Kidnapped by the Mafia

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36 - The Phoenix pt 2

Dominique Carbone

It had been a week since she had come here and she was drinking me wild. This may be a form of revenge. I needed Harry Cromwell’s cooperation and his full attention when I made her sit in front of that camera. I must say I was impressed if those weren’t crocodile tears. I knew only too well you’d think they were real tears. I even think she impressed Lucien and Andre as well, though they wouldn’t admit it.

She’s a quite interesting character. I also know she speaks no French as the clever little fiery angel managed to find the subtitles button in the remote to understand what the news reporter was saying. I had to think fast so I could distract her. I’m watching what was going on at home. My tactics were to just grab the remote and turn the damn thing off and break the remote, but this little minx didn’t feel uo thst easily so I changed tactics and leaned into her switching it off taking the remote off her she was breathing heavily and fuck was I hard. I had to control myself or I would do something I would regret. Luckily for the both of us Lucien showed up and reminded me I had a meeting, thank fuck. I got up and straightened myself up. He smirked, luckily she didn’t notice I looked down at my raging boner. Shit I had to sort that out before I entered the meeting or I’d be laughed at all other way through. We walked away.

«Vous vous êtes bien amusé?» (Enjoyed yourself?) He laughed winking.

«Ferme ta gueule!» (Shut the fuck up!)

«Oh allez Dom, vous ne pouvez pas me dire que vous n’êtes pas attiré par la fille qui a chaud.» (‘Oh come on Dom you can’t tell me you’re not attracted to the girl she it hot.’)

“Non, je ne le suis pas, alors s’il vous plaît gardez vos pensées pour vous si cela ne vous dérange pas.” (No I’m not, so please keep your thoughts to yourself if you don’t mind.)

“Eh bien, si vous ne la voulez pas, je le ferai et je sais si une autre personne le fera volontiers.” (Well if you don’t want her I will and I know if one other person that gladly will.)

I glared daggers at him, I was the only one allowed to think inappropriate thoughts about her, no one else.

«Tu vois, je t’ai dit que tu avais ce regard jaloux dans tes yeux.» (See I told you you have that jealous look in you eyes.) He laughed.

«Ferme ta gueule, allons à la réunion.» (Shut the fuck up,let’s get to the meeting.)

“Bien sûr, tout ce que vous dites Dom.” (Sure anything you say Dom.) He laughed.

On the way we saw Beau and I asked him to show our guest the gym and to tell her she was free to use it any time. He agreed and told me he’d take her right away.

We continued the meeting all I could think about if she was working out or sparing, god I wish I was in his place right now.

«De la terre à Dom.» (Earth to Dom.)

«Urgh.» (Urgh.)

“Tu vas bien Dom?” (You okay Dom?)

‘Je vais bien.’ (I’m fine.)

«Sommes-nous prêts à signer le contrat?» (Are we ready to sign the contract?)

‘Nous sommes.’ (We are.)

«Super, faisons ça.» (Great, let’s do this.)

We all signed the contract shaking hands now we had this contract with Lucchese we would be best allies and we would get the best weapons that came to the market first hand as they dealt with weapons and armed supplies. This was the best deal we had made so far signing a contract with them. It was legally binding so they couldn’t go back out even if they knew there would be a war.

«C’est bon de faire affaire avec vous tous.» (It’s good to do business with you all.)

«Vous à M. Lucchese, je l’attends avec impatience.» (You to Mr. Lucchese, I’ll look forward to it.)

“De même, c’est bien de faire affaire avec toi Dominique.” (Likewise it’s good doing business with you Dominique.)

«Vous le faites.» (You to.)

We showed them out and I told Lucien I was going down the gym. He wiggled his eyebrows and I shook my head.

I made my way down to the gym. Beau walked towards me smiling. “Beau, je pensais que tu étais avec Amy?” (Beau, I thought you were with Amy?)

«J’étais, je viens de la laisser, elle voulait passer du temps seule pour aller à la gym.» (I was I just left her, she wanted time alone to take in the gym.’

«Tu l’as laissée seule?» (You left her alone?) I asked angrily.

«Non Dom, je ne savais pas que certains des gardes la surveillaient. Je pense qu’ils deviennent tous durs en la regardant s’entraîner. » (No Dom, I didn’t some of the guards are watching her. I think they’re all getting hardons watching her train.)


«Merci Beau, de s’être occupé d’elle.» (Thanks Beau, for looking after her.)

«Mon plaisir Dom.» (My pleasure Dom.)

«Je vous verrai un souper.» (I’ll see you a supper.)

‘Vous serez.’ (You will.)

I continued to the gym. I saw a few of the guards by the door. They weren’t looking in instead they were looking in. What was going on?

I walked casually towards them and coughed. They turned.

‘Désolé patron.’ (Sorry boss.)

‘Qu’est-ce qui se passe?’ (What’s going on?)

‘Regardez vous même.’ (Take a look for yourself.)

‘Je pense que je le ferai.’ (I think I will.)

I slipped in between them, their hardons noticeable. Perves.

I stood watching as she and two of my men were in a full on fight. Holly shit she was fast I’d never seen someone as precise as her. She was flawless.

«Pouvons-nous garder son patron?» (Can we keep her boss?)

I swallowed hard. ‘On verra.’ (We’ll see.)

She finally pinned one of my best men to the ground. ‘Had enough?’

‘Never.’ He flipped her, pinning her to the floor. ‘Guess I got the upper hand?’ He smirked.

She returned his smirk. What was going on in that head of hers? He suddenly flew off her and landed on the ground. They all gasped. I smirked, she jumped up. That’s when I noticed a very large Phoenix on her left side who the hell had let her have such an extravagant tattoo she wasn’t even eighteen I’m sure as hell going to find out.

‘Are we done yet ?’ She asked bored.

They ran for her to tackle her. I’d seen this move at the Devi’s den. I smirked. I knew exactly what she was going to do. She dodged them and jumped in the air twisting wrapping her legs around his neck bringing him down into submission. As she had a death grip on him.

He final tapped out and she let go of him. Everyone gaped and I smirked. ‘Holy shit that was hot princess.’

I scowled, so did she.

The next came from behind she threw him over her shoulder he landed on the ground and she twisted his arm back pushing her knee into his spine, shit that had got to hurt. He tapped out and she smirked. She pulled herself up off him and he pulled himself up they were all gaping at ehr even the ones on patrol if they have to have words with them later.

‘Who did you learn that?’


‘You need to show us.’

‘Well that will be up to your boss.’

They all looked at me. ‘We’ll see.’

They all pouted like two year olds.

She stood laughing god it was so sweet, she hadn’t laughed once since she was here.

‘Laisse nous.’ (Leave us.)

‘Patron.’ (Boss.)

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