Kidnapped by the Mafia

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30 - Harry Cromwell Vs Anastasia Cromwell

Harry Cromwell

Shit shit shit

I can’t believe he has my daughter. How the hell did he even manage it? If Anastasia finds out I’m fucking dead. A dead man walking. I promised her our little girl would be safe now she’s in the hands of the most dangerous mafia in France, how the hell did he pull this off the images of the video were still fresh in my head my mobile buzzed tso I slid it out of my pocket and answered to see my poor baby girl all bloody and her face swollen I wanted to know which bastard had done this, who had her and where she was so I could get her back home where she belongs. I swallowed hard. ‘Amile Mrhoney where are you?’

‘Daddy please give them what they want whatever it is please I don’t want to die!’

I felt anger rise inside me then the asshole made his a[pea ranch it was none on than Dominique Carbone how the fuck had he got my daughter? As far as I was aware he hadn’t set foot here in the U.K. since his parents were killed over ten years ago.

‘You see that Harry Cromwell, are you going to let your daughter down and get her killed? or are you prepared to pay me back what you owe me.’

Oh shit this just got real I’m so fucking dead I’d have to find a way to get his money to him or Anastasia woudl put a bullet through my head if she didn’t return home safe and in on peice. ‘Give me time Dominique. I’ll get it for you.’

‘You’re a wealthy man Harry, you should’ve given it back to me when you promised me you would. Now I’m doubling my interest.’

‘You can’t do that.’

‘I can and I am.’

‘I’ll get it for you, I promise, please don’t hurt my daughter.’

‘You have one month Harry to get every penny back to me, or there will be consequences.’

‘I will. I promise.’

‘One month.’ He said, cutting the video call.

Shit shit shit I need to think fast if Andrew Andes got a whiff of this he’d be the first to put a bullet through my head. I’d promise him Amile after they left school fuck.

Anastasia Cromwell

I’d been pacing back and forth after the news came on the television that morning. Amile hadn’t returned home. She went to the prom with her friends last night. She was supposed to come home straight after. They were having a limo pick them up from one of her friends as far as I’m aware they all went together. I turned the television on to see the news. “It’s been a long and horrific night at all Saints high as the prom was in full swing and the prom king and queen were announced Mr. Beau DeRose and Miss. Amile Cromwell known by everyone as Harry Cromell’s only daughter The only daughter of the well known barrister and Anastasia Cromwell a highly statused doctor.

Intruders entered the school shortly after the announcement and hijacked the highschool till around seven am this morning after leaving warning shots they disappeared and everyone were unharmed and I scared from their ordeal but it seems that five teenagers didn’t come out of the building three of which were identified were safe in their homes and all complied that all five of them escaped with the help of Beau DeRose but it seems that Mr. DeRose and Miss. Cromwell are still missing from street footage it would seem that their limousine was part of the hijacking and were kidnapped by some of the intruders from the highschool hijacking the police are now in search of the two teenagers but fear they may have been Airen out of the country.”

I’m going to fucking kill him!’ I called him I know this has something to do with him it always has. He answered the call. ‘Anni.’

‘What the hell leave you done Harry?’

‘Let me explain.’

‘Explain what you prick? You done this you and your fuckig gambling addiction. Now it’s caused the disappearance of our daughter.’

‘I’m dealing with it Anastasia. I’ll get our daughter back.’

‘You better or you’ll never see either of us ever again and the divorce papers will be with you on your desk do you understand?’

‘I do. I’ll sort this I promise.’

‘You better unless you want to be castrated.’ I said humming slamming the phone down he’d promised he’d keep my baby safe he lied he fucking lied. This isn’t the end of it, far from it.

If he fails then I will find her myself and bring her back home where she belongs and make sure he never sees either of us ever agoan. You will pay for this Harry Cromwell I promise you that.

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