Kidnapped by the Mafia

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28 - Prom - A night never to forget

Amile and her friends got ready together for prom. They’d all gone to Drew’s to change their were all in sexy satin dresses. Blue, lilac and black , their makeup was perfectly blended with mascara and eyeliner.

The doorbell rang , Drew opened the door to a well polished, sexy looking Beau in his Armani suit buttons half open no way was he wearing a stupid tux or bow tie, his tie hung loosely around his neck making him lok even more sexier. ‘Our knight in shining armour is here girls.’

They both went to the door and their jaws dropped. ‘Well shit look at you.’

‘Do I look good?’

‘You look sexy as fuck.’

He grinned.

‘Come your carriage awaits.’

They smiled brightly and stepped out of the house. ‘Wait group picture.’


‘Come on Amile it’s our last ever prom I’ll send it to all of you.’

‘Fine let’s do this.’

Drew smield and they all crammed in together. Beau closed the driver out and asked him to take the photo so they weren’t all squashed in. He nodded and took the camera off Drew. ‘Smile.’

They all smiled and he pressed the button on the mobile to take the photo Drew insisted on taking separate photos with Beau making them almost half an hour late when they finally got into the limo and headed to the prom Drew sending the photos over to all of them unaware sending them directly to Beau would link them to Lucien and Dominique’s mobiles.

The limo pulled up outside the highschool, the driver opened the door and they all thanked him, he closed the door after Beau got out. He’d been instructed to stay there and get them all back to the safety of their homes,

They all entered the highschool going directly to hall where all the year eleven students were busy getting their photos done or drinking and dancing. ‘Wow.’ They all said looking around. It was a Hawaiian theme with palm trees and flower necklaces. They all got handed one pulling Beau to have their photos talked again before heading for a table full of food and a punch bowl. They all took their cups scooping up the punch. ‘To old friends and new friends we’ve made and wherever our future may lead us as long as it’s back to each other.’

They all clonked their cups, downing the punch, placing the cups on the table.’ Let’s party!’

‘Hell yeah.’

They all went onto the dance floor dancing in their group everyone staring enviously at them. Andrew Anders stood angrily shooting dangers at Beau he was going to end this guy once and for all tonight and take Amile with him as he planned and make her his wife and there wouldn’t be nothing that she or anyone else could do about it now that they were all leaving highschool and all going to different colleges.

‘Right everyone, it’s time to announce the king and queen.’

Everyone stopped dancing at the announcement and the music volume lowered. ‘Right and you’re queen is.’ He looked over the sea of students before opening the envelope. ‘Amile Cromwell.’

Her face dropped, her friends edged her on pushing her forward, the students all clapped as she made her way to the stage. ‘Well done Miss. Cromwell. You deserve it.’ The head soda placed the crown on her head.

She smiled nervously.

‘Right folles it’s now time to announce the king of the prom.’ The headmaster opened the final envelope. ‘And the king is…. Beau DeRose.’

Everyone clapped and cheered apart from Andrew Andres who was sure he had a better chance of being king. He walked up to the stage and the head put the crown on his head. ‘Well done Beau.’

He smiled, taking Amile’s hand in his winking at her. She flushed.

‘Now it’s time for the king and king to take the dance floor and do the king and queen prom dance.’

Beau looked at Amile and nodded, she nodded back they stepped of the stage everyone parted he pulled Amile into the centre of the dance floor pulling her close as the volume went up and the slows began to play, he led her close talking into her ear. ‘You look beautiful tonight Amy.’

‘You look hot too.’

He grinned.

They continued dancing close until the end of the song when everyone else joined them on the dance floor their friends came up hugging then congratulating them.

They danced sexually. They’d all asked Beau to go with them and none of them had any idea what was about to go down. They all trusted this guy with their lives, that’s just how much they all trusted him.

He really liked her, but he had a job to do one he wished he hadn’t got.

He had put the car on for them to arrive in style. But, little did she know it wouldn’t be returning to her home that night.

The bangs of the guns going off shattered the windows and many of the students screamed. ‘We are hijacking this wonderful event, so if anyone talks screams or tires to escape will be shot dead without hesitation.’

Beau looked at Amalie and their other friends. ‘Follow me.’

‘Are you serious? They’ll kill us all.’

‘Come on we need to get out of here.’

‘Do you trust me?’

They all nodded.

‘Let’s go.’

They all slipped out on their hands and knees making sure no one noticed them leaving unaware all of this was a set up. They slipped out of the great hall to find f masked men with guns. ‘We’re not going to get out of here Beau.’

‘We are.’ He said, moving his jacket revealing his gun. ‘How the heel did you sneak that in?’

‘No questions ‘ let’s get out of here.’


They all grabbed hands heading towards the exit.

‘Hey stop.’

The gun cranked. Beau took his gun out and shoot at the masked man, who screamed out alerting the others. Who came running bullets flying in all directions as Beau shot at them disarming them, pulling the three girls outside pulling them towards the limo the back door slid open and they all got leaped into the limo and it pulled away, the three girls sat there shaking. ‘It’s okay now we’re out and safe.’

‘What about everyone else?’

‘They’ll be fine, let’s just get you all back to the safety of your own homes.’

‘Thanks Beau for saving us.’

‘That’s what friends are for.’

Amile and Beau said goodbye to each of their friends after dropping them off, each thanking Beau for helping them to get out the prom alive and safe. Hd told them it was no problem they were all his friends and he wouldn’t want anything bad happening to any of them,

Once the last of her friends were out of the limo it pulled away from the curb and continued down the street as they stopped at the lights the door back door of the limo flew open, guns pointing at them, the three butch males got in sitting in the back of the limo. Their guns pointed at Amile and Beau. ‘Keep your mouths shut and you till not be harmed.’

They nodded as Beau held her tightly. ‘Drive!’ The angry voice boomed.

The car pulled away at speed.

Amile was shaking in Beau’s arms ‘What’s going on?’ She asked nervously. She didn’t wish for the bullet to go in her head right now; she’d made many plans for the six long weeks before college started.

‘I’m sorry.’ We’re the last words she heard before she blacked out.

‘Était-ce vraiment nécessaire?’ (Was that really necessary?) Beau asked as Dominique pulled the needle out of her neck after shooting the tranquilliser into it.

«Cela l’amènera beaucoup plus facilement en Italie.» (It will get her to Italy a lot easier.)

«Vous l’avez droguée? (You drugged her?) He asked shocked, he knew that the Mafia did this kind of thing but he was surprised Dominique even used this tactic on her.

«Elle aurait paniqué et essayé de sauter hors de la voiture.» (She would’ve panicked and tried to jump out of the car.)

He looked at Beau. He knew he was worried about Amile but there was no need to be it would only make her sleep for around ten hours then she’d wake up. «Nous avons besoin qu’elle comprenne pleinement qui nous sommes, son père va regretter de ne pas avoir joué avec nous.» (We need her to fully understand who we are, her father is going to regret ever messing with us.)

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