Kidnapped by the Mafia

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31 - A new life


I spent the rest of the night uncomfortable and fuckign cold. The least they could do was give me a bed for cooperating.

I’d hardly slept when the door creaked open. I have no idea how long I’ve been here for I smell really bad. I could do with a shower right now. I’ve had Jack shit to eat since the night of the prom and to be fair that wasn’t much cause I was too excited to go to the prom with all my friends. Now my tummy feels like it’s about to be sliced open.

The door creaked and opend so I decided to act dumb and pretend that I was sleeping. The heavy boots made their way over to where I was sitting. ‘I know you’re awake my little wild flowers so open your eyes.’

I squinted his green eyes bared into mine. I knew this guy but I couldn’t quite picture where from, maybe I lost my memory or I didn’t know him at all. He knelt down. ‘Promise you won’t try and run if I untie you.’

‘Where am I supposed to run to when I don’t know where the hell I am.’

‘Promise me.’

‘I promise.’

He smirked but I like the other guy. He didn’t feel intimidating. He untied the ropes around my ankles freeing them.‘Come on, get up.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘Do you want to stay down here?’


‘Well you best come with me.’ He said, pulling her up off the chair that I was once tied to. ‘Can I trust you to take off your binds.’

I nodded.

‘You have a mouth so use it.’

‘You can trust me.’

‘Good.’ He untied her ropes around my wrists.. ‘Now no funny business or your back down here you understand,’


‘Good girl I’ll show you to your room. The boss wants you to join us for supper so we can all introduce ourselves and tell you why you are here.’

‘I know why I’m here.’

‘Not everything, come little girl.’

‘I’m not little.’

‘You are compared to me, you’re fourteen?’

’She gasped. ‘I’m sixteen, asshole.’

‘Now, now they’ll be no more risk like that or the boss will spank you till you’re raw.’ He smirked.

`You’re disgusting.’

‘Why thank you sweetheart.’

‘I’m not your sweetheart.’

He grinned as he pulled me out of the basement into the large house which she didn’t have time to look at as he dragged me through the mansion not letting me enough time to make a mental note of where I was going before he pulled me up the flight of stairs to a room on the second floor. ‘You will be staying here from now on. There is a bathroom inside so I suggest you have a shower and get dressed.’

‘But I don’t have any clothes.’

‘There are some in the walk-in no need to say thank you sweetheart, just be ready in thirty or the boss will be extremely angry.’

‘Sure whatever.’ I said, walking into the room. The door closed behind me. I looked around the spacious bedroom with plain walls and a large four poster bed and sighed, at least it was better than the basement. I picked up the towels that were in the bed and headed into the bathroom.

It was almost as large as the bedroom no need to take it all in once I find my way around I will work out how the hell I’m going to get out of here, I put the shower in slipping out of my dirty clothes I can’t believe they made me stay in my prom dress and underwear, that’s just fuckimg disgusting.

I slipped into the shower cleaning all of the dirt and grime off me and watching my hair before stepping out and wrapping a towel around me. Heading out to the bathroom fishing out some underwear and a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top. Smiling I dried myself and slid into the underwear as I was about to slip into about to put my top on a guy burst in. ‘Shit. I’m sorry mam I thought you’d been done.’

‘Fuck get out as you can see clearly on not wait outside.’

‘Sorry mam the boss asked me to come and get you.’ He bowed in shame. ‘Please don’t tell him I saw you with no clothes on, I’ll be dead.’

‘I won’t, can you please?’

‘Yes mam sorry mam.’ He apologised, his head bowed as he left, closing the door I continued dressing shit I hope he didn’t see the tattoo. Yes I have a tattoo and yes I know I’m underage, but Dan insisted all of his fighters had them to symbolise them in a few words or an image. Mine is a Phoenix like I told Dan when he asked me why I got it. “It dies and rises from the ashes like I do every day of my life, making me stronger and stronger with every day that goes on.” I’m starting to doubt that ever since I was kidnapped and brought here I’m seriously doubting my strong will anymore around these men. I slid into my jeans and slid my feet into a pair of slims and walked out of the room to be greeted with the guard that barged into my room without a single knock. ‘Follow me mam they’re all waiting for you in the dining area.’

I nodded following him down the mass of corridors thsi house was massive.

‘So the tattoo, an interesting choice a phoenix.’

I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

‘May I ask why you chose a phoenix?’


He nodded. ‘Maybe you’ll tell me one day when you can trust me.’

’Like hell would I? I’m not sharing my life with a guy who works for those who kidnapped me for the sale of money. I’m going to find a way out of this hell hole and escape. If you tell me the whole month to do it I will.

I nodded instead of lying to his face/

We went down the stairs and he opened the double doors. ‘She’s here sir. Miss. Amile.’

‘Send her in.’

‘Yes boss.’ He said looking at me, ushering me into the lounge. ‘Go go over he doesn’t bite.’

I nodded, walking into the lions den I had no clue why he let me out of the basement but I was glad he did. I took every stride other confidence thought was trembling inside this wasn’t the great Ice who had defeated all of her opponents this was a pathetic excuse of a teenager who feared the person or people in front of her. ‘Please take a seat amile. We can eat and talk.’

I nodded, sitting down trying not to make eye contact with any of them. But I guess this was my new life now no matter how much I denied it. If I didn’t find a way to escape in the next month I guess I never would I had no idea what thsi guy had planned for me if my father didn’t pay up on time he couldn’t either chose to keep me here as his prisoner or kill me either didn’t sit very well with me.

We all sat in silence choosing what we wanted to eat chicken, turkey, potatoes salad ext. I sat silently not making any contact whatsoever ever with any of them. They’d brought me here on force pretences against my own will, kidnapped me to make a statement to my father that if he didn’t pay up that there would be consequences which I have yeah no idea what they are. My appetite was poor though I was clearly hungry.

My appetite was diminished since I had been abducted and came here.

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