Kidnapped by the Mafia

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27 - killing you silently

Everyone piled onto the two cars Beau had gone to pick up Amile and her friends in the limo as planned, as they went to the Anderson’s mansion to take them down. They had yet to collect their money from Harry Cromwell; he was hiding out of plain sight so they couldn’t find him to beat him to a pulp and get their money before putting a bullet through him.

Andrew was attending the prom where the rest of Dominique’s men would be in around an hour making sure that they had announced the king and queen, before they were in guns blazing the plan was a good one, all Beau had to do was get her friends out safely to the limo which one if his men was driving and take ten all home, leaving only Amile and Beau before they joined them all that was left now was to kill the Andres and leave for France it seems simple they’d planned it to a T, but would it all go to plan?

The cars stopped a half mile away from the Andres mansion fitted with bullet proof vests and their guns fitted with silencers. Dominique went through the plan once again before they all split up to take down the guards outside the mansion.

«J’espère que vous savez tous ce qui va se passer.» (I hope you all know what is about to go down.)

‘Oui patron.’ (Yes boss.)

«Ici, il est; Les hommes de Lucien prendront la gauche du manoir, les hommes d’André prendront la droite pour faire sortir tous les gardes puis nous entrerons tous dans le manoir et tuerons tous ceux qui restent, puis trouverons les Andrés et les abattre. Sommes-nous tous clairs? » (Right here it is; Lucien’s men will take the left of the mansion, Andre’s men will take the right to take all of the guards out then we will all enter the mansion and kill any who are left then find the Andres and take them down. Are we all clear?)

‘Oui patron.’ (Yes boss.)

‘Allons-y.’ (Let’s go.)

They all lit up, Dominique watched as they all surrounded the mansion hiding amongst the trees so no one could see them, they were all highly trained assassins. The bullets went through all of the guards on the outside of the house effortlessly, their brains splatting in a bloody mess before their lifeless dead bodies lay lifelessly on the ground.

‘Dégager.’ (Clear.)

‘Dégager.’ (Clear.)

«Entrez dans le manoir.» (Enter the mansion.) Dominique said through his Bluetooth device in his ear. After disarming the next part of the security; the alarm systems.

They all looked around making sure that they hadn’t missed anyone before entering the house Dom gestured them all to take different floors on a shoot to kill basis as he, Lucien and Andre walked without a care in the world around the ground floor making sure there were no guards on this level of the house. No one knew they were there, the silencers in the guns made sure of it. They shot many guards as they made their way through the ground level of the mansion.

«Tout est clair patron.» (All clear boss.)

‘Tous les niveaux?’ (All levels?)

‘Oui patron.’ (Yes boss.)

«Bon filtre autour du manoir ainsi que du sous-sol et des garages. Assurez-vous que chaque dernière personne est morte et que personne d’autre n’entre. » (Good filter around the mansion as well as the basement and garages. Make sure every last person is dead and no one else enters.)

‘Patron.’ (Boss.)

Dominique cut communications off.

«Ils ne sont pas à l’intérieur de Dom.» (They’re not inside Dom.)

«Allons dehors.» (Let’s head outside.)

Lucien nodedd.

The three of them headed outside to see the Andres family sitting outside enjoying the sunny evening drinking. Marcel Andres looked over at them and grinned. ‘Dominique what a pleasant surprise what are you doing back in England ? It’s been what? Almost fifteen years?’

‘I’m here on unfinished Business.’

‘Well that’s interesting, what would your unfinished business be?’

‘You killed my only family, now I’m killing you.’

He laughed. ‘Don’t be funny Dom. I’ve got too many men around the mansion, you’ll be dead before you even get to pull the trigger.’

’Well you see that’s where you are wrong. Il n’y a que nous. Adieu la pourriture en enfer mon vieil ami. » (There is just us. Goodbye rot in hell my old friend.) He said aiming the gun at him and shooting him in the head.

His wife and three children screamed before they too got shot. Their bloody bodies lay lifelessly on the ground with bullets in their heads.

“Allons-y, il est presque temps pour la deuxième partie de notre plan.” (Let’s go, it’s almost time for the second part of our plan.)

They all nodded.

n«Annulation de la mission accomplie.» (Abort mission accomplished.)

‘Oui patron.’ (Yes boss.’)

all walked out through the house where their men were waiting. ‘Four Andres down one to go.’

‘Patron.’ (Boss.)

They all walked off the grounds heading towards the cars.

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