que c’est à Dom ce qu’il veut faire avec elle pas moi, Harry Cromwell lui doit près d’un million sans aucune autre dette en souffrance qu’il avait avec d’autres gangs. Il a de la chance que ce soit Dom et pas quelqu’un d’autre car elle serait morte maintenant.». (I honestly don’t know it’s up to Dom what he wants to do with her not me, Harry Cromwell owes him almost a million without any other outstanding debts he had with other gangs. He’s lucky that it’s Dom and not anyone else cause she’d be dead right now.)

Deon got out of his chair angrily and walked away slamming the door behind him.

«Ne fais pas attention à lui, Lucien, lui et Amy sont très proches.» (Don’t mind him, Lucien, he and Amy are very close.)

«Il n’interférera avec rien de tout cela. Sera-t-il?′ (He won’t interfere with any of this. Will he?)

«Non, il connaît sa place et ce qu’il faut faire.» (No he knows his place and what has to be done.’)

‘Esperons-le.’ (Let’s hope so.) I looked at Dan. ‘Et vous allez vous retirer et nous laisser faire ce qui doit être fait?’ (And you are you going to step down and let us do what has to be done?)

«Elle est comme une fille pour moi Lucien. Je prends soin d’elle depuis qu’elle a treize ans, non, je ne suis pas d’accord avec ça, mais je sais aussi ce qu’il fallait faire juste essayer de la garder en sécurité.». (She’s like a daughter to me Lucien I’ve taken care of her since she was thirteen no I’m not okay with this, but I also know what had to be done just try to keep her safe.’

I nodded. «Je vais essayer.» (I shall try.)

«Alors, allons-nous tous passer? il est presque temps pour l’événement principal. »

(So, shall we all go through? it’s almost time for the main event.) He said, smiling happily.

Deon walked back in smelling of cigarettes, guess he needed time to process everything that was about to go down. ‘Come on Bro Ice is up next let’s see her whoop ass.’ He chuckled.

Deon laughed. I smirked. I couldn’t believe that we were about to each Amile Cromwell in yet another fight.

We walked into the club and the bartenders filled our glasses with whisky as we watched the final fight of the evening, the announcer shouting the fighters names out across the mic to the crowd as they all screamed. I set up my phone to record the fight. It was exciting to watch me Dom and Andre had watched many fights in our time, but this one was far the best no one would’ve guessed ice was a sixteen year old girl unless they knew her personally like some of the fighters, staff and management did, Dan had done well with her. I’d seen those moves many times, but they looked so effortless as she contoured them from the beginning to the end of the fight when the snap was loud and silenced the whole crowd. Shit she’d broke his ribs and by the looks of it his nose. Shit.

‘Mon dieu.’ Beau snapped me out of my thoughts. He wasn’t wrong though. My God. I’d never seen such a move.

‘The winner, Ice !’ He said holding her arm up in the air the droid went wild and I smirked, ending the video sending it to Dom. ‘Jetez un œil à ce frère, vous serez agréablement surpris.’ (Take a look at this brother you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

Dominique Carbone

I opened my video message after my mobile vibrated across the desk seeing Lucien’s name flash across it with a message. “Jetez un œil à ce frère, vous serez agréablement surpris.”

I watched the videos he sent of me he must’ve been at the devil’s den. He’d told me he was going to talk to Dan. I guess it went well as he had sent me a video of the last fight. I was intrigued as to why he had sent it to me. I watched in anticipation the fight was in full swing. They both moved pretty quick but this ice character had something else: they were light on their feet, their punches and kicks were effortless. It was like watching one of my men sparring, but better. I needed to know everything Lucien had mentioned that Amile was fighting there, but this this fighter couldn’t be her there was too much quickness in their moves and so much flexibility that only a mafia man like myself. I knew me Lucien and Andre had trained our men so we knew when we saw those exact same moves, ways, was ice mafia? or had they been trained by the mafia? My thoughts were running wild when their next move made me on edge; the crack was simple and fast; they had broken the other fighter’s ribs and nose.

I messaged Lucien I needed to know who this fighter was and who had taught them those moves.

“Frère, je veux savoir qui diable était dans le ring en train de se battre?” (Brother I want to know who the hell was in the ring fighting?) I typed, sending it.

“Glace.” (Ice.) He replied

Imbécile. “Je sais que ce n’est pas le mec du nom de scène du gars, son vrai nom.” (I know that not the guy’s stage name dude, his real name.) I countered.

“Le combattant n’est pas un lui, c’est une elle et c’est Amile.” (The fighter is not a he, it’s a she and it’s Amile.)

«Ce qui n’est même pas possible. Qui lui a appris à se battre comme ça? (What that’s not even fucking possible. Who taught her how to fight like that ?) I typed back.

«Dan l’entraîne depuis qu’elle a treize ans, Dom. Je vous l’ai déjà dit. Elle va bien hugh? “. (Dan has been training her since she was thirteen, Dom. I already told you this. She’s good hugh?)

“Elle est.” (She is.)

«Pensez-vous que nous pouvons la garder avec elle? Nous avons besoin de quelqu’un comme elle de notre côté. Elle est rapide et fiévreuse. (Do you think we can keep her around? We need someone like her on our side. She’s quick and fiesty.)

It would be a good idea, but I wasn’t sure how the guys would take to a teenage girl training with them. “On verra.” (We’ll see.)

“Rendez-vous dans un mois Dom et réfléchissez à ce que j’ai dit.“(See you in a month Dom and think about what I said.)

“Je vais un frère d’un mois. Un frère d’un mois.” (I will one month brother.)I text back.

One more month. And I’d be in the U.K. planning my next move. I had to get her here before anyone else realised what I was planning. There were so many mafia gangs after Cromwell I had to keep tabs on all of them, making sure they didn’t hit before I did. One in particular was the Andres, we all knew his plan to take Amile as payment and she was to become his wife whether she wanted it or not. That would never happen, not even over my dead body. She would be in safe hands with Lucien and Andre if it ever came to that. We knew he was planning to marry her when school was out, so we had to act fast and take her after the prom, we just hoped it wouldn’t be too late.

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