Kidnapped by the Mafia

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22 - 1 month later - Landing and getting our plans into action

Lucian Spiritol

Dominique’s private jet would be landing soon. We’d been planning this for the last year, but he needed to be here earlier than planned with everything going on. I’d kept him up to date with everything she hadn’t even told her closest friends that she had moved out of her mother and fathers house with her mother. Things seem a lot calmer now that they were away from Harry Cromwell. I’d never heard such trash come out of one man’s mouth about their wife and child, it was disgusting. She’d ended up changing her number so she didn’t have to deal with his shit anymore and I couldn’t blame her either. We’d made sure that her and her mother were safe where they were and no one other than us would ever find them.

Beau was now one of her closest friends apart from Dan and Dion she’d confided in him what was actually going on at home and why they had left. It looked like they had both had enough of that thieving bastard. Her mother still worked as a doctor, but had been relocated closer to where they were living, she was doing well in her new job and Amile was still attending the All Saints High with her friends and of course Beau. If I didn’t know any better I’d have said that there was something going on between the two of them. But there wasn’t Beau knew not to get involved with the target from any angle; he had one job, to befriend her and get her to trust him. And he was doing a pretty good job of it too.

Me and Beau got into the car heading towards the airport, two other cars following us one was at the front of us one at the back just in case any of the english Mafia/mob decided to shoot at us.

We reached the airport pulling up onto our private airfield. The jet gushed loudly as it came over to the top of us, it’s wheels coming out steadily but surely. It bounced in impact with the ground. It slowed and suddenly stopped. The door opened and the stairs descended. There he was in all his glory; Dominique Carbone, he was a chip off the old block though we were not blood related brothers we were brothers nonetheless. As always in a tailored dark suit and shiny shoes, dark sunglasses. I shook my head with a chuckle only Dom could pull off wearing shades in the spring. Behind him was my other brother from another mother; Andre Commons, he too had a suit on navy blue and a pair of caterpillar shoes these two never sealed to amaze me. We were all in our late twenties heading for thirty, but we looked damn good.

«Frères bienvenus en Angleterre.» (Brothers welcome to England.)

They smirked as they took their last step onto the runway.

«Frère, c’est bon de te voir.» (Brother it’s good to see you.)

«Toi à Dom, André.» (You to Dom, Andre.) I said as we hugged.

They looked at Beau. «J’espère que vous vous êtes bien comporté, jeune homme.»

(I hope you’ve been behaving yourself, young man.)

«Oui, monsieur.» (Yes I have sir.) He said, bowing in his head.

Dominique nodded. «Bien, montons dans la voiture et dirigons-nous vers la maison de ville.»(Good let’s get into the car and head to the townhouse.)

I nodded.

Dominique and Andre followed behind us. Beau opened the back door and they slid in. Beau closed the door and we both got in the front of the car, closing the doors before I pulled away heading away from our private airfield for the hour drive back to the townhouse I had rented out for the time that we were here.’

Andre Commons

I looked around the countryside as we sat silently in the back of the car, the soft rock ballads playing in the background. I’ve missed this place. It brings back both good and bad memories. This place is where I lost my father, as did Dom and Lucien. Around ten years ago before we took over the Mafia from them they had been targeted by the Anders. We couldn’t believe those assholes were still out here living and breathing and their youngest happens to be at the same school as our target.

«Que pensez-vous d’André?» (What are you thinking about Andre?) Dom asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.

‘Le passé.’ (The past.)

He nodded understanding that I really didn’t want to talk about the topic they both were with me when our fathers were shot. It gave us all nightmares for a very long time and we vowed from that day forward we would kill every last one of them and we intended to.

Dominique Carbone

The flight was long and quiet so I listened to some music as I concentrated on the work I had to get finished before we landed and got to the town house. We didn’t want to cause any suspicion to any of us, we all reeked of money and power. So we opted for a simple town house where all of us including some of our men would stay even if we had to bunk in with each other. When the jet landed I took my head out and closed my MacBook. Getting up stretching my legs god they were so stiff.

We made our way to the front of the jet getting off. The first person I saw was Lucien with a wide smile planted on his face. I grinned as we all greated one another hugging. I still can’t believe it’s been eight months since we last saw each other. We all made our way to the car and got in. Lucien pulled away heading towards our new home for the next month or two. I saw Andre out of the corner of my eye staring out of the window so I asked him what he was thinking about and he told me “Le passé.” (The past.)

I nodded and left it at that.

I knew how cut up he was after losing his father, hell we all were, all our fathers had died out here cause of those damn Andres. We all lost a piece of our lives that day. Our fathers were the greatest and most feared mafia bosses in France, but the Andres had plans to get rid of us all but it failed. There are only a few of them left in existence today and they happen to be where Amile Cromwell is and we intend to take the last family down while we are here. Then our plan will begin.

