Kidnapped by the Mafia

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29 - Put on your best face sweetheart


I’ve been hard as a rock since the photos were sent to my phone. I couldn’t believe one girl could get me like this, the one girl I needed to get my money back off that prick of a father of hers I guess he took my warning lightly. Now I have leverage to make sure I get my money. The tske down of the high school was successful no one dared to disobey our requests they were all screaming. And crying unitl we told them to shut the fuck up or we wouldn’t hesitate in killing all of them. They all soon silenced, we knew that Beau had slipped out with the four girls and had shot some of my men which was all part of the plan they were all prepared with bullet proof vests on so they were safe from dying.

Me, Lucien and Andre left the great hall which our men were on guard with rifles jsut in case some one decided to do a stupid stunt to turn amd save everyone which would be the biggest mistake of their lives cause they would all be dead in seconds. I’d instructed them to keep them there till day break when I knew that we would be long gone and back in our hometown,Orange. Everything went as planned. We all slid into the limo keeping the act up making Amile believe that her and Beau were part of a kidnapping. We had no choice but to sedate her so she’d keep her trap shut and we would be able to get back home. I really didn’t want to hurt her if she asked too many questions. So I put the needle in her arm and injected her with the sleeping serum. So far so good we had landed thirty minutes ago and she would be waking up soon and then it was time to tell her exactly what she was here for.


I slowly came round, god I felt like shit. What the hell happened? the last thing that I remembered was being in the limo with Beau heading home after the school got invaded with these really crappy dudes all dressed in black with guns. They were darkly clothed masked dudes who got in at the limo and threatened us. Oh shit Beau.

I could hear voices in the background.

«Est-ce qu’elle va être bien patron?» (Is she going to be okay boss?)

«C’était un léger sédatif somnifère Lucien. Elle ira bien. Elle devrait se réveiller à tout moment maintenant. » (It was a mild sleeping sedative Lucien. She’ll be fine. She should be waking up any time now.)

«Pourquoi lui as-tu donné?» (Why did you give it to her?)

«Pourquoi lui as-tu donné?» (To keep her from freaking out she needs to be calm for the next phase of our plan.)

Quel plan? (What plan?)

‘Et qu’est ce que c’est que ça?’ (And what is that?)

‘Son père. Une fois qu’il saura que nous l’avons, il ne manquera pas de payer. » (Her father. Once he knows we have her he’ll be sure to pay up.’)

«Et si ce n’est pas le cas?» (And what if he doesn’t?)

«Il souhaitera ne jamais me croiser.» (He’ll wish he never crossed me.)

«Vous n’allez pas la tuer, n’est-ce pas?» (You’re not going to kill her are you?)

“Je ne suis pas encore sûr de pouvoir la garder pour jouer avec.” (I’m not sure yet I may keep her to play with.) He laughed evilly.

I felt shivers go through my I tore body like hell he will. I’ll find a way out of here if it’s the last thing I do.

I slowly looked around for an exit and groaned, my head spinning.

«Elle est la patronne éveillée.» (She’s awake boss.)

«Dieu, allons la saluer.». (God let’s go in and greet her.)

I heard heavy footsteps. I tried to move, shit I was tied to a chair. Fuck! How long had I been out for?

The footsteps stopped by the chair I was sitting in. ‘Look at me Ice.’

What the hell no one knew my fighting name but Dan and Deon, but why would they want to kidnap me?

I looked up at his cold dark unreavelaing eyes. They looked into mine. ‘Good evening Ice it’s good to see you again and in my presence.’

‘What do you want?’

‘Simple. You need to tell your daddy dearest I want what is owed to me or there will be consequences.’

‘I d..d...don’t know what you’re talking about. ’ I stated, nervously.

He knelt down in front of me clasping his large hand around my face. His face was void of any emotion, who the hell was this guy? ‘I know you know about your dad’s money problems Amile. That’s why you and your mother left him behind to start again.’


He pressed his finger on my lips and I looked nervously at him. I’d never felt this nervous around anyone before as much as I did with him right now. He looked familiar but I couldn’t picture him. He reminded me of someone I had met before, but who? ‘Your father owes me a lot of money Amile and I will get that money back at any cost even if it involves using you to get it. Do you understand?’

I nodded.

‘Good girl. We need this to look good, so before I do this I apologise.’

He removed his fingers off my lips before I had chance to ask him what he needed to apologize for his fist connected with my fact it snapped to the left then to the right fuck he had a good punch better than mine if I wasn’t tied to this fucking chair I would’ve gave him as good as he did. He looked at me through his emotionless eyes.

‘Now put on your best face sweetheart and read what the cards say and don’t leave anything out okay.’

I nodded.

The video messenger was ringing and the was set up and the cards were ready. ‘We’re good to go Dom.’

He nodded. ‘Put on your best face sweetheart.’

The video was connected as my father came into view. ‘Amile honey where are you?’

‘Daddy please give them what they want whatever it is please I don’t want to die!’

The creepy guy stood in front of me. ‘You see that Harry Cromwell, are you going to let your daughter down and get her killed? or are you prepared to pay me back what you owe me.’

‘Give me time Dominique. I’ll get it for you.’

‘You’re a wealthy man Harry, you should’ve given it back to me when you promised me you would. Now I’m doubling my interest.’

‘You can’t do that.’

‘I can and I am.’

‘I’ll get it for you, I promise, please don’t hurt my daughter.’

‘You have one month Harry to get every penny back to me, or there will be consequences.’

‘I will. I promise.’

‘One month.’ He said, cutting the video call.

‘Why are you using me for this? I have nothing to do with my dad’s dealings.’

‘Oh, but you do angel he made you a part of this when he took my money and singled your life away.’


‘I guess he didn’t tell you that either. You’re leverage my sweet girl.’

‘What will happen to me if he doesn’t give you your money back?’

‘I have yet to decide, until then make yourself comfortable you’ll be here for a long time, Ice.’

He said walking out of the room they all followed him out closing and locking me in as if I could escape even if I wanted to .

Tears slipped out of her eyes, down her cheek she couldn’t believe her father would do this. Her mother yes, her father no they were so close what had she done to deserve this?

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