Kidnapped by the Mafia

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23 - Secrets and lies

«Juste pour ce soir, je veux aller dans la fosse aux démons et voir comment l’endroit se porte et je veux m’assurer que Dan a tous les livres à jour.» (Right for tonight only I want to go to the devils’ den and see how the place is doing and I want to make sure that Dan has all the books up to date.)

«Tout ce que tu veux, mon frère.» (Anything you want brother.)

Around eight on we got into the car heading to the devils den. We had our men with us. We hadn’t been in England in ten years since the Andres had killed everyone we loved. But now we are back with unfinished business. We arrived at the devil’s den in twenty minutes I sure hoped I get to see at least a glimpse of Amile, I already know her fighting name is ice for safety reasons, I’m glad Dan had made everyone aware that they all had to have a fighters name, I also wanted to know why she had called herself ice as far as I am aware for the information Lucien has shared with me she’s a very delightful teenage girl that has lots of friends and admirers, one in particular Andrew Anders someone we’d have to illuminate to for fill our quest.

We all got out of the cars people outside smoking gave us questionable looks to say “what the hell are you doing here? You don’t belong here”, but news flash. We do! For one this establishment.

We went through the back door and knocked on the door that had a private plaque on it. ‘Enter.’

We all stepped in. Dan’s face dropped. «Nous allons dire quelque chose.» (We’ll say something.)

“Dom, quelle agréable surprise.” Dit-il en se levant de sa chaise en marchant vers nous. “Je ne m’attendais pas à vous voir avant au moins un mois.” (Dom, what a pleasant surprise.’ He said getting up off his chair walking towards us .’I didn’t expect to see you for at least another month.) He said, giving me a bro hug which I reciprocated.

«Tu me connais Dan, j’aime faire une grande entrée et je suis toujours plein de surprises.» (You know me Dan I like to make a grand entrance and I’m always full of surprises.)


«Oubliez-vous un frère?» (Are you forgetting someone brother?)

He looked over at Andre and smiled and they bro hugged. ’Ça fait longtemps. André.» (It’s been a long time. Andre.)

«Trop long frère.» (Too long bother.)

«Alors qu’est-ce que je dois le plaisir?» (So what do I owe the pleasure?)

«Bien vu que je suis à la campagne, j’aimerais voir les livres et voir comment se passe le flux de ce palais.». (Well seen as I’m in the country, I’d like to see the books and see how the flow of this palace is going.)

«Bien sûr Dom. Je vais juste prendre la paperasse à moins que vous ne souhaitiez consulter le formulaire de la tablette. » (Sure Dom. I’ll just grab the paper work unless you want to look at the tablet form.)

“La tablette fera l’affaire, ils racontent tous la même histoire.” (Tablet will do, they all tell the same story.)

He nodded. ‘S’il vous plait, asseyez vous.’ (Please take a seat.)

‘Je pensais que tu ne demanderais jamais.’ (Thought you’d never ask.) I grinned.

He laughed as we all sat down.

He typed in a code on his Tablet before bringing up the in goings and outgoings of the devil’s den. «Vous serez agréablement surpris Dom, cet endroit tourne plus d’un million en une semaine, certaines semaines sont meilleures que d’autres.» (You’ll be pleasantly surprised Dom, this place turns over a million in a week some weeks are better than others.)

I nodded and looked through all of the data dating back ten years. The best income started three years ago when this ice character came into the cage and it seemed to get higher and higher especially this year.

«L’endroit se débrouille suffisamment bien Dan quel est votre secret et vous ne pouvez pas dire que c’est juste un combattant qui apporte tout cela?» (The place is doing sufficiently well Dan what’s your secret and you can’t say it’s just one fighter that brings all of this in?)

«Je mentirais si je disais que non. Nous avons eu quelques années difficiles Dom. Nous avions les meilleurs combattants mais personne ne s’intéressait à eux. Ils voulaient voir de nouveaux visages, puis est venu la glace que personne ne connaissait le sexe des combattants, ou l’orientation qu’ils venaient de voir, la perspective d’un nouveau et jeune combattant qui avait les compétences les plus étonnantes. Tout le monde voulait voir Ice, tout le monde voulait avoir la chance de combattre la glace et ils l’ont fait. L’argent est arrivé et il ne s’est jamais arrêté. » (I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. We had a few hard years Dom. We had the top fighters yet no one was interested in them. They wanted to see new faces, then came ice no one knew the fighters gender or orientation they just saw prospect in a new and young fighter that had the most amazing skills. Everyone wanted to see Ice, everyone wanted to get the chance to fight ice and they did. The money came rolling in and it never stopped.)

«Je vais devoir voir cette glace et voir à quel point elle est bonne pour moi.» (I’ll have to see this ice and see how good they are for myself.)

«Tu viens la bonne nuit Dom Ice se bat ce soir, en dernier» (You come on the right night Dom ice is fighting tonight, up last)

«Pourquoi durer?» (Why last?)