We finally got to the town house and got out of the car, heading inside. “Rencontre dans une heure les gars.” (Meeting in one hour guys.)

They nodded and we headed upstairs and Lucien showed us to our rooms where we showered and changed ready for our meeting.

We all met in the dining room. Sitting down. «Alors, tout est-il prêt Lucien?» (So have we everything ready Lucien?)

‘Oui frère.’ (Yes brother.)

I nodded. «Nous devons le faire rapidement. Comme vous m’avez dit qu’Andrew Anders allait prendre Amile Cromwell pour sa femme et que son père a accepté cela car il lui doit une somme substantielle, n’est-ce pas? ” (We need to do this quickly. As you told me that Andrew Anders is going to take Amile Cromwell for his wife and her father has agreed to this as he owes him a substantial amount of money am I right?)

‘Oui frère. Nous avons vérifié.’ (Yes brother. We checked.) Lucien said, handing me the file.

«Tout est là-dedans frère. Harry a des prêts des Andres depuis une dizaine d’années et dernièrement, il a eu affaire à Andrew Anders car il succèdera à son père Christopher Andres une fois qu’il aura terminé ses études, car il est le seul héritier d’Anders” (It’s all in there brother. Harry has been having loans off the Andres for around ten years and lately he has been dealing with Andrew Anders as he will be taking over from his father Christopher Andres once he finishes college as he is the only Andres heir.)

I nodded. «Alors Beau, comment s’est passée la rentrée scolaire?» (So Beau, how has going back to school been?)

«Ça craint.». (It sucks.)

I laughed. “Encore quelques mois et vous pourrez revenir à la normale.” (Only a few more months and you can get back to normality.)

He nodded.

«Alors, avez-vous rencontré des problèmes?»(So have you come across any problems?)

“Aucun que je ne peux gérer.” (None I can’t handle.)

’Bien. Et cet Andrew Andres va-t-il être un problème? » (Good. And this Andrew Andres is he going to be a bother?)

«Il me déteste, mais non.» (He hates me, but no.)

“Bien garder un œil sur lui, assurez-vous qu’il ne fait aucun mouvement brusque sur Amile.” (Good keep a close eye on him make sure that he doesn’t make any sudden moves on Amile.)

‘Ça ira.’(Will do.)

I looked around the dining room at everyone.

«Bien, le plan est simple vu que Beau a réussi à gagner la confiance d’Amile au cours des huit derniers mois, je voudrais qu’il l’accompagne au bal.». (Right, the plan is simple seen as Beau has managed to gain Amile’s trust over the last eight months. I would like him to accompany her to the prom.)

«Et la Dominique de son amie?» (What about her friend’s Dominique?)

‘Et eux?’(What about them?)

«Ils veulent tous aller ensemble.» (They are all on about going together.)

«Alors vous irez tous ensemble.» (Then you will all go together.)

“Alors, quel est le plan Dom?” (So what’s the plan Dom?) Lucien asked.

«Eh bien, c’est assez simple. Je veux que Beau fasse sortir Amile du bal. Je vais envoyer des hommes pour donner l’impression qu’ils sont retenus en otage. » (Well it’s quite simple. I want Beau to get Amile out of the prom. I’ll send some men in to make it look like they are being held hostage.)

«Et ses amis?» (What about her friends?)

‘Et eux?’ (What about them?)

“Vous ne pouvez pas les laisser là-bas.” (You can’t leave them there.)

‘Je peux.’ (I can.)

«Pouvons-nous simplement les déposer à la maison et emmener Amile avec nous?». (Can we just drop them home and take Amile with us?) Beau asked, nervously he sure had got close to her and her friends.

I grinned.

«Ça pourrait marcher. Vous vous assurez qu’ils se mettent en sécurité lorsque les hommes entrent dans le couloir et les font monter dans la voiture et rentrent en toute sécurité une fois que vous serez assez loin du dernier dépôt, nous monterons dans la voiture et lui donnerons quelque chose qui la fera dormir jusqu’à ce que nous sommes de retour au manoir sommes-nous tous d’accord? (Could work. You make sure they get out to safety as the men enter the hall and gets them into the car and home safely once your far enough away from the last drop off we’ll get into the car and give her something that will make her sleep until we’re back at the mansion are we all in agreeance?) I asked, looking around at everyone.

They all nodded.

‘Nous sommes frères.’ (We are brother.) Lucien and Andre said in unicen.

“Bien maintenant, mangeons, je suis putain de fatigue.” (Good now let’s eat I’m fucking tired.)

Yes I always, tended to speak in French call me arrogant I really don’t give a fuck, but you never know who is listening in on your conversation, you never know if there is a mole hiding underneath your nose ready to spring you to your death.

They all laughed as the maids walked through placing all the dishes on the table before leaving and we all tucked in before we all retired to bed. This is going to be a long month until we get what we came here for.

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