Kidnapped by the Mafia

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33 - Anger flowing through my bones

Andrew Anders

The last week has been horrific no me had any idea I had slipped out of the dance stupid fuckers. I watched as Amile, Christine, Charleene and Beau headed out of the chaos that was happening in the great hall I slid out and handed to the only place I knew I would be able to get out of this god forsaken highschool. The basement.

I crept through the corridor luckily for me I had a gun with a slim ever it pays to know people, no one ever questions an Anders they know better. And that’s one reason that I never got into trouble. My family meant power and the more power you had the less you came oblivious to the world called detention no one questioned your actions or your tardiness. They just let it slip. Pity the only girl I ever wanted wasn’t willing. To play along, and that alone made me make a deal with her father to marry her when we were done with school, he agreed to my demands m I knew his kind all too well they’d do anything to pay a debt that they owed including an arranged marriage.

Harry Cromwell was the worst piece of living shit I had ever seen, he treated his wife like crap, his daughter worse she didn’t think I knew, but I did. That’s why I wanted her with me. I’d treat her like the true queen she was truly meant to be. Then she discarded me before we went back for our final year because she didn’t like my demands. I was a little over the top but I wanted her to be with me every minute and every second of the day. She’d stolen my heart at the beginning of that year and it had taken a lot of persuasion for her to say yes to me and I’d fucked up badly. Now I was about to pull my hair out again. I knew she had left with her friends and that Beau guy. Everyone had been released from the high school at exactly seven am the following morning. They hadn’t even noticed I was missing, even if I had shot some of the men who were in the school and around the perimeter as I walked out.

I had realised Amile was missing when I returned to the scene and her friends had told me that they were dropped off at their homes one by one and they’d contacted each other after the first drop off to tell each other they’d got back safely, the only two that were left in the car were Amile and that Beau guy and they hadn’t shown up at the school to confirm they were okay so somewhere between the last drop off and Amile’s honorary they had gone missing and it had now turned into a missing persons investigation.

I needed to find her and quick my contacts were next to useless on finding any information out on this guy he was like a ghost the cops had pulled all cameras from the streets and had found some disturbing evidence of three masked and darkly clothed persons getting into the limo at the lights which was traced to a dark road full of trees. I’d managed to get a copy of all of the footage and was going though it I was getting the number plate traced hopefully that would give me some answers.

I’m getting impatient the longer it takes for us to find her the less chance we have of finding her alive.

The knock came to my door. ‘Boss.’

‘Come in.’

He stepped into my office now that my parents are gone. I am the new kingpin of the english mafia. The night of the dance wasn’t supposed to end as it did. I was supposed to get my chance with Amy and bring her home to introduce her to my parents but the school was ambushed by a very well organised group. All I had to do was find out who the group was that they belonged to. The second I got home I was in utter shock and angry all the guards around the house were all dead and when I got inside what I saw turned my stomach I wanted to vomit their were my parents and my siblings dead they all been shot mercenary style I was pissed I demanded all the cameras to be checked unfortunately they’d all been turned off so the group that had attacked them were professionals. I needed to know who’s so such a thing was it the same people that took my blocked Amy I hoped not for their sake or they would’ve just started a war with the wrong person.

‘Colton any news?’

‘We traced all the footage the limo they used was abandoned off road and burned out. They must’ve switched cars from there.’

I nodded. ‘Anything else, any leads on who took Amy and who killed my family?’

‘Yes boss.’ He took a deep breath. ‘We followed the second car to the airport who ever took any sir washed a a private jet waiting for them.’

‘Do we have any face recognition on any of them?’

’Not as such but what we do know is the flight that was scheduled for the flight was to France.

‘Did they have anything to do with my family’s death?’

‘Yes sir.’

I clenched my fists.

‘They are a big group sir it looks like two of them had been here in the U.K. for over six months sir and the others came here a month ago. We think Miss Cromwell was targeted.’

‘And my family?’

’We think it was a hit sir maybe they had pissed someone off in the past.

I clenched my fist tighter this screamed French Mafia and the only ones who had anything against us we three of the biggest French Mafia families known to the world: Carbone, Spiritol and Cummons the three families togheter weee the most deadliest mafia in France.

‘Thanks Colton keep on it I need to know if this Beau guy has any involvement with the French Mafia and if so had amile been set up for the begging and also where they have taken her.’

‘Yes boss.’

‘You may leave now.’

‘Yes boss.’

He stepped out of the office, closing the door. I sat stretched back in my chair, the anger flexing though my bones was the worst I’d ever felt. I felt defeated. I needed to find her before she ended up dead and then I’d kill her father for all of this.

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