Kidnapped by the Mafia

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24 - The warning


Everyone had piled into the three cars and we were all on the way to the Cromwell’s residence we all knew he hadn’t moved, we’d been watching him since his wife and daughter had moved out. Dom seemed a little distant this morning like his head was somewhere else. I knew he was thinking about Amile. She had peaked his interest. I smirked.

«Qu’est-ce que vous souriez? Vous avez l’air d’un imbécile. » (What are you smirking at? You look like a fool.)

«Je pense juste à la nuit dernière et à quel point ça s’est bien passé.» (Just thinking about last night and how well it went.)

«Ça s’est bien passé, non?» (It did go well, didn’t it?)

«Oui, c’est fait.» (Yes it did.) I looked at him. “Y a-t-il quelque chose que vous aimeriez dire, Dom?” (Is there something you’d like to say, Dom?)

He quirked an eyebrow looking directly at me. ‘À propos de quoi?’ (About what?)

‘Glace.’ (Ice.)

He swallowed hard.

«C’était une bonne combattante.» (She was a good fighter.)

‘Juste bien?’ (Just good?’) I questioned.

«D’accord, elle était vraiment très heureuse?» (Okay fine she was fucking amazing happy?)

I smirked. «Je le savais, je le savais.» (I knew it, I knew it.)

«Tu savais ce que tu me perdais Lucien?» (Knew what you’re losing me Lucien?)

«Tu aimes la glace ou devrais-je dire Amile.» (You like ice or should I say Amile.) I said, wiggling my eyebrows.

«Va te faire foutre Lucien. Je ne suis pas intéressé Shes la putain de cible, je pensais juste qu’elle pourrait donner à nos gars une partie de leur argent. » (Fuck you Lucien. I’m not interested. Shes the fucking target I just thought she could give our guys a run of their money.)

‘Oui peut importe.’ (Yeah whatever.)

«Nous sommes ici patron.» (We’re here boss.)

The car stopped and we got out. We knew he’d be home we’d kept tabs on his working hours, when he got to work, lunch and when he left and got home. It was now six pm and he should be home right now.

«Les bons gars. Je te veux à l’arrière et sur les côtés de cette maison au cas où il essaierait de s’échapper. (Right guys. I want you around the back and sides of this house just in case he tries to escape.)

‘Oui patron.’ (Yes boss.)

We all separated. Me, Dom and Andre went to the front door there was nothing more intimidating than three large bulky guys at your door. I rang the bell, we waited for a few seconds then I tried agian still nothing, where the fuck was he? We’d watched him for months and his routine was always the same day in day out. I kept ringing the bell, getting more and more frustrated. «Je vais enfoncer la putain de porte Dom s’il ne répond pas.» (I’m going to kick the fucking door down Dom if he doesn’t answer.) I gritted out, vexed.

Dom nodded. The door opened to a man in his mid fifties in all of his glory. ‘Good evening Mr. Cromwell we are here to get what you owe us.’ I said in a deep defying tone.

He took one look at us and muttered “shit”, and turned and ran, do these idiots never learn that we are never alone?

We stormed through the house after him.

Shit he was fast.

Alexandre walked through dangling him in the air. Well it looks like he wasn’t that fast after all. “Il se dirigeait vers le patron des portes arrière.” (He was heading out the back gates boss.)

«Mettez-le dans le siège et assurez-vous qu’il ne bouge pas d’un pouce tant que nous n’avons pas terminé. (Put him in the seat and make sure he doesn’t move an inch until we’re done.)

‘Oui patron.’ (Yes boss.)

He walked over to the single chair dropping him onto it pushing his hands down on Harry’s shoulders so he could move an inch even if he tried. We all walked over to him, but Dom being Dom spoke for all of us. ‘I’m really disappointed in you Harry. Give you an inch and you’ll take a mile.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr. Carbone.’

‘Oh I think you do, or shall I remind you?’ Dom asked, getting closer. ‘There’s a little thing called you owe me a quarter of a million, Harry and I’m here to get it from you.’

‘I’m sorry I haven’t got it, but I swear I’ll get it to you?’

Dominique shook his head. ‘Harry, Harry, don’t waste my time or my patience. I want my money.’

‘You’ll get it I swear.’


‘Soon. I swear.’

‘You have till summer vacation Harry, then you won’t like what I will do and that’s not a waring, that’s a fucking promise.’

‘I’ll get it for you, please don’t hurt my family.’

‘You know I can’t promise you that Harry, this is just a warning Harry. If you fail to pay me back what you owe me then I Will Not hesiste on fucking you over.’ He grinned evilly then looked at us. ‘Allons-y.’ (Let’s go.)

“Alors nous le laissons juste ici, pas de coups?” (So we’re just leaving him here, no beating?)

‘Pour l’instant.’ (For now.)

«Tu n’es pas drôle Dom.» (Your no fun Dom.)

‘Bientôt.’ (Soon.)

We all nodded and left the Cromwell residence leaving Harry Cromwell with something to think about.

“Pensez-vous qu’il paiera Dom?” (Do you think he’ll pay up Dom?’)

«S’il sait ce qui est bon pour lui et sa famille, oui.» (If he knows what’s good for him and his family, yes.)

We all got into the cars and drove away.

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