Kidnapped by the Mafia

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34 - News travels far and wide


I wasn’t sure how long I’d been here for and I still wasn’t sure where the hell I was all I knew I wasn’t in the U.K. anymore but somewhere across the ocean so no one could get to me even if they tried. The big freaky guy hadn’t said much to me in the past week which I was glad of. He scared the living shit out of me.

I had a shower and dressed heading down stairs wondering why it was so quiet and where the hell was everyone weren’t they supposed to be watching me or something so I didn’t try and escape. Though I had thought about it often over this last week I had also decided against it cause I had no clue where I was and where the heel to go so they couldn’t find me.

I hadn’t even looked around this mansion since I’ve been here I chose not to come out of my room I was still angry that I’d been betrayed by the one person I had fully put my trust in apart from Dan and Deon I wondered how they were and if they wondered I’d I was okay even if they had betrayed me I still cared they were like a father and brother I never had and it saddened me to know they knew this guys plan all along.

I walked around in a daze. This place was huge. I finally stumbled across a television room and smiled, finally something to do around here I thought as I entered the room.

I sat down switching the 100” television on okay maybe over exaggerating but it was massive I flicked through the channels I found a news channel and turned it up. It was an English news channel but it was in French shit I should’ve paid more attention in class. I looked at the remote putting the subtitles on.

«Cela a été une longue semaine après la nuit horrible à tous les saints lorsque l’année se lève alors que le bal de fin d’année bat son plein et que le roi et la reine du bal ont été annoncés M. Beau DeRose et Mlle. fille La fille unique de l’avocat bien connu et Anastasia Cromwell, un médecin hautement qualifié. ” (It’s been a long week I after the horrific night at all Saints high when the year elevens as the prom was in full swing and the prom king and queen were announced Mr. Beau DeRose and Miss. Amile Cromwell known by everyone as Harry Cromell’s only daughter The only daughter of the well known barrister and Anastasia Cromwell a highly statused doctor.)

‘What are you doing?’

I jumped looking around looking straight into his dark cold eyes. ‘S..s..sorry I was bored so I came down and put the television on and..’

‘Turn it off.’

‘No I want to know what’s going on.’

’Nothing that concerns you and you won’t understand it anyway it’s in French,;

‘And I’m not done mr. Creepy.’

He looked to see if got the subtitles on and mumbled. ‘Teengers think they know everything. Subtitles, great.’

I smirked and turned back, continuing to watch.

«Des intrus sont entrés dans l’école peu de temps après l’annonce et ont détourné le lycée jusqu’à environ sept heures du matin ce matin après avoir laissé des coups de semonce, ils ont disparu et tout le monde était indemne et j’ai eu peur de leur calvaire, mais il semble que cinq adolescents ne sont pas sortis du bâtiment trois dont ont été identifiés étaient en sécurité dans leurs maisons et tous ont déclaré que tous les cinq se sont échappés avec l’aide de Beau DeRose, mais il semble que M. DeRose et Mlle. Cromwell sont toujours absents des images de rue, il semblerait que leur limousine faisait partie de le détournement et ont été kidnappés par certains des intrus du lycée détournant la police sont maintenant à la recherche des deux adolescents mais craignent qu’ils aient été emmenés hors du pays. (Intruders entered the school shortly after the announcement and hijacked the highschool till around seven am this morning after leaving warning shots they disappeared and everyone were unharmed and I scared from their ordeal but it seems that five teenagers didn’t come out of the building three of which were identified were safe in their homes and all complied that all five of them escaped with the help of Beau DeRose but it seems that Mr. DeRose and Miss. Cromwell are still missing from street footage it would seem that their limousine was part of the hijacking and were kidnapped by some of the intruders from the highschool hijacking the police are now in search of the two teenagers but fear they may have been taken out of the country.)

‘Holy shit.’


‘Do I say that out loud.’

‘You did.’


He smirked while walking. Closer to me nerving me.

«S’il te plaît, j’aurais ma meilleure amie s’il te plaît, laisse-la partir, elle n’a rien fait.»

(Please I’d you have my best friend please let her go she’s done nothing.)

My head amped around to see my three friends on the screen pleading and crying.

«S’il vous plaît, laissez-la, ainsi que notre autre amie, libre. Je vous prie de la ramener à la maison en toute sécurité. (Please let her and our other friend free. I beg you to bring her home safely.)

He slipped down onto the sofa next to me taking the remote off me, ‘I think that’s enough tv for today.’

‘Hey! I was watching that.’ I whined, grabbing out at the remote he lifted it in the air he looked coldly into my eyes. ‘I think you’ve seen enough of your old life for now, don’t you think?’

‘So I’m not going back?’


‘But they’ll all think I’m dead.’

‘Let them.’ He said, getting closer, switching the tv off.

He was too close, way too close for comfort his cold breath was fanning on my face he inched closer. ‘I’d like you and me to do some sparring. we can go to the gym and see how you handle all of this.’

‘You’re nothing special. I could beat your ass any day.’

‘Shall we test that?’ He’s asked, getting closer to my lips.

My breathing was shallow; no one had gotten this close to me since Andrew and he was a prick in disguise. Would this guy be any different?

Someone coughed loudly and he looked up, moving away. ‘Lucien.’

‘We have a meeting, Dom in thirty.’

‘Sure.’ He pulled himself up off the sofa. ‘We’ll do this another time and ask Beau to show you to the gym so you can workout.’

I nodded.

‘Let’s go.’

He and Lucien walked away my heart slowing down go’s who did that guy think he was?

Hey Amy, Dom said you wanted to see the gym.’

I looked at Beau. How the hell had he gotten here so fast? ‘Yeah I would like that thanks.’

‘No problem, follow me.’

I smiled and pulled myself up off the sofa following him out of the television room heading down the hall to a set of stairs that took us to the basement.

‘Did Dom do anything to you?’

‘Like what ?’

‘Anything ?’

‘No, he was acting weird but he seems weird anyway.’

He nodded. ‘Just stay in his good books and don’t do anything to piss him off.’

‘I’ll keep that in mind.’

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘Okay chill I won’t piss him off.’

’Good and here we are. ‘Welcome to our gym.’ He said smiling

We walked into a huge gym with everything in it just like the one I used and the devils den. ‘Wow.’

‘Sure is.’

‘So do you all train here?’

‘We do Dom insists there’s a lot of growing involved so we know how to fight and almost protect ourselves from the enemy.’


‘We also have a pool.’

I smiled widely.I loved swimming my father thought it was a waste of time so I eventually pulled out of the school’s swimming team I fucking hated him for it.

‘I’ll show you another time so would you like to use the equipment and maybe spar?’

‘Are you asking me a stupid question?’

He smiled and we chose the equipment we were going to use which were mainly the punching bags and weights.

We ended up sparring for over an hour. He was good, they’d trained him well. ‘Shit Amy who resigned you?’

‘You wouldn’t believe me if I did.’

‘I would. Only the Mafia fight like that.’

She smirked. It was Dan.’

‘The guy that owns the devil’s den?’

‘The one and only he saw potential and I wanted more than just training so I agreed to fight for him.’

‘He taught you well.’

‘They taught you well too.’

‘I was born into this life Amy. It’s not for you.’

‘Yet here I am.’

‘I know and I’m sorry.’

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