«Ice aime la montée d’adrénaline en regardant tous les autres concurrents se battre pour donner le buzz avant d’entrer dans la cage. Tu devras le voir par toi-même Dom pour le croire. ” (Ice likes the adrenaline rush watching all the other competitors fighting to give the buzz before getting into the cage. You’ll have to see it for yourself Dom to believe it.)

«Je ne peux pas attendre.». (I can’t wait.’)

After our meeting we all went to watch the fights, ones I wasn’t interested in I was only interested in the last one, the one that Ice was fighting in. I smirked as the commentator reeled off the fighters’ names. I watched intently from start to finish. I could tell this girl had been trained but the best I wondered what her story was behind starting cage fighting I know girls done it, I wanted to know what she did in particular.

She was wild. I could see why she called herself ice. She sure was as cold as ice one stare would freeze you on the spot and she sure was the fire of the fight, she was fast and preconceived with all of her moves, every hit, every punch, every kick. I could now understand why Dan made money the nights she was fighting she was like an angle in devils clothing and I just wanted to rip them off and fuck it out of her.

Fuck what the hell am I saying. She pinned her opponent down and had their arm twisted back in an arm lock they were screaming and cursing as she added more pressure before she snapped it back. We all winced that it was one of our most deadly moves I said one. The other fighter tapped out screaming. Ice was announced the winner and the whole club cheered. Holy shit I’ve never seen a fight as good as this one even the ones between my men. They weren’t anything like this. My dick was twitching, shit down boy.

She stepped out of the ring and walked over to Dan and they hugged and he congratulated her. ‘Ice, I’d like you to meet some good friends of mine.’

‘Okay but I really need a shower.’

‘Please it won’t take long.’

‘Okay.’ She sighed and followed him over to us.

‘Ice these are my good friends Dom. Lucien and Andre are here on holidays.’

‘Nice to meet you.’ She said smiling

‘You too.’ Lucien and Andre chimed before shaking her hand.

She looked at me and I swallowed hard. Then I looked at her and she was entrancing me. I’d only seen her photos but they didn’t do her any justice. ‘Dominique.’ I said holding out my hand.

‘Ice.’ She said, placing her hand on mine. I gripped around it.

So she wasn’t giving her true face away, good girl Dan had taught her well. I smiled now I could see what Beau saw in her and why he wanted to keep her safe. I had more than one idea what I wanted to do with her and killing her was not on the cards, not for now anyway.

I shook her hand and she shivered. I grinned knowing I had that effect on her. “Bientôt ma fleur sauvage.” (Soon my wild flower.) ‘It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Dan has told us all about you.’

‘All good I hope.’

“Better than good.” I wanted to say. But chose to say the opposite. ‘Mostly. He said you were the best fighter he has and for once I can say.’ I looked at her and she looked nervous as she swallowed hard. ‘You’re past my expectations. Have you ever thought about doing this professionally?’

‘Thanks, I prefer not to brag. No I haven’t, my parents want me to go to college,to further my education and get a good job.’

‘Very wise, but if you change your mind just let Dan know.’

‘I will thanks.’ She said smiling.

Fuck that smile was making me hard agian. Control yourself Dom just a few more month’s and you’ll be able to do what you want with her. I grinned at that thought I wanted to play with my Bientôt ma fleur sauvage.

‘I don’t mean to seem rude but I really have to shower and change. Deon is my ride home, and seeing as he’s not here tonight I can’t keep him waiting.’

‘Sure. It was nice to meet you.’

‘You too.’

She smiled and walked away. I had made it my vow to get to know this girl when she joined us in France. I knew we’d have problems getting the money off her father the longer he kept us hanging the better.

I stood outside, it was getting close to leaving for the night. The guys were all catching up but the office was way too stuffy for my liking and way too many bodies in one place was not my forte. I watched as the Harley pulled up, surprised to see Dion.

We hadn’t seen him in the den all night. I had to make a mental note to see him before we left in July. He handed her a helmet and she put it on getting on the back of the bike gracefully raising her hands on the tee-shirt he was wearing before he pulled away.

‘There you are.’ Lucien said from behind me.

‘Yeah here I am.’

‘What are you doing out here Dom?’

‘Getting some fresh air.’

‘More like spying on a certain girl.’ He said grinning, wiggling his eyebrows.

‘She just left.’

‘So you out here perving on her?’

‘No. I was getting fresh air, Lucien. She just happened to be out here to getting on the back of Deon’s motorbike.’

‘Sure.’ He said, smirking.

‘Let’s go, we have an early start in the morning.’ I said bluntly I didn’t need or want to deal with his interrogations right now.

‘So we’re going to pay Cromwell a visit?’

I grinned evilly. ‘We need him to know who not to mess with.’

‘Sure Dom. I’ll let the others know.’

I nodded finishing my cigarette.

He walked back in to inform the others of our departure. I stamped on the butt of the cigarette with my foot making sure it was out I wasn’t going to be held responsible for starting a fire. Dan came out and we bro hugged, telling him we’d catch up soon before we returned home. We all got into the car heading for the rented townhouse.

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