Kidnapped by the Mafia

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26 - End of the headache

June is finally here and it’s the last and final exam and we leave this hell hell for good. I met with my friends outside the main hall for our last exam together. ‘I can’t wait till this exam is finally over.’

‘Me too.’

‘I’ll third that.’

‘So what are you girls doing after the exams?’

‘We’re just hanging, what about you Beau?’

‘Not much.’

‘Why don’t you come hang with us.’

‘No offence but I really don’t want to hang around shops all day while you lot try on everything in them.’

They all laughed.

‘Come on Beau.’

‘Yeah come on Beau, have you even got your tux for prom?’

‘I’m not going.’

‘Oh yes you are you can be all of our dates.’

‘All of your dates. Is that right?’

‘It is.’

‘So Amy I’m going to be your date too?’

‘That’s what Drew said.’ She replied in a dugh sound

He grinned. ‘I’d love to go with all of you, we’re all friends, so hell yeah.’ He said, grinning widely.

‘Cool, we’ll all go to the shopping center and get gist up for this.’

They all smiled before all of the year elevens were called into the great hall for their final; exam they all found their seats getting their pens, pencils, rulers ext out read for their exam listening to the tutor vent on about not to do during an exam and how long and when the exam would finish.

They all bowed their heads continuing in silence. Working their exam papers until the tutor called time and they all sighed with relief they all left the great hall row by row once their exam papers were handed in, meeting outside the three girls squealed glad their days at All Saints High were finished. ‘Well at least that’s the end of a headache.’

‘Yeah, but unfortunately the next one will be at the shopping center.’ Beau pointed out.

‘Stop being such a drama queen Beau. We all have to look our best for prom. Let’s go.’

‘Let’s get some serious shopping done.’

Beau got his mobile out, sending a text to Lucien to let him know of his plans.

“Aller faire du shopping avec Amile et ses amis à la recherche de merde de bal.” (Going to go shopping with Amile and her friends looking for prom shit.)

«Appelle-moi quand tu as terminé.» (Call me when you’re done.)

‘D’accord.’ (Okay.)

He slipped his mobile into his pocket.

They all linked arms pulling Beau into the center heading out of the school.

Two hours later they’d all surrendered and found perfect dresses for the prom and even found Beau a perfect one off tux. They all sat down eating.

‘Well that was fun.’

‘If you say so’

‘You’re no fun Beau.’

‘May I remind you I’m a man not a girl.’

‘A man hugh?’

‘I am.’

‘You’re still a teenager Beau, so may I remind you you are still technically a boy.’

‘We best be heading home.’

Beau sent Lucien letting him know that they were done with their shopping spree.

«Nous avons terminé Lucien.» (We’re finished Lucien.)

«Je serai là dans cinq.» (I’ll be there in five.)

‘D’accord.’ (Okay.)

‘Mal de crâne?’ (Headache?)

’Oui. (Yes.)

‘Are you coming, Beau?’

‘You guys carry on, I’m waiting for my lift home.’

‘Okay. We’ll see you around seven next Friday for the prom.’

‘Sure wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ He smiled.

They all hugged him goodbye before leaving him alone to wait for Lucien.

The car horn blasted and he pulled himself up off the bench heading for the BMW X5. He opened the door sliding in closing the, putting his belt on before Lucien pulled away. «Alors, comment avez-vous apprécié votre virée shopping?» (So how did you enjoy your shopping spree?)

“Urgh, j’ai un mal de tête aussi gros que la semaine prochaine.” (Urgh, I have a headache as big as next week.)

Lucien laughed out loudly. ‘Femmes.’ (Women.’)

«Ouais les femmes.» (Yeah women.’)

«Alors tu as vu sa robe?» (So did you see her dress?)

«Tu te moques de moi? Ils m’ont tous refusé. J’ai dû attendre le bal pour voir leur «sexy»! » (Are you fucking kidding me? They all refused me told me. I had to wait till prom to see their “sexiness!”)

His laughter boomed. «Et votre smoking? L’ont-ils vu? » (And your tux? Have they seen it?)

«Putain non. Je leur ai dit que si je ne pouvais pas voir leur sensualité, ils ne le pourraient pas non plus. (Fuck no. I told them if I couldn’t see their sexiness neither could they.)

He howled cursing. ’Merde! vous, les enfants d’aujourd’hui, êtes putain de halari. »(Fuck! you kids today are fucking halarious.)

«Mmh.» (Mmh.)

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