Kidnapped by the Mafia

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32 -Betrayed (meeting the boss)


‘Not hungry ice?’

‘I’ve lost my appetite.’

He nodded. ‘Well we’ll do introductions then.’

‘Okay.’ I sighed not really wanting anything to do with these people that had abducted me and drugged me to get to wherever the hell I was.

‘Well I am the boss but you my sweet girl can call me Dominique Carbone, the guy to your left is Lucien Spiritol ,the guy to your right is Andre Cummins they are my second and third in command. Last but not least Beau DeRose one of our trainees.’

My ears quirked. I had known Beau for just a little over nine months but I never knew his last name though he knew a lot about me. It couldn’t be the same guy who I put my trust in and told my deepest darkest secrets too. I scanned the room the two men were largely built with dark hair and tanned skin. I looked at the guy who was talking to me and my breath got stuck. His Ora was the most powerful of them all like it had been when he had spoken about what he wanted off me in that disgusting room. I vaguely recognised them until I finally glanced at the last his face and eyes were ones that I could never forget what the hell was he doing here had he lied to me the whole time?

Are you okay Ice?’

I snapped out of my thoughts. ‘My name’s Amile, not ice!’

‘We know. ’

I looked at Beau shooting daggers. And suddenly blurted out. ‘You lied to me you fucking lies to me and I fucking beleived you. You were my friend and I trusted you with everything and you handed me over to these, these monsters.’

‘I’m sorry it was my job..’

‘Save it.’

‘We’re not monsters Hun.’

‘Then what are you hun?’ I asked, sarcastically.

The guy he called Lucien grinned. ‘I like this chick already.’

‘I’m not a chick, bitch, whore, babe, love or any other names you prefer to call me. I have a name A - M- I - L - E or Amy I Won’t answer to any of the above.’

‘My apologies Amy. But we’re not monsters.’

‘Then what are you for kidnapping me and making me talk shit to a father that hates my fucking guts?’

‘I’m sure he doesn’t.’

‘You don’t know him like I do.’

‘We know a lot. Actually, we’ve been following you for a while now. Making sure your dumbass father doesn’t try and run this was the only way we will get our money back.’

‘If you think you having me here will get you your money you are clearly mistaken.’

‘We are, and no we know what we are doing?’

‘Again who are you?’

‘We’re French Mafia honey.’

My face dropped. ‘Like Dan and Deon.’

‘Exactly like them.’

‘Oh shit.’

‘You know them?’ Beau piped up.

I glared at him angrily. I can’t believe I fell for his fake friendship shit. ‘Oh course I fucking know them I fight for them.’ I looked at the eerie guy who called himself Dominique. ‘Holy shit they’re in on this too?’

He grinned widely. ‘They work for me my sweet Ice.’

’Quit calling me that, it’s my fighting name. ’I paused. ‘I’ve met you before haven’t I? At the devil’s den?’

His grin widened. ‘Wow it took you long enough.’

‘You were all there weren’t you expect for Beau.’

‘We were, he had homework he had to make it look good even if he’d already finished school three years ago.’

My mouth dropped. ‘Shut your mouth honey you’ll be catching flies next.’ He laughed.

I snapped it closed. ‘How old are you?’

‘Nineteen they thought I was the best option.’

‘I can’t believe this shit everyone I thought I could trust has betrayed me.’

‘Don’t worry hon we all get betrayed.’

‘May I be excused?’

‘You may, you’ve had to take a lot in, we’ll see you in the morning.’

I pulled myself up looking at this Dominique guy. ‘And what do you have planned for me if my father doesn’t pay up?’

‘I have not yet decided.’

I nodded, my stomach cramping. All I wanted to do right now was throw up. I walked out of the dining room and headed to the room Lucien had given me. As I heard all of them talking. In French I’m glad I was out of there. My fluency in foreign languages was shit.

I walked along the corridor to my room. ‘Hey Amy, wait up.’

I turned abruptly. I wasn’t in the mood for anymore rubbish. He jogged up to me.’ I don’t want to talk, Beau. And you have no right to call me Amy, you’re not my friend. In fact, you never were.’

He grabbed my arm spinning me around making me come to a halt. ‘Look at me Amy.’

I shook my head.

‘Look at me.’

‘I can’t!’

‘Why not?’

‘Cause you’re just like them. You’re one of them. You betrayed me.’

‘I’m nothing like them.’

‘Yes you are you may not be as high ranked as them but you’re everything like them whether you like it or not.’

‘I’m sorry, okay. I work for them. This was my first job. I didn’t want to ruin it.’ He placed his hand on my face lifting it, his eyes spelled into mine. ‘I really like you Amy. I never meant to betray your trust but they are my family and family stick together.’

‘Well you did and at least your family cared mine never did.’

‘I’m sure they still do.’

‘My mom maybe but not my dad. If you were spying on us you’d know he doesn’t. He wanted a son and got lumbered with a daughter one that would never be able to take over from him.’

‘You know about his second life ?’

‘Yes I do. He thoght me and mom were stupid enough not to know he was a mob leader and all of his shady dealings. I trusted Dan and Deon with my life and this was the thanks I got. I should never have trusted them or you.’

‘You still can Amy. They still care for you and love you.’

‘So why did they let that creepy guy take me?’

He laughed. ‘I heard a lot of things said about Dominique before but thst ones new, even on me.’ He looked at me. ‘All I know is your dad owes him a lot of money and he was tired of waiting so we took you for payment until he gives in and hands over what he owes.’

‘And what if he doesn’t.’

‘I honestly don’t know Amy. That’s up to Dom.’

I smiled weakly. ‘I’m tired Beau.’

‘Sure I’ll walk you to your room and head back they’re all arguing so I snuck out.’

I smiled and walked down the corridor with Beau to my room. ‘Thanks for walking with me.’

‘My pleasure if you ever need me, come and find me.’


He hugged tightly. ‘I am really sorry for all of this Amy.’

‘It’s okay this is all my fathers doing,’

I booked the hug and we bid out good nights and I went into the room closing the door behind me falling to the bed. This had got to be the worst year I’ve ever had. First I had an over obsessed boyfriend that wanted to take me away from my friends, then I got kidnapped, wonderful. Shit my friends, they have no idea what happened after they were dropped off. I have no clue where I am all I know is these guys tlsk French.

I slowly closed my eyes pondering of how my life would’ve been if my father wasn’t a gambler and hadn’t taken money off these people.

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